3,547 Miles

'StratfordBoy94 has sent you a message'

My palms began to sweat,this was the first time ever that someone had messaged me first on this website. I wasn't the type of girl to get boys swarming over me.
I go by the name Rose,Short for Primrose of course.
After my father had recently gone to fight in war he left me heartbroken.
After moving thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean and over the English Channel,I had no-one.
I wasn't the type of girl to trust online strangers because who knows what their intentions are?but for some reason I let my guard down for him.
Minutes turned into hours,and hours turned into days..we spoke constantly.
Who knew that our friendship would turn into something much more?
We promised to meet after we both couldn't take the distance anymore..but promises aren't always kept..and often leave the other person hurt.
We are 3,547 miles apart,but that doesn't matter when you're helplessly in-love.
//Original content of Shawtyyymane//


5. I'll be over here


Song of the chapter: // Here-Alessia Cara//

Justin's POV:

I had a constant smile on my face for the past week,all because of Emily.

I had been texting her all week and she's honestly so sweet. 

It was now next Friday and Ry and I were going to meet them at the mall Sunday morning. 

Like always,my Friday was boring and I spent the night on that app. I forgot all about Rose and I feel sort of guilty,but she hasn't exactly made the effort either. 

I messaged her anyway and she texted me for a bit,until I fell asleep. 



​The following day I woke up from a text from Emily, I instantly shot up and scrambled to open my phone,only to leave me with complete confusion as I read over the text she left me. 

'Hi Justin,I can't see you again..I'm sorry but I'm just not over my ex.'

My heart practically fell out of my chest and I searched my brain for answers..but they never came. 

I instantly called her but it went straight to voice mail. I knew something was up. 


I wanted to curl up in a ball,what was up with her? I bet you it is her possessive boyfriend texting me,I can just tell. 


Fl0wer Pow3r :Dude!

I wasn't in the mood for texting her so I just threw my phone on my bed and walked downstairs,way to go and brighten my day. 

I poured myself what was left of the orange juice and walked back upstairs to see another message on my phone. 

Fl0wer Pow3r: I'm in big trouble,I need advice.

I sighed and and thumbed out a reply. 

Stratfordboy94: No hard feelings Rose,but I'm not in the mood today..I'm sorry.

For almost an hour I thought our wifi had gone,but it was simply just the reality of how unpopular I am.

I spent the whole day watching re-runs on the Simpsons and grazing on cereal.


It was now 9:30pm and Mom went out to grab some groceries,so I decided to go on a walk around the neighbourhood as the house was too quiet and creepy.

I pulled on my sneakers and a jacket and made sure to take my phone even though it was on 15%.


As I strolled through the dark streets of Stratford I found myself entering the local park. It was mostly empty apart from distant laughing coming from the kids play park up on the hill. 

I rolled my eyes,it was probably just some teens fooling around in the park...gross. 

I walked for a while,kicking pebbles as I took in the fresh air 

All I could think about was Emily and the text she sent me,it honestly hit me hard.

As time continued to pass the noises from up on the hill became louder and louder.

I had decided to turn around and walk back the way I came as a narrow poorly lit alleyway was creepily lurking in front of me.

As I neared the park entrance the muffled sounds turned into screams,scaring me half to death. 

''H-Help!'' Someone pleaded,as their dark figure sprinted down the hill,stumbling slightly as they checked behind from whatever they were running from. 

​My eyes shot wide open when I noticed a pair of pale blue converse stumble towards me. A pain in my chest rumbled through my body and I stumbled backwards...they ran straight into me. 

''H-Help me please,please!'' The person breathed,tugging on my coat fiercely as a figure slowly walked down the hill,laughing menacingly.

I swallowed. ''Emily?''

She finally looked up and her eyes grew wide. ''J-Justin,please.'' She whimpered,grabbing my hand and dragging me behind her as she ran full force down the path and out of the park. 

''COME BACK HERE!'' Someone growled,their heavy footsteps echoing over the tops of the woodland. 

I tried to gain a steady pace but it was difficult not knowing what I was running from.

Was it life or death? or was it just a dumb prank..

Suddenly I was pulled straight into the lining of the trees and told to crouch down immediately by Emily,being out of breath I had no room to argue so I just ducked,squeezing her hand as I fearfully looked through the leaves. 

''Em,wha-what are we running from?'' I breathed.

She smacked her cold hand over my mouth and begged me to shut up. 

Almost instantly the figure turned towards us and I watched as their eyes scanned where we were hiding. 

I bit my lip,who the fuck was this?

The figure slowly jogged back into the park and after two minutes of silent waiting we emerged from the forest,Emily whimpering slightly as I felt her hand shake in mine. 

''Justin..I-I'm so scared.'' She cried,facing me and shaking her head as her eyes scanned the surroundings behind me just in case. 

''Who the fuck was that?'' I hissed,completely pissed at the fact that she made me run for so long and so fast and then make me crouch in a forest for 10 minutes with a stinging nettle groping my ass.

''I'll explain later.'' She sadly smiled,leaning over and kissing my cheek. ''Thank you,so so much...you saved my life Justin.'' She whispered before having one last glance before sprinting out of the park without saying another word.


I stood there completely speechless...she just left me here with that physco..who knows what his intentions were tonight.


I bolted out of there faster then you can say 'bubblegum pussy' and made my way back home,avoiding my mum's glares as she asked me where I had been.

I climbed up the stairs and entered my cold room,falling onto my bed as I closed my eyes. 

Im finding out why Emily was running if its the last thing I do...



sorry for the long awaited update college has been hectic 



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