Melinda wakes to find herself in hospital knowing how she got there and why. When she stumbles across the only other person in the hospital, she realises much has changed since she fell asleep.

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2. Jordan

It’s lighter out here, but not by much. I can see down the halls and when I spot the reception desk, I limp towards it. I try to quieten my sobs as I do, but an occasionally one would rip up my throat.

“Hello?” I call out. “Please, is anyone there? I need help!”

There’s a massive crash and I scream loudly as a figure leaps over the desk and sprints away, swearing under their breath. I don’t see his face, but I still sprint after him anyway. Well, I try to. My legs feel dead and I’m more so stumbling then sprinting.

“Hey!” I call out as the figure dashes down some stairs. “Please wait up! My name’s Melinda and I need help. Where is everybody?”

The figure stops and turns around. I still can’t see his face, but I stand still as well. When he starts moving towards me, I swallow the lump in my throat and tell myself I haven’t made a mistake.

“Do you honestly not know what’s happened?” he hisses. “Is that even possible? Where did you come from?”

“I just woke up,” I stutter out. The air is cold and I realise only now that I’m freezing cold. I wrap my arms around myself to help the shivers. “I think, I’m not sure, but I think I might have been in a coma or something. What’s the date?”

“January 21st, 2017.”

This draws me up short and it’s like a punch in the chest. When I went to that library, it was December the 9th, 2015. I’ve been asleep for over a year.

“Oh my God,” I slide down the wall until I’m seated on the step. “Oh my God.”

The person doesn’t know what to do, but quickly squats down beside me.

“Look, I realise you’re in shock, but I have to go. You can come with if you want. It’s probably for the best that you do. Things have changed and it isn’t safe.”

“Changed? How?”

“Not now!” he hisses at me before grabbing my arm to stand me up. “Are you going to come, or not? I can give you answers, but not until later.”

“Okay,” I grab his arm for support, “but how do I know you’re not dangerous?”

“Oh you would know alright,” he snorts. “Not time to explain, come on.”

I argue with my brain as I follow the guy down the stairs. If he’s a rapist, then my life just got even worse, but then again, maybe he is nice and can help me find help.

“What’s your name again?” he asks as we sprint through a fire exit into the moonlit street.

The moon is high and bright, illuminating the roads. I can see broken down houses with abandoned cars out front along with trash all over the road and broken lamps.

“What’s happened?” I ignore his question and turn to him, only to be struck by his features.

He his brown curly hair that sweeps across his brown. His stature shows he’s been hitting the gym and the way he stands reminds me of those male models who advertise swimsuits with the ladies. I can’t be sure, but I think his eyes might be green.

He realises my pause and grins, his teeth glowing white in the moonlight.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Not really,” I lie and cross my arms.

“The feeling’s mutual,” he appraises my shoulder-length brown hair, normal body and hospital gown. There’s nothing special about me.

I shake away my hurt feelings and turn back to the street.

“Seriously though, what happened? It looks like a bomb went of.”

“Something like that,” he frowns.


“I don’t have time to tell you,” he sighs and starts walking down the street.

“Okay then,” I cross my arms and he turns back to look at me. “I won’t move until you tell me.”

“Fine,” he shakes his head. “You’re just a waist of time.”

The familiar tickling in my head tells me he’ll be back, so I sit down on the curb and take note of my surroundings more closely. There’s smashed glass everywhere, glistening evilly in the light. Some of the cars are flipped, or even upside down. Spider webs cover the windshields and I’m shocked again until I remember I’ve been out again for over a year. I remember what the guy said it about it being the 21st of January and I let out a laugh.

I turned seventeen yesterday.

“Why are you laughing?”

I turn around to see the man behind me with his arms crossed.

“I turned seventeen yesterday,” I laugh feeling a bit hysterical. “I can legally drive a car.”

“Are you alright?” he grabs hold of my shoulders to steady me as I continue laughing until I finally break down and start crying.

I don’t know why, but I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his neck to sob. I feel embarrassed about my behaviour, but I can’t seem to stop.

“Hey, it’s alright,” he tries to sooth me, but his voice sounds strained. “It’s not as bad as it seems.”

“Not as bad?” I pull back to glare at him. “I just woke up after being thrown out a window a year ago to find that the streets are deserted and trashed and you’re telling me its okay? It’s not!”

“Fine! I’ll tell you everything, but we need to keep moving!”

He drags me along beside me and I still keep my face buried in his shoulder.

“You know,” he teases. “We’ve only just met and you’re throwing yourself all over me.”

“True,” I laugh. “Like I said early, I’m Melinda. Who are you?”

“Jordan Lancaster,” he tells me as we walk down an alley before coming to stop.

He turns to me and looks me in the eye.

“Miss Melinda, I regret to inform you that you posses a supernatural gift.










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