3,547 Miles

'StratfordBoy94 has sent you a message'

My palms began to sweat,this was the first time ever that someone had messaged me first on this website. I wasn't the type of girl to get boys swarming over me.
I go by the name Rose,Short for Primrose of course.
After my father had recently gone to fight in war he left me heartbroken.
After moving thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean and over the English Channel,I had no-one.
I wasn't the type of girl to trust online strangers because who knows what their intentions are?but for some reason I let my guard down for him.
Minutes turned into hours,and hours turned into days..we spoke constantly.
Who knew that our friendship would turn into something much more?
We promised to meet after we both couldn't take the distance anymore..but promises aren't always kept..and often leave the other person hurt.
We are 3,547 miles apart,but that doesn't matter when you're helplessly in-love.
//Original content of Shawtyyymane//


1. This is goodbye


''Prim!'' Someone growled,clicking their fingers in front of my face. 


I had noticed it was my younger sister Scarlett,probably trying to tell me something my mother had told her to say. 


Why couldn't she ever do anything herself? that's the real question here. 


I continued to ignore my Sisters voice as I tried to read the next chapter in my favourite book 'The fault in our stars'.


I wanted nothing more than to my little sister to banish off this earth...but that looked like it wasn't going to happen soon. 


I had realised I had re-read the paragraph more than 5 times so I just gave up,throwing my book back onto my blanket covered lap. ''What?'' I asked highly irritated. 


I would love if this family would just leave me alone,and let me read.  


''Papa's  going soon..Mom want's you to say goodby-'' 


Before she could even finish I jumped out of the love seat and kicked the blanket off my feet. 


My daddy was leaving soon.


Without another word to my little sister I had barged into the room next door,hoping to see my papa out of his uniform. 


But to my unfortunate luck,he was crouched down,petting our new puppy Hettie. 


The door slammed against the wall causing him to look up and smile in my direction. 


But I didn't send one back,instead I marched forwards and stood in front of him. ''You can't leave.'' I whispered,tears springing to my eyes at the thought of my favourite person in the world leaving us for a long period. 


''Baby shh...the base is in England,I'm sure I'll visit you once you settle in there.'' 


''Honey don't promise her thing's you can't keep.'' My mother whispered,touching his upper arm slightly 


He looked over at her and shook his head. 


I was right,at some point when I was in the room,my tears silently fell,I hadn't  noticed,and I hope my father didn't..it would make him feel so bad.


''Sweetie you got to understand,I'm fighting for this country.'' 


''Why can't you fight for our family? you leave,it will tear this family apart.'' I replied,walking back over to the door. 




I slowly woke up.


Knowing that my dream was complete bullshit. 


I didn't get to say goodbye to my dad..and the base wasn't in England...it was some place far away though...I wasn't aloud to see him,it was too 'heartbreaking' for him to see me and Scar,but it was actually the fact that my mom didn't want him to change his mind and stay here because he'd see us cry.


I hate her...she's the reason why I want to hate my dad for leaving us without saying goodbye.


And for that reason,I will never forgive her.




''Get the fuck out the car.'' My mom seethed,yanking Scarlett out the car by her sleeve. 


I rolled my eyes.''Don't touch her like that.'' 


I may hate my sister but I hate my mom more..and no way in hell will I let her treat my little sister like that.


''Just get in the house Primrose.'' She growled,pushing Scarlett forwards too as she shut the car door. 


I hate it when she called me that. 


I'd rather go by the name 'Rose.' It's much prettier..Primrose reminds me so much of that blonde chick off the Hunger Games. 


We were finally in the- well I would say Sunny England..but it looked as if this place hadn't had sun for at least 80 years. 


The sky was a dull grey colour and filled with huge dark clouds. 


I ignored the rumbles of the thunder and walked up the steps to our new Mansion in the countryside. 


I have to admit it looked pretty good,but I was soon put off when a Cow's 'Moo' filled the surrounding fields before a whiff of horse shit passed through my nostrils.


I fought the urge to gag and quickly ran into the house,pushing Scarlett out the way. 


This place is fucking disgusting..and if I have to smell that every time I open a window or walk out side then you'll find me in my room trying to kill myself later on. 


Farm's and farm animals disgust me on so many levels. 


''Mom what the fuck is up with this smell!'' I growled,trying to close a window that was hanging open a tad. 


''Get used to it..it's the smell of nature.'' 


''Well if this is the smell of nature..then it seriously needs to die.'' I growled. 


You see.. I was a typical 16 year old girl..obsessed with boy bands..talking about boys...-


Speaking of boys...how will I get to see if there are any hot brits if I live in a fucking farm?


what will I have to do? date a fucking pig?


I grimaced,this was such a bad idea moving to England. 


''Mom..when you said England I meant the part with all the tourist attractions..stuff like that...the only interesting thing here is the fucking windmill up the hill.'' I hissed,dropping my suitcase onto the wooden floor. 


At least the interior was up to my standards....in fact it was a little higher. 


There was a huge chandelier in the middle of the hallway..a piano sitting underneath a large gap either sides of the stairs. 


There was endless doors and hallways. 


Who would of thought I would of got lost in my own house?


Not me and that's for certain. 


I just hope this place isn't anything like the exterior..or I'll literally consider jumping off a cliff. 


''Prim all your things are in your room...James put them in there.'' Someone called from a distant room. 




As if on que a middle age man stepped out from a corridor and stood in front of me,smiling down at me. ''Hello Primrose,I am your butler..James,I am delighted to meet you as your father has told me you are quite a character.'' He chuckled in his thick British accent. ''If you need anything at all,I am here to get it for you..you will also meet the maid later on after she has cleaned the horse stables..her name is Linda. My room is down stairs down the corridoor and to the left,Linda's is too the right..Linda picked out all the colours and furniture in your room and I know you'll love it..if you need me press number one on your telephone and I will instantly pick up.'' He smiled. ''I'll catch you later....alligator.'' He chuckled before he walked away. 


Um...if you ask me that sounded kinda scripted..and his accent is starting to annoy me,he speaks like the queen...not like I've ever heard her speak or anythin-


''Come on Prim..I'll show you your room.'' Scarlett giggled,pulling me up one of the many grand staircases. 


By the time I was at the top I was clearly out of breath. 


Walking up and down these stairs will be my exercise.



I sighed as she dragged me down endless coriddors until she lead me to a door.


Painted in swirly black lettering was my name 'Primrose Julietta Romero'.


I smiled at how pretty it looked and opened the door,instantly hit with the smell of Vanilla. 


I closed my eyes in bliss and breathed in the heavenly scent. 


Vanilla was my favourite thing to smell..so having that as the scent of my room would be absolutely perfect. 


Re opening my eyes as I received a nudge from my 7 year old sister I walked inside,shutting the door right in her face.


I was in awe..and no little girl would ruin my moment with my new princess room. 



I had a very large white four post canopy bed,white fairy lights mixed in with the netting. 



I had blue accents everywhere and the theme was Paris.


There were 'Tiffany&Co' bags everywhere and small white boxes going up in size by the door. 


It was perfect,and I instantly smiled as the box of my new macbook was set at the end of my bed. 


I ran forwards and dived onto my bed,taking my new laptop out of it's box before kicking the box off the bed. 


I drew the canopy so I was surrounded in white netting and fairy lights.


I finally felt at home. 


You see my father had promised me a better life here in the UK,I guess my room and my new laptop was a 'sorry' from him..in a way. 


But as much as I liked my new things...I didn't want to forgive him..he was my best friend and I swear if anything happens to him..I will never forgive him.



Once my laptop was set up I had added all of my social media to my favourites so they were easier to access.


After setting up my Twitter and Facebook I closed the web browsers and went onto a newly found favourite website of mine. 




It was a messaging site where you make up a profile of yourself and talk to strangers..its supposed to be safe but I don't really want to test it. 


But anyway..I knew not to give out personal information anyway so why would I ignore that rule if it keeps me safe?


I signed in and instantly had 4 messages from close friends back in New York asking me how England is..and letting me know they miss me. 


Too bad I don't miss you back..



Just as I was about to log out and go take a shower,a small 'Ping' sounded and a message instantly popped up on my screen. 


'StratfordBoy94 has sent you a message' 


I frowned and closed the lid of my laptop..for all I know it could be a fake advertisement,they always pop up unexpectedly and leave you rejected when you realise noone actually has messaged you.


I quickly got up and grabbed a heated towel from behind my bathroom door. 


I smiled at the matching furniture and turned on the jet shower. 


Within minutes it was warm and I stepped inside after stripping down to nothing.




I got out the shower and grabbed my pj's which were stuffed into my carry on.


I tied my hair into a loose bun and sat back on my bed,opening the lid of my laptop again.


I had almost forgot about that message from the stranger until it illuminated on my screen once again.


Should I reply? I mean...it's rude to ignore people,and I would hate to be ignored if that was me. 


I let out a laugh when I remembered I hadn't even read the message yet.


I clicked on the chat and read it over. 


StratfordBoy94: Hey;p


Is that it? just a simple hey? wow I freaked out over nothing. 


I decided to reply..what's the harm in replying..plus I've already found out 2 things about him. 


1. He is a male..obviously. 

2. he could of been born in 1994..which means he must be 16 years old..


Just as I was about to type out a reply when another one from this mystery boy came through.


StratfordBoy94: I know you've read my message,um so I guess you don't wanna talk lol:p


Shit..I completely forgot they installed a new feature where you can see what time the receiver read the message..much like Facebook.


I quickly fumbled out a reply.


Fl0werpow3r: Hi,sorry I was just thinking...


I instantly got a reply.


StratfordBoy94: Well what was u thinking about flower?:)


Flower? okay...


Fl0werpow3r: well I was just deciding what I thought the '94' ment in your name..your age or year of birth lol


StratfordBoy94: Well I was born in 1994,so I'm 16..what about you?



Flowerpow3r: ...I don't just tell random people my age.


I waited quietly for his reply.


Stratfordboy94: Why? that's not fair! I told you how old I am:(

I rolled my eyes.

Fl0werpow3r: Your name basically gave it away,I just asked to make sure.

Stratfordboy94: Ugh you're so difficult-.-,I can guess just by the way you type that you're over 10,so at least thats something :P

Fl0werpow3r: Add on another 6 years to that and you've got your answer:)


Stratfordboy94: I had a feeling you were 16,but may I know your name flower?


Fl0werpow3r: only if I know yours first...

He took longer to reply this time,I watched as his message popped up.

Stratfordboy94: My name is Justin...now may I know yours?


Fl0werpow3r: The name's Rose.

I didn't want to tell him my full name so I kept it as that..besides my name is disgusting and at least Rose was an upgrade. 


Stratfordboy94: ah,smart..rose is a flower..and your name's flower power,good thinking batman;)


I laughed extremely loud at this..he seemed like such a dork.


Fl0werpow3r: haha,I guess...you seem like a dork


Stratfordboy94: Excuse me? I am NOT a dork. Batman isn't dorky..


Oh yes it is Justin..

I typed out a reply,chuckling at how he thought quoting batman wasn't dorky.

Fl0werpow3r: Yes it is! but whatever can we stop talking about that shit? thanks.


He instantly replied.


Stratfordboy94: Ok...what do you want to talk about then?


Fl0werpow3r: I have no idea..where are you from?


Stratfordboy94: Ontario,a small hometown called Stratford:) what about yourself?


Fl0werpow3r: well actually I live in the UK,but I'm originally from-


I deleted the last line,I didn't know him..why am I sharing this information with him?


Fl0werpow3r: well actually I live in the UK.


I clicked send and waited. 


Stratfordboy94: damn,why so faaaaar


Fl0werpow3r: idk ask jesus


Strafordboy94: haha your funny..I like u:p


I couldn't help but blush...I knew nothing about this boy apart from his name and his age and he's already got me blushing?


Fl0werpow3r: look I um..have to go,bye Justin


Stratfordboy94: aw ok,speak tomorrow though? night


Fl0werpow3r: yeah night Justin:)


Stratfordboy94: Night flower;)


And with that I shut the lid of my computer,sliding it to the end of the bed before I fell back into my pillows,shutting my eyes swiftly. 


This boy seemed so casual about the fact that he's speaking to a random girl online..he must do this a lot.

He's probably a typical boy looking for nudes on this website,I wouldn't be surprised.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what his intentions are.



So this is the first chapter..and the start of the journey Primrose and Justin will take together:)


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