Wondering soul

I died . wonderful sentence ya well i dont give a fuck im a fucking batman. My name is hope i quite the oppisite really I was kiddnaped when i was 16 years old. Now im what spirits call a wondering soul.
FYI the girl is not a ghost she can feel when people touch her and only people can see her when she wants them to like in mirror she can be there and Also she might do that bye


2. wondering soul

Hope's Pov

I walk down the sidewalk dodging the Humans not wanting to be walked through today I see a group of boys with girls all around them I had to go through them to get to the other side I thought it would be funny if before I left to give them a spook I went behind the curly hair one and said

 " Beware that i'm watching" He shudder I smirked and moved over to the one wearing stripes

"Look behind I said in a dark voice." He looked scared but still look behind him and look right through me " Oh So you still can't see me forgot I was dead for a second eh oh well my name is Hope I died when I was 16 years old i was kidnapped and bad stuff happened. How I died is the man forgot to feed me for 4 weeks straight so that's what happened to me." After telling him that i went to the one with the shortest hair " I want to know more about you Liam i wish you could see me trust me i would. I've already talked to those 2 curly and stripy, now you then quffie then blondie. Toodles" I said say i walked towards quffie. "Hi I'm Hope" I whispered in his ear " I'll you see me once we  are alone okay Bye Honey." I said moving on the to blondie. " I saved best for last," I said carefully to him because i can easily tell he was a very emotional boy " I promise I want to and will protecct you." I said walking away from them as he looked in the direction I was now walking" I promise" I yelled over the screaming girls. 


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