Most of us will know that Tris is dead. But what if. What if she wasn't dead? What if she was actually alive?


4. Chapter 4: Nostalgia

A million thoughts rushed through my mind but the only word that fell out my mouth was "What?" It was more of a shocked whisper than anything. "Tris, I know everything seems really crazy right now but you have to-" He caught me looking at the screen. And it clicked.

The dauntless training room. It was abandoned. How could I not have noticed? There was a thick carpet of dust covering the room and everything in it, all the equipment and training mats were covered and there way no-one there. No-one. 

It's been three years Tris 

I let out a small whimper, as I try to blink away the tears. "I can't go back now can I?" I whispered, my voice cracked and shaky. He made a face as though he was going to make a sarcastic remark, but seeing my face he relented and softened. "No. I don't think that would a very good idea."

His face turned to pure panic "Good God Tris are you crying?" My hands wiped the tears away. "Sorry. Can I just be alone for a second... Please!" I added. Matthew tousled his hair around and left, whispering "Don't break anything." before leaving.

And the tears streamed down from my face. Confusion, anger, frustration and sadness. Have they forgotten about me?

the. Have they moved on? 

tears. Has Tobias. 

won't Has he. 

stopAm I forgotten?

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