Trouble {One Direction}

Sometimes we don’t realize things before they’re too late. Sometimes we realise them just before and sometimes we see them at the very beginning. We start moving into the darkness and move around in seducing ankles. It’s fun in the beginning but sometimes it can all be taken to a point where it’s going way out of line. Why couldn’t we stop this before it was too late? Why did we keep moving to the stars and the sound of our own emptiness? But as it’s been said before… the thing about pain is that it’s demanding to be felt and I so felt it this time. I’m so sorry for what I started between us. We could have made it if it wasn’t for what I kept doing to you.


16. 16

I woke up on a designer leather couch the next morning as the sun peeked through the window and the busy streets of London were noisy right down from the window. I closed my eyes, turned around and tried to block the sound out with my pillow. I didn’t even remember falling asleep, but I must have been really tired as Liam had let me stay on the sofa for the night.

“I see you’re enjoying the sound of London?”

Liam laughed a little as he made his way through the living room wearing sweatpants, no shirt and holding a cup of coffee.

“Shut up.”

I rolled my eyes and sat up in the sofa and messed my hair around before tiding it up in a bun. Liam kept looking at me. He seemed so different from last night. It was strange seeing him like this and I didn’t know if I actually liked the new Liam

“Do you want coffee?”

“How long has it been since you’ve been here?”

“A few months…”

“And you never miss it?”

“Everyday… now would you like coffee?”

“Yes please.”

I rolled my eyes again before getting up and out into the bathroom. Liam had showed me around last night. That’s how much I remembered but the rest was just gone. I don’t remember saying goodnight or falling asleep. It’s like I’ve lost a few of my memories and my ability to remember things.

When I got back freshened up Liam was on the phone with someone and he was speaking in a lower voice. It was obvious he didn’t want me to hear what was going on.


I looked at him questioning what was going on. I was scared of him and what he had done to me because suddenly I was sure that he had done something to me to make me forget.

He looked at me and hung up on his phone before he moved closer to me with my coffee.

“Fresh made.”

He smiled at me and handed me the cup.

“What happened last night? Why can’t I remember and why was I sleeping on the sofa?”

“Wait you don’t remember what happened last night?”

“No I remember nothing but getting here, seeing Niall at Harry’s place and walking up here and being shown around. That’s everything. How did I end up on the sofa and why was I dressed in my pyjamas when you were obviously in your bedroom.”

“I don’t understand this Kerry.”

“What did you give me?”

“I didn’t give you anything. I swear I’ve been trying to help you all this time. I don’t understand why you don’t remember.”

“Tell me what happened!”

“I showed you the place, we went to get some water from the fridge and then I kissed you and we went to bed in the bedroom. Both of us.”

“Then why was I sleeping on the sofa this morning?”

“I don’t know. You must have been sleepwalking.”

“It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“You don’t make sense all the time. Just forget about it and let’s move on. We have a long day ahead of us. If you wanna stay clean I need to help you stay away from everything yet show you everything this city has to offer.”

I shook my head and sat down on the sofa I had woken up on and drank my coffee. As soon as we had both finished we left his place to go explore the city that never sleeps. 

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