My Long Distance Relationship

It's been a long time since i wrote a sincere poem rather than a comedy one but I feel that this was worth it, especially when i get to see her reaction :)


1. My Long Distance Relationship.


I hate that phrase,

That name,

That lie.

That’s flung about like the roll of a die.

Distance is a measure of closeness surely? And I know for a fact that you’re close to me.

I know your secrets and you know mine. Where I’m concerned that means more than time.

Driving time, our distance apart, merely inches compared to the distance my heart

Can stretch.

It stretches, like a spring, further and further with each phone ring.

But unlike a spring, there is no limit, no maximum value where it’s then deemed unfit.

Pulling my heart strings, that’s what you do.  For whenever I’m down or feeling blue,

That twinge, that reminder that you are still there.

 Here, in my heart, that you’ll always care.

That’s all I need: to know you exist.

The texts on my phone,

The date on my wrist.

The thought of your face, your smile, so sweet.  Too powerful despite distance to become obsolete.

If I was asked to give our relationship a name, a title which would be apt to proclaim,

I would struggle to answer,

Then simply exclaim,

That my heart will never be the same.

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