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For the Whovians who read this. The title has nothing to do with Doctor Who. I just thought it suited.

Well now back to the main idea of this.

Ever since I was 7, I have been having a hard time. Now when people say they have had a hard time, it normally means their parents split. or they're only living with one parent or none of their parents. My life is everything those people wish they had. But it isn't all it sees out to be.


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We all set out in life to do many things like get jobs, to have a nice family, to make friends all over the world. Other people set out to do the opposite to that sometimes. We all can see that what we want to happen doesn't always happen. I mean look at the people in prison, they all probably set out thinking they were going to go down in history or just get a good life start. One mistake is all it takes. That one druggie, who couldn't handle the stress of life anymore, the murder who thought revenge was the best idea, the thief's that gambled all his money away to make him a thief. 


We all make mistakes, and we learn from them. Others don't realize that their mistakes kill others. The bully's at school, one word that wasn't meant to come out, kills the child being bullied. The parents, their child is screaming silently for help, do they notice ? No. The school, do they notice the children who only mess about in class because they wanted to be heard, or even noticed.  People say life gets better, and depression or anorexia, self harming, is just a phase we will get over. Why do they never notice until it's too late to fix it ? Because they don't see it. That one depressed girl in your class, she doesn't look depressed does she, always shouting, laughing, goofing around with her friends, always smiling, if you look closely though you will see that, shes shouting because no one can hear what she's trying to say, that laugh is because she knows no one understands, she goofs around, to be seen, that smile plastered on her face, is forced everyday. No one sees these things because they don't look hard enough.


That one boy who never has his P.E. kit, or is always wearing his blazer even in the hottest of days, is called a weirdo for being what he has to be. That boy is abused by his dad. He doesn't tell no one because he's scared of what could happen to his father. Even though his dad hurts him, the boy manages to still love him, because he is his dad. This abuse could lead to depression. He has to hide from everyone else what is really going on. And he gets shouted at by teachers, called names by students. And all he's doing is protecting his dad. 


The girl who doesn't speak. Her family is dead, she's living in a foster home, where she is ignored.

The 'slut' of the class, was raped one night, while she was walking home from a party.

The 'nerd' is trying to get a good job to support his family who cant get by without him working.

The 'emo' he/she has lost hope in color or happiness. 

The 'suicidal' girl/boy, have no where else to go. They tried help, it only got worse for them.


All these people want to try hard to have a good life, does it always happen ? No, not always, but sometimes, they overcome what has been said to them, or what they have seen, and they make themselves stronger.


The people who try to make their parents proud, because they feel like such a let down. Leave this world, with the most proudest parents, family, and friends, but they never knew because no one ever told them. 


Me, I am one of those people trying to make their parents proud. Though I never give up, but every time I do something, they don't say anything, they don't see that what i'm doing is trying to make them happy for once. In my family, I feel like the one who's left out. I start all the arguments, while trying to calm myself down. I see my mother cry because of me. That breaks my heart. NO ONE wants to see their mother cry, especially if it's because of them that she's crying. I try, so, so hard to make things right in my life, everything gets worse though. I know many of you are like this as well. You probably understand why, getting attention at school, from anyone, can make you happy, before you then remember why you're trying to get attention. It's hard sometimes, for me to tell people what is going on in my head, so I never do. I hate seeing my family fall apart because of me, and however bad it sounds, I cant do anything to stop it. 


So guys, just think. When your arguing with your parents or calling one of the 'labelled' kids at your school names, just think, about what you're doing to them, how you are affecting their lives for the worst. Just think, because nowadays we all act on impulse, and do exactly what we think is right, when really we just need to stop, think and sort out everything in a better way. No shouting, no calling people names, no self doubt. Just talking quietly, and telling each other, why ? Why does this happen all the time ? What can we do stop ?


And I can promise you that even if that doesn't work, there will be other ways. Don't ever give up what you believe in. Because that dream could one day be big. Keep going.  

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