Trouble {One Direction}

Sometimes we don’t realize things before they’re too late. Sometimes we realise them just before and sometimes we see them at the very beginning. We start moving into the darkness and move around in seducing ankles. It’s fun in the beginning but sometimes it can all be taken to a point where it’s going way out of line. Why couldn’t we stop this before it was too late? Why did we keep moving to the stars and the sound of our own emptiness? But as it’s been said before… the thing about pain is that it’s demanding to be felt and I so felt it this time. I’m so sorry for what I started between us. We could have made it if it wasn’t for what I kept doing to you.


18. 18

“Kerry! Kerry wake up!”

I heard his voice repeat over and over again. Liam was standing over me and looked right into my eyes.

“Are you alright?”

Liam looked at me and was shocked when he saw how I looked around the room. The entire band. The ENTIRE band of One Direction was sitting around the hospital room.

“What happened? Where am I? What’s going on?”

“You don’t remember?”

I didn’t remember anything. I even started to forget in my dream. I looked to Harry who was sitting in a chair in the jumper I had just taken from his apartment. Or had I? Was it really all just my imagination?

The last thing I remembered from my real life was that I had been in Birmingham with my parents who weren’t too pleased about it and the next thing I remember I was living another life in the small town I grew up in. Everything was fucked up in my head and I didn’t know what to do about myself.

“But you were dead… I saw you die in the fire….”

I was looking at Harry who was really confused about the words I said it was all just one big trouble for me right now and I didn’t know how to keep my head straight.

“I’ll get the nurse.”

Niall left the room and had Zayn right behind him.

“I don’t understand this. What happened?”

“Kerry you were in an accident. You were with us when it happened but you weren’t wearing your seatbelt so you were hurt quite bad.”

“How long have I been out?”

“For about a week.”

“And my parents?”

“They’re out getting coffee. They’ve been told and they will be here soon.”

I was so confused about everything. Was the past few months something I had imagined or what was going on? Wait… I couldn’t even remember the past few months of my life. The first thing I remembered for living my new life was being me at the cemetery.

The nurse came into the room.

“Kerry, are you feeling alright?”


“It’s very normal to feel confused with the things you’ve been going through. When most people go into coma they see an alternative version of the world we live in, where you’re surrounded by the same people. The ones that’s brought you pain will bring you happiness and the ones that’s brought you happiness will bring you pain. It’s very normal, and looking at your brain activity we can only guess that this is what’s been going on. Truth is Kerry, you’ve been here in the hospital bed for the past week after an accident where you were with your friends here and they have all been here to take good care of you. Let’s call it a miracle that you’re alive, because you could have died out there, but your friends got you here in time.”

I tried listening to what she said but it all just felt so surreal.

“I don’t remember much from before.”

“Your memories will come back to you but you will have to trick them.”

“I’d like to have some time alone.”

“Of course. Is there anything I can bring you?”

“Just a glass of water please.”

I smiled at the nurse and didn’t look to any of the boys. They all left the room all confused. I couldn’t remember my true relationship with any of them and I didn’t know how I was going to say it to any of them.

I looked around the room and when the nurse got back to the room I stopped her.

“I can’t remember my relationship with One Direction. How do I know them?”

“You will have to ask them, because as I can see you’re not in family with any of them and the rest you’ll have to speak with them about.”

“Thank you. Can you get Harry for me?”

“Of course, but get some water first.”

“Thank you.”

I drank the water in the glass and emptied it. I felt empty and thirsty so the nurse got me another glass and placed it on the table beside me.

“Remember to get some rest as well.”

“I will just please get me Harry.”

She smiled and left the room. Shortly after Harry entered, he seemed so worried and out of place. Maybe even a little confused.


He smiled at me when he saw me.


I smiled back at him. The feelings I had been feeling for him in my alternative reality were real. There were there with me now.

“Are you alright?”

He looked worried at me.

“Yeah I’m alright. Just confused. What happened?”

“We were fooling around in the car and Liam lost control of it. We all got hurt pretty bad…”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault.”


“Is there something you aren’t telling me Kerry?”

“I don’t remember…”

“How much?”

“Everything… Only your names and who you are but not our relationships or memories. I don’t remember what happened or who I really am or how I have the pleasure of knowing you guys. You’re famous…”

He started giggling and I just looked at him more confused than ever.

“This is no time to laugh Harry Styles! I’m being serious! I don’t remember what’s going on but for some reason I remember who you guys are, my parents and that’s it! I don’t really remember other people or what’s been going on!”

He sat down on the bed and looked at me before he stroked my cheek. He was still laughing a little, only giggling to himself because of the words I said.  

“I’ve missed you.”

My voice was only a whisper as I took a hold on his arm and looked up at him.

“What happened in that world of yours?”

I looked into his eyes and relieved the nightmare of seeing him die in front of me. It was like my heart broke into a billion pieces and tears started streaming down my face.

“Don’t leave me. I love you, don’t ever leave me again.”

I was crying really hard and I don’t think he understood half of the words coming out of my mouth but I just kept making sure he was closer and closer to me. He didn’t seem scared at all, or out of place when I moved him closer.

“Kerry it’s alright. I know you’ve forgotten but we need to talk about some of these things so you know what’s going on.”

At the same time the door opened and my parents came in. They were all over the place and out of themselves.

“Kerry, little darling are you alright?”

“Yeah it’s okay. I’m fine, just confused.”

“How much do you remember?”

“It’s okay I remember who you are.”


They both calmed more down.

“Harry I can’t thank you enough for calling us. Thank you for taking so good care of her.”

My mum smiled at Harry before she gave him a hug. I had let go of him to talk to my parents but neither did it help me remember. I needed to get some answers and I wanted them now. 

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