Melinda wakes to find herself in hospital knowing how she got there and why. When she stumbles across the only other person in the hospital, she realises much has changed since she fell asleep.

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1. Wake

Hey here’s my entry :) I also subscribed to you guys on You Tube! My username is Cloverlyanna.


The first thing I notice is the strange smell that wafts around me. Like rotten food or something. My brain scrambles to remember where I am, but I get nothing. I’m scared to, but I still open my eyes.

I see nothing. For a brief moment, I wonder if I’m blind. I lift my hand to my eyes to check there’s nothing covering them and that’s when I realise I can see my hands silhouette.

I’m not blind, it’s just dark.

I sit up slowly and try to make out the shapes in the darkness.

“Hello?” I call out softly. “Is anyone there? What’s happened?”

I press my palms to my forehead and try to think as hard as I can. Slowly, memories start flickering through my mind. Short, but noticeable.

Meeting Percy Sommers at the park.

The library trip with the doctors from our clinic.

Emily and her flying incident.

My breath stops short at the last memory. I feel the familiar tug on my stomach and groan. Oh no. Not this again.

I try to fight the vision, but there’s nothing I can do. Sighing, I quickly lie down and close my eyes just as I’m thrown backwards in time.


I don’t literally go back in time. It’s like I’m just vividly remembering a memory. It’s like I’m a part of it again. It can work both ways.


I open my eyes slowly to find myself in the library like before. I trail my fingers along the spines of the books and try to focus on the situation. I don’t usually see visions unless they’re trying to tell me something.


I hear muffled voices and peek around the bookshelf to spot my clinic nurse, Carissa Cambridge. She’s discussing something with the librarian and doesn’t look up as I walk by.

Just like normal memories, no one can see you visiting them.

I walk around a while before I spot my “neighbour”, Emily. Something twigs in the back of mind, a warning, but I can’t remember what it was.

Hearing a laugh, I turn around to see myself talking with that Percy guy. He’s leaning towards me, a smile on his lips and a book in his hand. We’re smiling at each other and I feel a tingle in my stomach.

“Ugh,” I shake my head. “You’re meant to be focusing.”

I decide to follow myself around, but keep some distance. The last time I tried to approach myself, I was zapped back to reality and ended up screaming from the pain. I was literally torn from my memories.

I don’t know how long I watch myself talking to Percy, but when a scream echoes around the building, I realise it’s been a while.

Realising this is what I’m meant to see, I sprint after myself and Percy for the windows.

I round the corner just as a crash splits the air to see Emily with a fire extinguisher in her hand.

The wind whips through the broken window and makes my hair go crazy.

“Emily?” my other self inches towards her. “Back away from the window please.”

“I WANT TO FLY!” she screams and I flinch away.

“No you don’t,” my other self shakes her head and keeps going forward.

Percy tries to grab my arm, but I shake it off. No one can intervene like I can.


I know something bad is about to happen when I start feeling really sick. Usually that’s a sign that something will split my world a part. The first time I got this feeling was when mum phoned the ambulance to take me to the clinic. The other time was when I got electrocuted for the first time.

Now this.

I can’t intervene in anyway, so I sit down on the floor and cross my legs. I can’t hear myself talking too little old Emily, but whatever I’m saying seems to be working because Emily’s decided not to fly. At least, not today.

Slowly, the two of us move away from the open window and that’s when I realise how high up we are. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it until now, but when I do, that’s how I realise what’s going to happen. I clamp my hand over my mouth to stop from crying out and try to keep it together.

Everything unfolds how I expect it to. Nurse Carissa appears and begins yelling at us for smashing the window. This does nothing to calm down Emily and soon she’s yanking me back towards the window with her. I watch myself struggle and I watch as Percy dives forward to grab hold of me.

It’s to late though. With one more scream of,

“I WANT TO FLY!” from Emily, the little old woman jumps out the window with me in tow.

For a brief second, I’m amazed that Emily had the strength to throw me out a window, but soon that washes away and I quickly sprint towards the window.

My memory is slowing down now so when I reach it, I’m still in mid air. My hair is fanned out around my face and a single tear trickles down my cheek as I stare up at us.

Our two gazes meet. The same girl looks at herself with a face of determination. I only turn away when I hit the pavement, five storeys bellow.

I don’t want to see myself broken.


My tummy flip-flops and with a cry of pain, I’m yanked back to reality with one sudden thrust. I sit up quickly, heaving and coughing and manage to turn on my side just in time to throw up on the floor next to my bed.

Or cot. Whatever it is.

Sobbing, I throw my legs over the opposite side and stand up. Something tugs at my skin and I feel around to realise there’s something hooked to me.

Of course. I was taken to the hospital. Only, which one?

I yank out whatever it is with a hiss and feel my way around to the wall. I follow it along, only managing to hit my toe twice, before I reach the door. With a moment of elation, I cheer up as I throw open the door, expecting someone to be standing outside waiting for me.

Only it’s still dark.











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