A Healer's Touch

I do not own Avatar, and this is my own story.
There is also additions to the story line, such as a new type of bending, and Zuko having special abilities.
this is deffinantly a Zutara story.
So the story chapters will be in POV's...some may be long and some may be short, but if they are too short I will try to double up.


19. Zuko's POV Nightmares

"Just like I put yours on you, you have to put mine on me."

I hear a tremble in my voice, but only hope that she doesn't

I kneel in front of her, and watch her walk around me. Her fingertips run across my neck and I hold back a shudder.

She latches it, and her skin finds the sensitive spot just at the base of my neck. It's all I can do to not groan, and a shudder racks my body.

She moves her fingers, and I silently beg her to touch me again.

I stand and she, surprising me, takes my hand and guides me back to the fire.

We sit side by side, and al the others fill in around the fire next to us.

We all laugh and joke around for the rest of the night, and everything seems to glow around the sweet waterbender.

I walk Katara to her tent as all of us go to sleep. When I tell her goodnight, I lean forward and press my lips to her forehead softly.

"You're my beautiful princess. Goodnight, Katara. Sweet dreams."

I bow to her again, then turn and walk away to my tent, resisting all urges to go back and just kiss her lips.

'All in good time.'

I smile as I think of our future week, and slip into my tent. I let the happiness spread through me, and I flop onto my mat, sighing in contentment.



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