You And I

You and I, we don't wanna be like them. We can make it till the end. Nothing can come between you and I. Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us. Nothing can come between you and I.

It all started with a girl, an interview, and a familiar face.


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

I groaned as my alarm went off. Reaching to the side, I smacked my alarm. It shut off immediately and I sat up in my bed.

My dog, Elliot, lifted his head up and looked at me with bright eyes.

I smiled and scratched his head. "Morning, bud."

I pulled the covers off of me and got out of bed, walking into the bathroom. Shutting the door behind me, I walked over to the sink and turned the water on. I got my hands wet and splashed water onto my face to wake me up.

Once I was finished, I walked out of the bathroom and opened my closet.

I pulled out a strapless, tribal print dress and a light wash denim vest. Bending down, I grabbed a pair of light tan platform wedges. I opened my jewelry box and pulled out a dream catcher necklace, gold triangle earrings, and a few bracelets, along with three midi rings.

Once I took a shower and got dressed, I walked into the kitchen and started brewing a cup of coffee.

As it was brewing, I brushed out my dark hair and pulled it into a braid down my back. I pulled out my makeup and did smokey eyes, bringing out the bright green color of my eyes, and put a shiny pink color on my lips.

When my coffee was done brewing, I put it in a travel mug and grabbed my purse.

"Well, Elliot. I'm off to work. You be a good boy." I smiled, petting my dog one last time, before walking out of my apartment and locking the door.

When I got outside, the loud streets of New York filled my ears. I lifted my arm and waved, calling a taxi. I climbed into the taxi, telling the driver where to go.

Finally, the driver pulled up to the building an I climbed out, paying him for taking me here.

As he drove away, I took a sip of my coffee and looked up at the building, smiling.

"Good morning, America. I'm Adriana Austin. Let's get this started."


"Morning, Adriana." Lara Spencer greeted me as she was getting ready for the show.

"Good morning." I smiled, walking over.

As an intern, I usually help backstage. Mostly with Lara. I get to meet celebrities every now and then, which is usually a treat for me.

I opened my mouth to speak, but was cut off by someone walking up to us. He ignored me and spoke to Lara.

"Robin called in sick. She won't be able to interview our celebrity guests. If we don't find someone soon, we'll have to cancel the interview."

My mouth dropped. This is the first time Robin has called in sick. That I know of at least.

"I know someone who can do it." Lara spoke up, eyeing me.

My green eyes went wide and I shook my head rapidly.

"Adriana Austin, our intern, can do it. It'll be a great experience for her."

I groaned and tilted my head back as the other man nodded and walked away.

"Why? Why must you torture me everyday!" I groaned, laughing anyways.

"It'll be a wonderful experience for you, Adriana. Besides, you'll be excited when you find out who you'll be interviewing." she smiled, before someone called her name.

Cue internal freak out.

I've NEVER interviewed anyone! What am I gonna say? Wait. First off I need to know WHO I'm interviewing. But, knowing Lara, she won't tell me at all or until last minute. I'm hoping it's last minute so I don't fangirl in front of a live audience.

The man from earlier came up to me with a folder. "Here's the questions Robin was going to ask. You're on in ten." Then he walked away, leaving me with the folder of questions.

"Well damn." I muttered, opening the folder.

The folder wasn't very big. Inside, there was just some cue cards. Why the fuck didn't he just give me the cue cards instead of a folder? My eyes widened when I read who I was interviewing.

Holy shit. I'm interviewing One Direction.

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