Rachel's Cover Store

Welcome to my cover store! I know my cover might not be awesome but it's in progress, I use certain devices for certain things. Need a cover? You have come to the right place, with top of the line covers fixed as many times as needed. It's 100% free!

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.


2. GLITCH!!!!

Hey guys,

Sorry threre isn't covers.I have a old comuter that is like,"Um,no.Racne don't even try."I really want to do this (I also have to use my moms computer to write,so its not always availabel.)So I'm saving for a new computer!I need it to take disks(Becouse I play the sims,I'll be making a LP)So the one I want is $590.I have half saved and am doing 3 part time jobs to earn the money!so I have no me time!Anyways I'm killing my self becouse of you guys!Becouse when I want to quit I think about all my readers and fans!You guys are awsome!(and I might need surgry!)

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