Love at First Sight (Harry Styles Fanfiction

Serenity and Jackie are two girls from Chicago, Illinois. They've saved up almost their whole life to move to London. When they finally get there, they meet 5 boys that will change their lives forever. This is their love stories... Read to find out(;


1. Chapter 1

Serenity's POV

"Serenity, if you don't get your ass out of bed right now you'll regret it," Jackie screamed from the kitchen of our apartment.

"Shut up Jackie! I'm getting up. Calm your tits," I replied.

Jackie and I are stepsisters/ best friends and have been that way since we were 7 and 8.

Our dream was always to move to London and get away from our hectic city of Chicago, Illinois.

So when I was 18 and she just turned 19 we left our home town and moved to London just a week after her birthday. We moved a little after a month ago, so we're still getting accustomed to all the different things in London.

I missed home and my family but I absolutely loved it here. Jackie and I both had a job at Starbucks working the same shift, so we didn't really have to worry about being seperated from each other.

It had been a long and empty day until the bell from the door rang and Jackie and I looked up realizing it was One Direction. Jackie and I both had the same thing in mind, but I beat her to the cash register. I tried my best to keep calm before I shit my pants.

"Hi, my name is Serenity. What can I get for you today?"

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