The Complicated Life Of Aubrey Jones

Aubrey wants a lot. She wants her mom to be home more often. She wants to fit in, and for the bullying to stop. She wants a friend. But most of all Aubrey wants to find true love, a person who understands her, who will love her for her. It's hard living the complicated life of Aubrey Jones.


3. Byran and Zander

Mariah and I sat in the alley. As I said earlier I only go to school every other day. Maraih and I had the whole day to ourselves. Or so we thought... My mom didn't know I was here and if she did she probably wouldn't care. Maraih and I talked. I could really be myself with her. Then all of a sudden I heard footsteps behind us. I turned around and saw Bryan, Abbey's boyfriend, walking up behind me.

"What do you want," Maraih asked

He stepped towards us and I felt intimidated and scared. He started to punch me, but then another boy came.

"Hey, leave them alone!" he yelled

"Whatever," Bryan laughed as he ran off.

"Thanks," I said as he helped us up. Maraih said that she had to go because her mom was expecting her from "school" so it was just me and.......wait I don't even know this guys name.

"Hey, I'm Aubrey, that was amazing, ya know how you helped us. Cause I really didn't want to get beat up AGAIN! O.M.G did I just say that aloud. I really need to stop talking.

"It's cool, my name's Zander, and no one as beautiful as you deserves to be pushed around. Anyone decent would have done the same," He smiled his, sweet, handsome, smile. Well, we walked around together untill sunset.

"I um gotta go um home to um my mom" I said

He leaned in and our lips touch. He smelled of a sweet, hot summer day. I felt safe in his embrace, like no one could hurt me. It was the best moments of my life. I went home to my bed and fell upon my bed. Wow, Wow!

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