3,547 Miles

'StratfordBoy94 has sent you a message'

My palms began to sweat,this was the first time ever that someone had messaged me first on this website. I wasn't the type of girl to get boys swarming over me.
I go by the name Rose,Short for Primrose of course.
After my father had recently gone to fight in war he left me heartbroken.
After moving thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean and over the English Channel,I had no-one.
I wasn't the type of girl to trust online strangers because who knows what their intentions are?but for some reason I let my guard down for him.
Minutes turned into hours,and hours turned into days..we spoke constantly.
Who knew that our friendship would turn into something much more?
We promised to meet after we both couldn't take the distance anymore..but promises aren't always kept..and often leave the other person hurt.
We are 3,547 miles apart,but that doesn't matter when you're helplessly in-love.
//Original content of Shawtyyymane//


3. Dear No One


AN// SONG OF THE CHAPTER: Dear No One -Tori Kelly //

Justin's POV:

I sighed as I dragged myself back into the house,kicking off my dirty high-tops helping Mom with the bags 

as she trailed in behind me. It was now quarter to nine at night and we had been out hours,running errands and visiting my grandparents. I was so full up I practically had a food baby. Oh the perks of having loving grandma's...feeding you although you attempt to convince them you aren't hungry. She had baked fresh oatmeal and raisin cookies which I had been craving for weeks. She let me take the leftovers home and I was sure to have a midnight feast later. 

You see,Me and my mom have never been wealthy and we just about manage to get along with the things we have. My mom is often ashamed to admit it but often we would visit the food bank when things got touch and she was running low on food. Many nights I would go hungry to bed but I never said anything because no one wants their kids to go to bed hungry and having nothing they could do about it. It sucks because my mom is the best mom anyone could have. I sighed as I brought the grocery bags into our small kitchen,taking out the stuff and putting it into the places it was supposed to. Sometimes it got so tough that we would be forced by my grandma to go around their and eat until we were full. She hated seeing her daughter and grandson surviving off a low income and having so much pride that they often kept it hidden. My friends had way more money than my family and often tried to help out too but I hated that,I was grateful but I didn't want to be a charity case.


''Mom,I put everything away..is it okay if I go and chill in my room?'' I asked,walking up behind her and hugging her. 

She nodded her head. ''Yes but turn off the lights you don't need on,I can't afford a massive electricity bill again Justin.'' She warned,giving me a cherry tomato she pulled out of a packet. Scrunching up my nose I walked away. ''No thanks.'' 


I climbed up the stairs to my room,it was small but It was cosy. Toronto Maple Leaf's merchandise plastered my walls and shelves,They were by far my favourite team and one day I hoped to meet them. I opened up the tinfoil  and grinned at the raisin cookies,the heat escaping as soon as the air hit them.I grabbed one and piled it into my mouth absentmindedly checking the notifications on my phone. I had 2 messages from Rose and I instantly sat up,accidentally choking on the cookie as I hurriedly typed in my password and searched through my messages. 


From: Rose


Justin? have you gone to bed?

Is this even your number? ugh this is the last time I give out my number. 

I thumbed out a reply quickly,realising the last text she sent me was 3 hours ago. 

To: Rose

Hey! I'm so sorry I was out and I have no data so I couldn't text you...this is Justin btw just incase you deleted my number:/

I waited patiently but the text never came. 

''Fuck'' I whispered. It was 2am over in England right now so she's probably fast asleep..great timing Justin. 

I sighed and threw my phone on my bedside table,grabbing the cookies and finishing them before laying back..thinking about the past couple of days and what I had accomplished...nothing. 


It must have been around twenty minutes later when my phone vibrated,I shot up and grabbed it. 



I frowned and opened up the app,reading over her text as I checked the time again. 


From: Rose 

oh...okay,its late as shit over here,I can't sleep well over here and I keep overthinking. 

I replied back sharply,not wanting her waiting around and falling back asleep before I could answer. 

To: Rose

I know the feeling..I'm always here if you can't sleep..you know..timezones allow that to happen:)

From: Rose

Thank you Justin:) I have to get up early tomorrow so I better try and get some sleep,goodnight 

I sighed,hoping I could speak to her longer but knowing I couldn't deprive her from sleep,that would be a dick move. 


To Rose:

goodnight,flower x

I left it as that and rolled over on my bed,staring at the old posters plastering my wall. 

She seemed like such a nice girl but she lived so far away..would we be friends? or am I wasting my time?

I bit my lip and checked my phone again,no new messages. 


The night went slow after that,I checked my phone every 10 minutes to see if she suddenly woke up and texted me. 

Suddenly my phone vibrated once again and I jumped to get my phone,but to my surprise it was Ryan. 

From: RyRy

Hey biebs, so I just landed a double date with some super hot girls and guess who is coming? thank me later;)

I sat up in my bed and immediately called Ryan,confused on his text he sent a mere few seconds ago. 

''Hello?'' He answered. ''What do you mean a double date?'' I shot back,wasting no time and getting to the point. He laughed for a second. ''Dude..me and you are going on a double date with two hot girls from the grade above. I asked this one girl out and she said yes only if her friend could come,but I didn't want her friend to third wheel..you know..cause I'm a gentleman-'' I scoffed. ''Watch it Bieber...I could easily cancel.'' He reminded me. I muted myself and listened. ''So yeah...I thought of you buddy.'' He paused. ''I mean you were my first pick anyways but Nolan is just..nolan,and he will embarrass me. And Chaz has been speaking to that girl for months,so I'm guessing he wouldn't wanna come.'' He finished,sounding extremely proud of his theory. ''Sounds cool Ry,when is it? and where?'' I asked back,fiddling with a piece of string sticking out from my comforter. ''This Friday.''

My eyes grew wide at the realisation and I began to stutter. ''Friday? d-dude...I don't have money for that kinda thing..I don't think this can work.'' I sighed,feeling all my pride drain from my body as I knew Ryan would rip the shit into me for turning down a date with a hot girl. ''Dude! no..it's cool..we could just go ice skating and a milkshake..Ice skating is $2 each this Friday and the milkshakes are at the most $3..Just ask your mom for $5 or $10 dollars dude,if not I'll pay for it.'' He replied. I shook my head even though he couldn't see me. ''Ry I can't let you pay for me..that's so embarrassing,and my mom already gave me money last weekend for the festival...I can't keep expecting her to hand out money,you know she doesn't have a lot.'' I sighed. ''You know I'd love to come but I gotta give it a miss this time bro.''

Ryan paused for a long moment before I heard talking on the background. ''Mom tell Justin he has to come on this date with me and these two girls,he want's to go but he has no money.'' He murmured. I narrowed my eyes as I knew exactly what his plan was. ''Ryan..Don't!'' I heard shuffling on the other end before Ryan's mom greeted me. ''Justin,sweetie..money isn't a problem for us and you know that..I would be more than happy to give you a little bit of money so you enjoy your time with Ryan and these girls. You're like my second son and you know that.'' She chuckled. A small smile lit up on my face but I kept my ground. ''Sharon,you don't have to do that..honestly,I've had my money this month and I don't want to ask for more,thank you though. I appreciate it but  its no big deal if I don't go.'' I replied. ''Justin!don't be silly..I'll give Ryan the money for your part,if you honestly feel bad about it you know you can always come around and pay it off somehow. Honestly it's nothing! We love you here and you're like our other son...just please have a good time.'' She chimed,handing the phone back to Ryan. I could almost head him snigger. Once I knew his mom had left I instantly growled. ''Butsy I'm gonna kill you.'' I stated,shaking my head as a smile inched up my face. 


He cackled and muttered a few words before hanging up. ''Dude no you won't,they're hot as hell..you'll honestly thank me later.'' He called before hanging up,leaving my room in complete silence once again. 

I sighed and fell back onto my pillow. 


So...I have a date Friday,what the fuck will I wear?

I growled,mentally slapping myself as I completely forgot that I had a lack of nice clothing. 


I guess Friday will be interesting....I guess?



I'm sorry this is a shitty update but it's a filler:) next update will be after I hit 10 likes,and 15 comments:)


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