3,547 Miles

'StratfordBoy94 has sent you a message'

My palms began to sweat,this was the first time ever that someone had messaged me first on this website. I wasn't the type of girl to get boys swarming over me.
I go by the name Rose,Short for Primrose of course.
After my father had recently gone to fight in war he left me heartbroken.
After moving thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean and over the English Channel,I had no-one.
I wasn't the type of girl to trust online strangers because who knows what their intentions are?but for some reason I let my guard down for him.
Minutes turned into hours,and hours turned into days..we spoke constantly.
Who knew that our friendship would turn into something much more?
We promised to meet after we both couldn't take the distance anymore..but promises aren't always kept..and often leave the other person hurt.
We are 3,547 miles apart,but that doesn't matter when you're helplessly in-love.
//Original content of Shawtyyymane//


2. Mysterious Messages


Rose's POV:

I had gotten up bright and early today as Mom said me and Scarlett could check out the town and go shopping.

Finally! some retail therapy after all those awful hours trapped on that plane.

I picked out a cute outfit for the day and styled my hair with my curling wand.

I wanted to go for the more dramatic makeup look today so I used a subtle plumb colour for the outer crease and blended it into my crease with a light champagne colour before using a white eyeliner for my tear duct and water line,I added eyeliner and mascara and used one of my many MAC lipsticks to brighten my lips.

Who knows..I could see some cute British boys hanging around the mall,so I gotta make myself look good.




Time flew by and I threw the hundreds of shopping bags on the floor of our house. ''JAMES!'' I screamed,running my hands through my knotty damp hair. I sighed. 

I haven't even been here a full day yet and I've already experienced the typical British weather..I left my hair perfectly curled this morning and the fucking rain ruins it..

Someone remind me to take note and remind myself to never spend much time on my hair as the rain will come and fuck it up anyways.

Suddenly James jogged out of his section of the house and straightened out his clothes,standing in front of me before plastering a smile on his face. 

''Yes,madam?'' He asked.

I sighed and scrunched my hair up,wringing out the water and watching it as it made a small puddle on the marble floor. 

''Please take my bags up to my room,and ask Linda to deliver a bunch of fresh warm towels to my room quickly please.'' I stated,giving him a small smile before I walked past him and darted upstairs. 


I walked straight into my bathroom and turned on the jets in the bath. I waited as the bath filled up thanking James as he delivered all the bags into my room,I walked over to my lush bag and pulled out the 10 bath bombs I purchased. I chose to use 'Sex Bomb' in my bath today as It smelled so good. 

I put the rest in my special storage for my bath supplies and tested the water before I stripped down and climbed in. 

I breathed in a sigh of relief as the warm water splashed over my cold body. ''This is the life.'' I murmured,letting my hair down out of my temporary pony tail and began to wash it along with my body as the bath bomb settled in the bath. 



After about an hour and a half of pampering myself with body butters,scrubs,face masks and moisturisers.I jumped onto my bed,sporting my new Victoria's secret Pj's. 

I was so exited to find a Victoria's secret store in the mall in London.It was my favourite shop and If there wasn't one I would force my mom to ship all the stuff from the stores in america over to here. 

Call me a spoilt brat but you can never have too many VS products,underwear and clothes. 


My satin sheets wrapped around my body as I pulled up my new Macbook onto my lap. 

I started it up and almost instantly the screen illuminated with the messaging website. 

I had 2 new messages,I clicked on my inbox and realised they were both from Stratfordboy94. 

I opened up the chat and read the messages. 

08:36 Stratfordboy94: Morning flower!

10:54 Stratfordboy94: You must be up by now...lazy ass..where are you:(

I checked the time and realised it was 8:58pm. Shit...it had been hours since he messaged me. 

'Stratfordboy94 is online!' 

I quickly made a reply and sent it off. 

Fl0wrPow3r: Sorry Justin...I went shopping today at the mall and only got back an hour ago:)

I pressed enter and watched as almost instantly 'Stratfordboy94 is typing...' came up across my screen. 

I waited for his reply as I switched on my TV and smiled as my favourite show popped up on the screen. 'The Big Bang Theory' 

My dad payed extra so we could still watch American channels along side the British channels,so any time I could switch them over,which I was very thankful for. 

StratfordBoy94: Hey,its fine lol how is it over there?

Fl0werPow3r: Its all good, I got caught in the rain though earlier which wasn't fun..I'm probably coming down with a cold as we speak:/

Stratfordboy94: That sucks,the weather in Canada has been alright actually..the snow cleared up about a month ago so I kinda enjoy the weather out here. 

I smiled at his reply. 

FlowerPow3r: Lucky shit, I wanna go back to Cali already..I don't like it out here. 

I looked around my room,my room here was so much bigger..

StratfordBoy94: I've always wanted to go to England..maybe some day I will. 

I just blinked at my screen..he wanted to come here?

Fl0werpow3r: Someday:)

That was the safest reply. 


Justin's POV:

I smiled down at my laptop,this girl seemed pretty cool. 

I wanted to ask for her number because this app bugged me with all of the adverts popping up every time I went to type something.

But I was so nervous she would completely stop talking to me..

Did she even want to speak to me or was I just forcing a conversation on her?? Oh god. 

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before I began to write out my reply. 

StratfordBoy94: Uh..basically this website annoys me with the constant adverts popping up,would it be possible to get your number?

It must of been 2 minutes I had been waiting now,for her reply.

My hands were sweating profusely as I stared intently at the screen. 

Fl0werPow3r is typing...


Fl0werPow3r: Uh...wouldn't it cost money to text overseas?

I slapped my head stupidly. 

Of course it did. 

Stratfordboy94: Sorry yeah,that was a stupid question..never mind.

Fl0werPow3r is typing...

My eyes scanned around my room,waiting for the small 'Ping!' noise to come thru on my laptop.

Fl0werPow3r: What about iMessage? do you have an iPhone or iPad or something?

StratfordBoy94: iPhone:) here message me on there. 555-3457-839

Fl0werPow3r: okay:)

I waited impatiently for a new text message from an unknown number popped up on my phone..but it never came. 

Did she just virtually ditch me?

Is she actually going to message me?

Did she not like me?

So many bad thoughts whizzed around my hair as I waited..but still nothing came. 

''Justin!'' My mom screamed from downstairs. ''I want you to go grocery shopping with me.'' 

I rolled my eyes and shut my laptop as I walked out to the landing. ''Mommmm,can't I stay at home?'' I whined,pouting my lips to make it extra effective. 

''Justin Drew! you are coming with me,no buts. I need someone to make sure I don't go over my budget..I can't afford another slip up on bills Justin...I'm a single parent and it certainly is hard to-''

''I get it,I get it'' I mumbled,rolling my eyes as I grabbed my sweater and walked out the house slipping into my shoes. 

I hate being poor, I guess we survive somehow on the income my mom gets..but I hate not having 3G when I go out the house,It was an added cost when I got my phone and my mom couldn't afford the extras..so it only works on Wifi...so it basically does the same thing as an iPod. 

I guess I can tolerate that..


I don't really like this chapter but its a filler so bare with me:)

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