No more

For the Whovians who read this. The title has nothing to do with Doctor Who. I just thought it suited.

Well now back to the main idea of this.

Ever since I was 7, I have been having a hard time. Now when people say they have had a hard time, it normally means their parents split. or they're only living with one parent or none of their parents. My life is everything those people wish they had. But it isn't all it sees out to be.


5. 4 :)

You know that feeling. The one where you feel nothing at all. Yea. I know that feeling too.

People don't usually understand when you tell them that you can't feel anything. Those people think ''well how can't you feel anything?'' we reply with I don't know.

The fact that we don't always understand our own feelings and that people then can't understand us, creates loneliness. You feel alone and that no one can hear or see anything you do. It starts a cycle really, trying to fit in, then making horribly bad decisions, acting upon the decisions and creating a worse feeling inside you. Not many people will understand what I'm on about but this is what i mean. There are people out there that want to express how they feel, tell the person they like that they like them, tell their friends of the jealousy they feel. But they can't because society has stated that even if you say one word out of line, everything goes down hill.

There are times when people can't explain how they feel. Or even why they are feeling it. Before we judge the quiet person for being to quiet, or the loud person for being to loud we have to first try and put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand how they must be feeling. That quiet person could have the best sense of humor and the greatest advice for anything. Don't judge unless you know. That loud person, could be suicidal, and just needs help but can't admit it. Don't judge. 

Now some people out there would be complaining about this because how can you see someone and not judge them ? Truth is you can't. Everyone gets judged and everyone is judging. Then some people will say ''what are you talking about then?'' 

I'm talking about when judging someone goes too far and everyone joins to hate on one particular person. We don't necessarily know this person very well, yet we still judge by appearances. Everyone has a unique look that they like to contribute too. The Pretty, the colorful, the dark, the mix. The pretty pink ones are considered pampered and overdone. The colorful called over enthusiastic and weird. The dark called 'Emo'. The mix, called freaks. 

This world doesn't know when to stop with the labels. People need to know when to stop. Before it all goes bad.


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