The Land of Disney

When Walt Disney's book sucks up Isabella, Nolan, Brittney, and Alec, they end up in the Land of Disney, the place where all of your dreams come true.... not. It's chaos there and they need to find the book to return home. On the way, they meet new friends and enemies. Will they ever find the book or will they stay in the Land of
Disney forever?


2. The Passageway (Izzy's POV)

Isabella, also known as Izzy, has three close friends and they are ALL orphans, including herself. She invited them over for a play date but she thought it would be boring, until they found something that would turn their frowns upside down. (What the heck was that? Lol!)


I ran downstairs as the doorbell rang. "Coming!" I cried as I stood in front of the door, fixing myself so I could maybe impress my crush. I'm 12 years old and I'm pretty tall for my age. I'm like a 5 ft. 2 and I have shoulder length brown hair that is always messy. I'm kind of on the goth side. I like the color black, so technically, I wear black earrings, black nail polish, black combat boots, black jeans, and a black tank top.

"Open up child!" Brittney says in a fake bossy voice. A snicker from her crush Alex follows. "Sure," I reply as I open the door.  In front of me stands 12 year old Brittney Stone. She has caramel brown eyes, pink lips, and like long, dark brown hair that falls below her waist. She's wearing a red and black plaid flannel shirt over a black sleeveless, short torn up shorts, and black Chuck Taylor's.

Beside Brittney is 13 year old Alex, her true love. He has longish black hair that falls above his eyes and he is slightly taller than Brittney. He's wearing a green hoody, ripped jeans, and dirty Chuck Taylor's.

And last and not least, my little cutie, Nolan. Nolan is athletic. He is slightly tan and he has coffee brown eyes (fangirling!!!). He's wearing a blue hooded sweater with a white shirt and jeans and Converse.

"Welcoooome!!!" I sing in my worst singsong voice. "Thank you!" Brittney says in a fake British accent and curtsies wobbly. "I'm hungry," Nolan says. "Is there any cake because I smell cake." "I do have cake dear!" Granny Patty says. Granny isn't really my Granny. She found me one day on the doorstep and she decided to take care of me soooo yeah. "Let's go to the basement and explore," I say as I wiggle my fingers. "Sure," Alex says as he walks ahead.

The basement is a mysterious place. It contains many mysterious and old books, game boards, and other things that are really ancient looking. Plus, the basement was full of spiders, spiderwebs, and dust. Gross.

"Explore my children!" Brittney cried and everybody laughed. I walked towards one of the bookshelves and examined what it contained. I squinted at the dust covered spines of the books. I blew the dust off the spine and I read the title. "Oh Baby! Where Babies Come From and How They Were Made! What the heck?" I mumbled as I thought of what Granny Patty tried to do. Did she want to have a baby? If yes, how? Did she try impregnate herself? What if...... I let my mind wander and my thoughts became more absurd and dirty when-

"Woah!" Alex cried in amazement. I shake my head, disappointed of all of my dirty thoughts as I walked towards Alex. "Whatcha find dude?" Nolan asks as Brittney arrives. "It's a secret passage way," Alex says as he pointed towards the gap in the wall. "I was walking and I pushed a book back when BAM! A secret passage way opens!" he exclaims. "Let's go in!" Brittney says as she steps into the passageway. "Wait, DON' T!" we all cry, but it was too late. The ground opened beneath her feet and she fell in the hole, screaming until we couldn't hear her.

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