The Complicated Life Of Aubrey Jones

Aubrey wants a lot. She wants her mom to be home more often. She wants to fit in, and for the bullying to stop. She wants a friend. But most of all Aubrey wants to find true love, a person who understands her, who will love her for her. It's hard living the complicated life of Aubrey Jones.


4. Him!!!!!

Today is another school day.  Blah! But I saw him in the hallway. Turns out we have Science together,  I just never noticed. He walked up to me and we walked to class hand in hand. Science was my favorite subject, mainly because the teacher, Mr. Cole, was the only nice teacher in the school.

"Good morning class!" Said Mr. Cole cheerfully.  Science was usually my BEST subject,  but today I could only focus on Zander's DREAMY eyes. We passed notes all class and guess what he said to me.

"Aubrey Jones, I love you so much. I promise to protect you. I want to formally ask you to be my girlfriend please. I love you."

​When I read that letter, my heart melted. I was barely able to speak a word, so I just leaned over, smiled, and whispered yes

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