The Complicated Life Of Aubrey Jones

Aubrey wants a lot. She wants her mom to be home more often. She wants to fit in, and for the bullying to stop. She wants a friend. But most of all Aubrey wants to find true love, a person who understands her, who will love her for her. It's hard living the complicated life of Aubrey Jones.


2. Monday

Time for school. I won't even pretend to be excited. It's my first day of seventh grade at Winchester Middle School. I learned that in Winchester  no one likes me. Sixth grade was horrible. I got up, put on my damp wrinkly clothes, (did I mention i can't use the dryer either), and brushed my teeth. I started to walk outside and go to school.

"Bye Mom," I said

"Shut up stupid kid, can't you see I'm busy!" Mom screamed. Tears in my eyes, I ran outside, where Mariah was waiting for me. She gave me a big hug and we walked together to school. As soon as I walked in I was bombarded with insults. I knew I could handle it as long as Abbey Karmin didn't show up. Speak of the devil. 

" Hey Aubrey," Abbey sneered, "did you have a good summer, do lots of stuff with your mom?"

"Just leave me alone, alright!," I exclaimed, holding back tears.

"Oh look a crybaby." Abbey shoved me against a locker and knocked the backpack out of my hands. then her boyfriend, Bryan, walked up. She put on an angelic smile and they skipped away hand in hand. Mariah helped me up and we walked off to English. Great it's on the other side of the school. We run to class and take our seats. It's sad, I even get bullied by our English teacher, Mr. Dembrowski. 

"Sit down, Aubrey, I see your still wearing those disgusting clothes, did you brush your hair?"

"Yeah, I did" 

I know what Mr. Dembrowski does isn't supposed to be allowed, but our principal has a crush on him and a big one. When the end of the day bell rings I'm so relieved. Maraih and I sit in the alley and enjoy the view. At 8:30 I went home. I go into my room, Lay my head down, and fall into a deep sleep.




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