Neighbors For Eternity

Katerina, 17 years old, is moving along her senior year as if each day was less than a quarter time long. But when she meets the mysterious, handsome man living next door to her house, her days came to feel longer than they usually did. Marcus, 24 years old or plus, lives in the darkness and lingers as a shadow. Will his secret be revealed or will he continue to play the extreme mystery guy living next door? What happens when this dark lord becomes closer to her, more like her study hall teacher? Suspicion rises and later someone is bound to die and live once again for an eternity in darkness.


1. Chapter 1

"Katerina, get down from there!" Abila, the family maid, urged me to retreat from my adventure towards the top of the tree. But I refused her by ignoring her orders, "Please, they'll have my head if you are injured,"

"Oh please Abila, one doesn't simply start a climb without finishing it to the end," I grabbed a hold of what seemed to be a strong branch. Once I had figured it out, it was too late. The branch snapped and I was only seconds away from being finished by the uneven ground below me.

"Katerina!" Abila screamed in distress as my body came near the ground, but neither did it ever hit the surface.

As my soft brown curls leaped over my face, I felt bare, muscular arms catch the beauty of Miss. Katerina Gale. When I removed the strands of hair away from my face, where every one of my curls dropped behind my back, my stare took hold on the hand that gripped my shoulder, to the arm that gripped my legs, and to the face of a stranger that stared back at me with crispy, brownish red eyes.

He put me back on my feet without a single glimpse of an expression. No words escaped from his lips as he left me in a daze of confusion and surprise. Who is he?

"And this is why you should pay attention to what I tell you," Abila screeched and gawked, but nothing came to my attention as much as the mysterious man who saved me from certain death.

His inner and outer appearance both were synced alike in a dark aura and every bit of his scent penetrated my skin, making me lose focus on my breathing. But a certain fact came across my mind that he was no ordinary neighbor.

"Abila, what do you think about him?" I asked her without noticing the confusion in her eyes.

"I think he's..." Abila paused as if she was entering some sort of weird shock and the color in her eyes were drained to a grayish color, almost white. I laced my hand gently on her shoulder and her eyes instantly reflected back some sort of vision.

"Abila..." I called her name while shaking her shoulder a bit when I witnessed the night color grow in her eyes. Gawking and screaming for danger. Abila finally awoken within a few seconds and stared into my eyes in despair.

"A dark force surrounds this land... I feel its presence... Peter Allic, the enemy of light, has returned," Abila collapsed and I was just standing there confused by what she said.

She said Peter Allic, the enemy of light, has returned. What does she mean by the enemy of light? Abila never awoken from her slumber within the hour I waited for her to awake and the pain of worry struck my heart as all the possible results crossed my mind.

"Mother!" I ran for the slim woman that walked through the entrance of the front door where you could see the energy being drawn from her body to the point of nearly falling dead... asleep, "Abila has fallen!"

"Please, not now," she pressured her temples with her slim fingers as she made her way towards the stairs towards the heaven of her bed, "give her some Advil or something,"

"But mother!" It was useless calling to her and I realized that when she slammed her bedroom door.

After another hour of waiting for Abila to wake, I finally decided to dial the emergency phone number. As my shaky fingers slowly moved over the dial button, I felt a cold chill upon my spine as a firm hand pulled at my available wrist.

"Abila!" I dropped down to her side clenching her hand as my worries grew to relief, "what happened?"

"What do you mean?" I realized that she had forgotten everything that happened. She pushed me away and immediately began doing the daily house chores around the house.

Worried that she might have another episode, I watched closely to her every move until one night I happened to peek out of my window. Abila was staggering towards another house like she was sleepwalking. She was meeting someone.

"Katerina," A faint voice lingered in my ear like a whisper. The voice was deep and chilling and it drew my full attention making me forget why I ever looked outside in the first place. Who is the one that carries that sweet scent of danger? I am bound to find out...

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