Most of us will know that Tris is dead. But what if. What if she wasn't dead? What if she was actually alive?


2. Chapter 2: Awakening

I can hear my breathing and a steady beeping sound. I can feel the itch of my skin underneath some kind of tape. I can taste my dry tongue. I can smell the cold placid aroma of the room. It seemed like a hospital. 

A door opened to my right. And closed. Its heavy foot steps got louder. This wasn't the first time either. 'It' seemed to come here every week and 'It' was getting closer towards me. The hard floor clacked with each stride. Fourteen steps. A silent pause. A metallic clink. "Injection number twenty- five" 'it' murmured. Injection? What's happening? What are they doing to me? I sat up and forced my eyes to open. My muscles ached. The room was a sea of white and pale blue. My eyes, burning at the intense lighting of the room.

My head was pounding, my legs were throbbing, my eyes were like lead, my throat was sore and my feet were bare. My vision was blurry and from what I was seeing I was swaying around the bed. The thin white sheets were laid on top of me. I took a few shallow breaths if I moved my chest, even a little, a prickling stream of agony found its way all over my torso.

After a few seconds the pain eased up a bit, but I was struggling to stand. The man in front of me was wearing a white cloak, a blue collar peeked out. His hair was black and tousled. He turned around from his desk. I ran and tackled him, more like fell on him. We fell to the ground. I grabbed the syringe out of his hand and pointed it towards him as if it were a dagger.

We were both breathing heavily, but mine was more ragged and less stable. A hand moves the syringe away, gently. I blink a few times and the sea of blurry lines is replaced with...  "Matthew?" I croak. I sigh and collapse next to him.  "Well hello to you too," he says. Matthew helps me up as I hobble back on the small thin bed. I was gasping desperately for air and my eyes were closing. "You might want to take some painkillers and sleep a bit. It'll help with the pain." I don't nod but give him a small "Kay."  

He takes out a small syringe and fills it with a clear liquid. I turn my neck and he positions himself. "Wait," I utter throatily "Can I do it myself?" He nods and gives it to me. I press it into my skin and drift away...

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