3,547 Miles

'StratfordBoy94 has sent you a message'

My palms began to sweat,this was the first time ever that someone had messaged me first on this website. I wasn't the type of girl to get boys swarming over me.
I go by the name Rose,Short for Primrose of course.
After my father had recently gone to fight in war he left me heartbroken.
After moving thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean and over the English Channel,I had no-one.
I wasn't the type of girl to trust online strangers because who knows what their intentions are?but for some reason I let my guard down for him.
Minutes turned into hours,and hours turned into days..we spoke constantly.
Who knew that our friendship would turn into something much more?
We promised to meet after we both couldn't take the distance anymore..but promises aren't always kept..and often leave the other person hurt.
We are 3,547 miles apart,but that doesn't matter when you're helplessly in-love.
//Original content of Shawtyyymane//


4. Double Date



Tonight is the night I meet my date that Ryan set me up on,and it was inching closer so fast. 

All I knew was that my date was called Emily,and she was apparently really hot. 

If I'm being brutally honest with you,I haven't really been on a date before. I'm 16 and I haven't had the balls to go on a date with a girl..and its gotten to the point where my best friend is making plans for me,I really need to get my shit together. 


I am incredibly nervous for how tonight is going to go,I just need to be myself and keep my cool.

I mean,did this girl even go to our school? do I know her?

The only Emily's I know are Emily Tate and Emily Villegas..two extremely pretty girls.

No way did Ryan land me a date with one of them,they wouldn't even glance in my direction. 


I had just climbed out of the shower,it really didn't help that our water was luke warm,its frustrating especially in the winter,it never satisfies me,but I guess I just have to suck it up.

My hair only took 5 minutes to perfect just by blow drying it into its normal flip.

I could't help but sigh once I looked at all my clothes thrown all over my room,none of them were date worthy;they were either way too big for me,or dirty.

''Fuck'' I cried in frustration,pulling off the shirt I had just tried on,but looked dumb on me as it clung to me in all the wrong places.

After about 10 minutes shifting through the clothes pile forming on my bed,I found a relatively clean,plain white shirt. I through that over my head and pulled on my casual black skinny jeans which were wearing out so fast.

I made a self note to ask for some for my upcoming birthday.


More time flew by and I was growing more anxious by the second,did I look okay? do I look scruffy?

Ryan soon burst into my room scaring me half to death,asking me if I'm ready to meet 'the hotties' very enthusiastically. 

I shrugged ''I guess,dude..help me find a jacket? I don't have one.'' I panicked,looking at him with wide eyes as I scanned my room one last time hoping one will magically appear before my eyes. 

He rolled his eyes. ''Dude I have plenty,if you're ready and have stopped applying your makeup then we can quickly run back and grab one.'' He teased,nudging me as he pretended to put lipstick on. 

I rolled my eyes and quickly slipped on my Surpa's before spraying the last drop of my cologne onto my body.

Ryan smiled and pushed me forwards and out my room. 

We climbed down the stairs quickly and reached for the door. ''MOM!? I'm leaving now...I'll be back at around 11.'' I called,smiling at her as she walked out of the kitchen. 

She gave me a stern look before it disappeared once she saw my outfit. ''You look handsome baby,where's your jacket?? It's freezing this time of year in Canada! You know that.'' She scolded,going to find my jacket. 

''No no,there's no need,Ryan's letting me borrow his,I'm gonna be late Mom so I better go,I'll see you later.'' I rushed,running forwards and kissing her cheek. ''I love you.'' 

She ruffled my hair. ''Love you too,son. And Ryan?'' She turned to him. ''Tell your Mom I said Hi.'' She grinned. 

''Will do.'' He chuckled,leading the way out the door before I followed. 

I was lucky that Ryan lived so close to me. 


I nodded in approval in Ryan's mirror as I had just pulled the crewneck over my head. 

It was black and had a weird logo on the front but it was dope and looked good with my outfit. 

''So nice.'' I whispered,flipping my hair back into place before turning to Ryan. ''Thanks bud,you have the best hoodies..I swear.'' I chuckled,sliding my phone back into my pocket,its not like I needed it but I took it anyways. 

''No worries dude.'' He refreshed himself with his cologne and turned to me. ''Hey,it looks good on you..you can keep it.'' He shrugged,grabbing his jacket before walking out his bedroom door. 

I narrowed my eyes at him. ''Dude,no..it's yours,I can't keep it.'' 

He snorted. ''Its fine,It's too small for me anyway,keep it bud.''

I just smiled and thanked him before we began to walk to where we were meeting the girls. 


''So..do these girls go to our school?'' I asked as the silence between us was way too awkward.

''No they're new to the town,I saw one of the girls at the mall last weekend and I accidentally knocked into her and her shit flew everywhere so I helped her pick it up and I guess we began talking,we've been texting all this week dude,and her best friend is hot too.'' He smirked,pleased with his story. 

I left it at that and we continued to walk the rest of the 5 minutes to the mall. 


''We're meeting them at the milkshake place in 5.'' He murmured,tapping his hand on the rail as we looked down onto the busy open space below as people bustled into shops. 

I nodded and straightened out my hair,making sure no flicks were sticking up. 

Ryan snorted. ''Chill out dude,you're fine.'' 

''I haven't been on a date Ryan..remember that.'' I spat,shoving him slightly. 

I watched him with narrow eyes as suddenly small hands wrapped themselves around Ryan's eyes,I stood up straight and turned around to see two extremely beautiful brunettes grinning at me. 

I coughed awkwardly and watched as the one who had her arms wrapped around Ryan began to speak. ''Guess who it is.'' She whispered into his ear playfully. 

He grinned and turned around,pulling her arms off his eyes lightly. ''A gorgeous girl who goes by the name of Alyssa.'' He flirted back,leaning down and hugging her. 

She pulled back and blushed. ''Awe you're so sweet.'' She cooed. 

Meanwhile my attention was on the girl stood timidly behind her,twisting her palms nervously in her sleeve covered hands as she glanced down at her pure white converse,she was biting her lip and her wavy long hair framed her face.

She was so beautiful, and looked almost as nervous as me.

To make things less awkward I moved around Ryan and his date who were speaking loudly about what their week was like,I stood In front of the girl and coughed awkwardly. ''Uh hi.'' I murmured,looking anywhere but her eyes which slowly looked up at me. 

''Hey.'' She whispered back,sending me a small smile. 

I looked down at her and nearly lost my shit. Her eyes were insanely light blue and they looked almost fake,they were beautiful. ''Wow- Uh I mean I'm-I'm Justin.'' I stammered,my eyes fixated on hers. 

She giggled and bit her lip slightly. ''I'm Emily,It's nice to meet you Justin.'' She smiled. 

''I'm sorry...it's just you-your eyes are so pretty.'' I murmured,immediately regretting it once I realised how dumb I sounded. 

She blushed. ''Thank you,I get that a lot..people think they are contacts,but I promise they're real.'' She spoke,a small laugh fluttering out her plump lips. 

Snap out of it Justin.

I nodded smiling slightly as Ryan lightly smacked me on the back of the neck. I turned around in shock and gave him the stink eye as he smirked at me. ''Dude have a normal conversation with her..stop stuttering,you sound like a loved up nerd.'' 

I growled at him and told him to shut up as his date laughed slightly. ''Don't worry Justin..she's as nervous as you,ignore Ryan.'' She grinned,pushing Ryan's shoulder slightly as he pouted at her. 

We all began to walk to the Milkshake place when Emily's phone began to constantly ring,she glanced down at her phone and sighed before shoving it in her pocket. It rang again and she looked like she wanted to cry. I pulled her to one side. ''Are you okay?'' I asked,searching her eyes for any emotion. 

She shook her head slightly. ''Not really,my ex keeps ringing me every hour.'' She whispered. ''I know it's bad to bring up past boyfriends on a date but I can't fucking avoid him..he's so possessive.'' She whispered,shaking her head as she turned off her phone and looked up at me. ''I have to turn off my phone because it will constantly ring.'' 

I smiled sympathetically. ''Hopefully I can take your mind off him for tonight.'' I shrugged,scooting into the booth Ryan and his date had sat in a minute before. Emily sat opposite me and she smiled. ''Thank you.'' 

''No worries.'' I smiled back,handing her the menu. 


We had been sat in there for 40 minutes and the conversations were flowing. Emily was such  a sweet girl but I found that it was hard for her to open up to me,but I didn't expect her too on the first date. 

And yes I said first..I wanted to go on many other dates with her,she was so pretty and nice,and so genuine. 

We shared a lot in common and she loved oreo milkshakes just like me so we both got the same. 

I noticed her shaking slightly after our milkshakes were finished and I offered her my jacket but she refused. 

''It's getting late,the ice rink closes soon..we should start to walk over there.'' Alyssa mentioned,throwing her cup into the bin as we walked out. 

Like she said,it was late..and most shops had closed down now,only the food court and some of the other stores were still running. 

We walked out of the mall into the courtyard and grinned at how the mall opening was now all lit up with fairy lights,it was so pretty. 

We walked over to the outdoor ice rink and payed our money,of course I payed for Emily and I,I managed to get a few dollars of Mom. 


Once our skates were on we slowly stepped onto the ice ,catching Emily in the process and she nearly slipped and fell back onto me. 

She blushed and steadied herself again. ''I'm so sorry,I'm not very good at skating.'' She whispered,holding onto the edge as she stepped out of the entrance and into the rink. 

I followed in pursuit and stood on her left, skating slowly beside her as she used the rails to help her. 

''It's fine,do you want me to teach you?'' I asked her, skating off before doing a U turn and skating backwards but keeping eye contact with Emily. 

She bit her lip. ''I wouldn't expect you to teach me this whole time when you can whizz around with Ryan and Ally,i'll be fine.'' She replied. 

I chuckled. ''You think I'm gonna leave you on your own? I'm not a jerk.'' I murmured,stopping right in front of her and holding her waist cautiously. ''Put your hands on my shoulders,Em.'' I smiled,assuring her it was okay and I wasn't going to let her fall. 

She hesitantly let go of the rails and put her hands on my shoulder. ''Now I'm going to slowly make you drop your arms to my hands so we both have more room between us so I can teach you.'' I whispered. She nodded shyly and grabbed my hands. I nearly lost my balance once a small spark shot through my body at her touch. I steadied myself and bit my lip,laughing slightly. She looked at me with wide eyes. ''Justin you nearly fell,please don't pull me down with you.'' 

I laughed. ''Em,I will catch you if you fall,and if I fall? i'll let go of you so you won't go down with me.'' I winked,starting to pick up a bit more speed as I skated backwards still holding her hands. 

''Oh god,I'm gonna bust my ass open.'' She whispered once she realised I was speeding up. I laughed and shook my head. ''If you want I'll always get you one of those penguin guys for you to hold on to,for the little kiddies.'' I smirked. 

She rolled her eyes at me. ''Yeah yeah.'' 

I laughed again and slowed down again. ''Now I want you to go at the front,I'll hold on to you so you won't fall.'' 

I stopped and skated so I was now behind her,I told her to start skating and I placed my hands on her waist to hold her stable. 

She started off slow,but then got the hang of it and began to go faster. Without her knowing I let go of her so she began to skate on her own. ''Justin!'' She cried,turning around abruptly and losing her balance,she toppled forwards and fell straight on her knees. I bit my lip and rushed over. 

''Fuck..Emily I'm sorry,I was trying to help you skate I didn't mean to-'' 

She smirked. ''Justin its okay,help me up would you?'' 

I grabbed her outstretched hands and pulled her up slowly,but she instantly fell back onto her knees. 

''Fuck.'' She cried in pain,clutching her knee as she slid off her knees and onto her bum. 

''My knee hurts,I can't stand up.'' She cried in frustration,clutching her knee in pain. 

''Shit,I'm so sorry.'' I murmured,I picked her up using all my strength and wrapped my arm over her shoulder before walking over to the entrance. 

I helped her up onto the platform and we walked over to the benches, I sat down next to her and took off her skates for her before taking off mine. 

I helped her pull up her trouser leg and It instantly revealed a big bruise under the skin. 

I sighed,shutting my eyes tight. ''I'm so sorry,I shouldn't of let go of you,you weren't a confident skater and I-'' 

Emily planted her lips on my cheek before she shook her head grinning. ''It's okay Justin,thank you for helping me off the ice.'' 

''Its no worry at all,it's the least I can do.'' 

She grabbed her converse which were in the shoe hole behind her and began to put them on slowly. 

''Trust me to fuck up a first date by hurting the girl.'' I whispered,dropping my shoes to the ground and slotting my  feet into them. 

Emily placed her cold hand over mine and I instantly looked up at her. ''Honestly,It's okay,It's my fault for turning too quick,it's my fault.'' She chuckled. 

I shook my head. ''How can I make this up to you?'' 

She bit her lip and looked down at her shoes. ''We go on another date?'' She whispered nervously. 

I smiled,hiding the redness on my cheeks as I shook my head. ''I was going to ask you if we could have a second date anyways.'' I laughed slightly. 

She smiled and looked out onto the rink,watching Ryan and Alyssa race each other,Alyssa pushed Ryan and he fell backwards onto his butt. Alyssa skated over instantly and dropped down beside him,hysterically laughing as he leaned up and pulled her down,kissing her in the process. 

I turned to Emily as I caught a glimpse of her smiling sadly over at them. ''They're so perfect for each other.'' She murmured,looking down at her hands. ''Me and Cody used to look like that.'' She whispered,shaking her head as she looked at me quickly. ''Sorry..I need to stop bringing him up.'' 

I grabbed her hand and made her look at me. ''What did this Cody do to you,Emily? why do you always look sad when you mention him?'' 

Her eyes dropped down to our hands and she looked back at me with glazed eyes. ''He was an asshole,he was so over protective that he would try to beat up any boy that spoke to me,he hit me once by accident but I had a hand mark left on me for 3 days.'' She murmured,instantly her eyes went wide and she faced me. ''Fuck.'' She whispered. ''I didn't mean to tell you that..forget I said that...'' She frantically pleaded. 

''You have nothing to worry about Emily,I won't tell anyone..but who does know he treated you like this?'' 

''No one..not even Ally.'' She sighed. ''I can't tell her...she will try and find his ass and I know he will come for me again if he finds out anyone knows.'' 

I sighed and pulled her into a side hug. ''I won't tell anyone,I promise...please stay away from that asshole,He won't hurt you again.'' I told her,watching as Ally and Ryan made their way over to us. ''This conversation ends here,you can trust me.'' I whispered,smiling at Ryan as he eyed us suspiciously. 

''What's up with you two?'' Alyssa grinned,shooting us a confused look. 

''Oh nothing,I hurt my knee falling over so we sat out for a while.'' Emily murmured,acting completely fine to what she was like a mere few seconds ago. 

''Oh shit,are you ok?'' Ryan asked,glancing down at her bruised knee. 

She shrugged. ''Its nothing big.'' 

''Alright,well the mall shuts in 15 minutes so we better start heading out.'' Ryan told us,looking around to see  no one around. 

We all agreed and we began to walk back home. 

Emily and Alyssa were going back to stay at Alyssa's house who lived 5 blocks from me and Ry,so once they got to their neighbourhood we said our goodbyes briefly. 

''Goodnight Justin,thank you for an amazing night..I loved it.'' She smiled,going to hand me back the sweater I let her wear but I stopped her. ''Give it to me when I see you again,you still have a long way back and I don't want you to get sick.'' I smiled,pulling her into a tight hug. 

She was much warmer than me so I clung to her for a few seconds,breathing in the scent of her hair as she nuzzled her head into me. I grinned slightly,pulling away but still holding her waist. 

She smiled up at me and kissed my cheek before giving me one last quick hug. ''Text me.'' She whispered,biting her lip as she caught up to Alyssa who had already said goodbye to Ryan. 

I nodded and watched them both walk down the street before Ryan pulled me into a bro hug. ''Duuuuude.'' He stated,chuckling as he smirked at me. ''You and Emily are cute as fuck,I told ya' you would like her.'' He grinned,walking ahead as he looked over his shoulder. 

''Me and Alyssa kissed bro...I really like her.'' He smiled,turning back around and shoving his hands in his pocket. 

I smiled. ''You guys are cute Ry, I can see you guys together.'' I told him,catching up as we walked home.

He grinned at me. ''You think so?'' I nodded and chattered my teeth as the wind began to whirl around us. ''You know...I think Emily could be crushing on you.'' He smirked. 

I frowned at him. ''Dude don't assume she is,we met each other less than 3 hours ago.'' I chuckled shaking my head at his silliness. 

He rolled his eyes. ''It doesn't mean that she can't crush on you,I saw the way she looked at you for the first time earlier,and the way her eyes lit up when you hugged her...If you get to know her more Justin I know you guys will be good for each other. '' He smiled,walking up his yard as he called a goodbye. 

''Text me.'' I called back,not shaking the smile that plastered across my face ever since he told me about how Emily looked at me. 

I really hope what he said about her is true,because I may be crushing on her too. 


ok so this is the date chapter how do you guys think it went for Justin and Emily? personally I think its cute af..do you think he will tell rose or keep it as a secret?

next chapter coming soon 

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