A Healer's Touch

I do not own Avatar, and this is my own story.
There is also additions to the story line, such as a new type of bending, and Zuko having special abilities.
this is deffinantly a Zutara story.
So the story chapters will be in POV's...some may be long and some may be short, but if they are too short I will try to double up.


16. Katara's POV

Sorry this chapter is so short, it's just to be a conversion from Katara to Zuko, and I didn't want it to be blocky, so I put this in here. Hope you like it.

Thanks Lovelys for reading! <3


"If you aren't going to learn from Zuko, you have to go home."

My heart stutters at the sound of my firebender's name, but I keep a straight face and remind myself he's only been playing with me.

"I won't train with someone who does stuff like that."

He gives me a hard look, and I just shrug him off.

"Don't worry about it. I just...I don't want to have to train with him."

I hear foot steps coming up to us, and I turn to see Zuko.

"I need to talk to you. Now. Please." His eyes plead with me, and I nod.

He takes my hand, shocking me into silence, and walks me to the edge of the camp.

"We...I...Look, Katara, I wasn't playing with your emotions. I swear, and I just wanted you to know that. I...I'm going to go practice, and...come over if you want to."

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