How Much More Can A Person Take?

A girl by the name of Kaylee is getting bullied everyday at school. She is absolutely beautiful but she has been bullied so badly that she is so insercure about herself. She cuts herself on the regular basis and she doesn't know what else to do. Will something ever help her out or will she stay stuck in her miserable life?


1. Another Hurting Day

                       Kaylee's P.O.V 

          My stupid alarm clock went off during a good dream. My dream was about how I went to a good school and I never got made fun of but that was a dream. I hopped out of bed and took a shower and washed my hair. After I was done I put my hair into a messy bun and did my make up. I washed my face, put my foundation on, then my mascara, after that was eyeliner, and finally I put my nude pink lipstick on. I checked the mirror one last time to make sure everything was in check before going off to put my clothes on. I put my grey Minney Mouse hoodie on with my black skinney jeans before putting my grey ugg boots on. I made my bed before making my way down stairs. My dad had toast and eggs with orange juice ready for me.  He was talking to some business guy, my dad is always busy with work and my mom is out of town for a business trip for her job for 2 months so I'm home a lot by myself most of the time. I kind of like it though becuase sometimes school get a little stressful and time by myself really does the trick. I took a bite out of my toast and ate my eggs. I drank half my orange juice before heading out to my bus stop. As soon as I made it the bus came. I was the last one on the bus with everyone shoving past me. I sat in the front of the bus by myself and usually no one sits next to me. "Look at Kaylee the Hobo!" A girl shouted from behind me. Everyone started laughing as I sunk deeper into my seat. The bus finally came to a stop and I tried to get up but this girl kept pulling me back by my hair. I pushed her hand away because my hair is the only thing about me that im proud of. She then punched me in my stomach, it made me gasp for air and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I looked up at her as she smirked and walked past me. I guess that bruise will go with the others on my stomach. I was the last one off the bus and I was so mad. I made my way to the bench and sat down. I was on my phone when a really cute guy sits down next me. He has brown hair and greenish bluish eyes like me. "Hey." He says flashing his beautiful smile at me. Could this be the one. I'm totally kidding but I really like him. 

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