The Complicated Life Of Aubrey Jones

Aubrey wants a lot. She wants her mom to be home more often. She wants to fit in, and for the bullying to stop. She wants a friend. But most of all Aubrey wants to find true love, a person who understands her, who will love her for her. It's hard living the complicated life of Aubrey Jones.


1. My Life Stinks!!!!

Hi I'm Aubrey Jones, and it seems like everyone either hates me ignores me or doesn't even care. My mom is at work again, she's never home. I swear I could run away and she wouldn't even notice! I never talk to my mom, she never has time for me. I'm only 13, yet i feel like I'm living alone. I have 7 outfits that i have to wash in the river. Mom says the washer is too full with her work clothes. I usually only go to school 3 days a week, every other day to be exact. I know what you're thinking, I'm such a bad girl, but you don't understand. I can't take the bullying. I literally have no friends, except for Mariah. She stays in the alley with me. California really is beautiful when you can stop worrying about all the issues in your life. Mariah is the only one who really understands me. Hey, guess what, I still know what your thinking. Her life stinks. And it does!! It really, really does.

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