Neighbors For Eternity

Katerina, 17 years old, is moving along her senior year as if each day was less than a quarter time long. But when she meets the mysterious, handsome man living next door to her house, her days came to feel longer than they usually did. Marcus, 24 years old or plus, lives in the darkness and lingers as a shadow. Will his secret be revealed or will he continue to play the extreme mystery guy living next door? What happens when this dark lord becomes closer to her, more like her study hall teacher? Suspicion rises and later someone is bound to die and live once again for an eternity in darkness.


2. Chapter 2

"Katerina, wake up, it's time for school," Abila's voice pierced my tired mind that had trouble resting itself last night. When I opened my eyes it was like walking outside in the snow with the sun beating down on it, but a tint of purple mixed in with the brightness.

"I'm not going!" I threw a pillow over my face to block the sunlight from my face. Abila did the obvious by taking a towel around her neck and whipping me from the thigh where it hurt most, "Ow!"

She walked out of my room, the usual. I rubbed the spot where she hit me and obeyed her orders. Starting with my school uniform, I reached for a white button up shirt and a white bra that was designed with a little white rose in the center and lace for the top cover. After achieving that step, I started for my dresser to grab a checkered skirt of black and red lined with blue horizontally and white vertically. The skirt fell an inch below my knees and it buckled nice around my thin waist. After slipping on black ankle socks and my black non-slip shoes, I retreated to the bathroom to fix the last things with my hair and complexion.

"Katerina, are you almost done!?" Mother yelled down from the stairs as she was as well getting ready for her work as an elite sales-woman of house cleaning products.

I just ignored her and wrapped my hair up in a ponytail that puffed out from all my soft curls. From the side of my face, pieces of curls escaped from my ponytail giving the structures to the side of my face a nicer tone. Without much to do, I finished up by darkening my eyelashes and my eyelids while giving my lips a glossier look.

"There, perfect!" I smiled at myself in the mirror, but something inside me felt kind of dark, "Who am I trying to impress?"

Towards the kitchen was the smell of fresh, buttered toast. I picked one up and headed out the door. Past our new neighbors house, I sensed something strange about it. It was dark and ominous.

"Katerina," It was that voice again. My eyes met a shadow in the darkness towards a window of the second floors of the old, abandoned house.

I was only two blocks away from school and already students were blocking the whole campus entrance gates. Teachers took special doors on the other side of the gate so they could be in their assigned classrooms ready and prepared to start the days lesson. And, of course, get breakfast before everyone else.

"Hey did you hear about the new study hall course?" Terri Hall, specialist in accounting, whispered to a group of girls she called 'friends'.

"Yea, but did you hear about the new teacher who was going to be hosting it? No one knows who he or she is, they say this teacher came out of notice, but was instantly hired to start this course," Another girl continued the so-called rumor, "Girls can only hope it's a guy, like a hot guy," They all giggled until Jeffery Ames plopped his arms onto their shoulders and smiled his same creepy smile.

"I bet it's a hot woman who'd fall instantly for my manly atmosphere," He posed as if he was having pictures taken of him, "All the girlies love me, ain't that right Mrs. Ranigan?"

"Get back into your group Mr. Ames!" The old woman Mrs. Ranigan raised her discipline stick as if she were going to hit him with it then lowered it when Jeffery backed away laughing at such a clown he was. 

The bell that signaled the opening of the gates rang and Mrs. Ranigan began the procedures of unlocking the gate and opening the door while standing out of the way so that wouldn't become flattened by the stampede of students.

As always, I was the last in line to get breakfast so I decided to just not even bother with it. Instead I went straight to my first period class where I sat just sat there reading a book that was told to be the most romantic book of all times, but it seemed almost impossible for something to be that perfect. So far it was just describing about her life and the guy was just so self righteous. I couldn't take much of it.

I slammed the book closed and felt a cold chill tingle from my lower back to my neck. My right ear began to burn as if someone was breathing in my ear. I turned my head to the right to investigate the sensation I was feeling, but nothing was there.

"Strange..." I laid my head down and closed my eyes until the first period bell rang.

With the first day of school almost ending, there was only one class left and from the rumors that were going around, my new study hall class was said to be something of a strange discovery. Everyone rushed to their next class and with me being so far behind, I was almost late for my last class. The bell rang and I rushed into the classroom after the bell stopped. Everyone got to there class and I ended up being the student that got to class late.

"Well Katerina, that's not a way to start your first day of class now is it?" That voice, the deepness that sent chills to my spine. That mysterious man was standing right before me.

He removed his glasses and revealed his irresistible eyes to me. His dark black hair curled close to his eyelids making his dark brown eyes appear almost black. His gorgeous features had me stunned and it was almost hard to tell if my heart was beating or not.

He smiled at me with his pure white teeth that seemed almost too sharp for even a slight touch, "Welcome to study hall Katerina, I will enjoy working with you this year until graduation"

Darkness shrouded him, but his irresistible act was frighteningly impeccable...

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