Most of us will know that Tris is dead. But what if. What if she wasn't dead? What if she was actually alive?


3. Chapter 3: How time flies

Beep! Beep! Beep! I rose up from my sleeping position and punched the monitor.  My body felt great. Matthew stared at me, half-eating a sandwich. "It's annoying." I stated. He gulped and nodded. My legs felt cold as I was only wearing a thin pale blue dress, which ended just above my knee. I looked out the window behind me. It was snowing. How long have I been here?

"Where am I?" I asked him "Where's Tobias? And Christina? And." I couldn't say Caleb's. Matthew sighed "That's the thing Tris..." He paused and looked at me. His eyes gave away something. What was it? "Tell me. Tell me now." I said, firmly. He scratched his head and walked out the door. I followed.

We entered a room full of computer screens. “Can I see Tobias from here?” He shrugged and sat down on a spinny chair. The screen showed the dauntless area. There was no-one there. I turned around to face Matthew. “What happened? How long has it been?" He averted his gaze "Tell me... Matthew? Tell me!” I shout.

Matthew closes his eyes for a moment, takes a few shallow breaths and then looks at me, with a serious look on his face. “After you got shot by David. Everyone thought you were dead but David found out that the death serum somehow 'paused' your bleeding. He feigned your death and managed to win over the bureau’s favour. Saying that you were a GP and we could relocate you so that you could… y'know.” I nodded. Reproduce. The bureau seemed to act quickly. “So it’s probably been like a month or two, right?” I ask trying to keep my voice calm. Matthew looks at me and purses his lips “It’s been three years, Tris.”

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