A Healer's Touch

I do not own Avatar, and this is my own story.
There is also additions to the story line, such as a new type of bending, and Zuko having special abilities.
this is deffinantly a Zutara story.
So the story chapters will be in POV's...some may be long and some may be short, but if they are too short I will try to double up.


14. Katara's POV A great dream

* In a huge meadow, surrounded by trees and laying in beautiful wild flowers*

I giggle quietly as Zuko traces pictures across the skin on my back.

"Ummmm. Is it a star?"

"Nope. Keep guessing."

He trails the picture on my back again, his fingertips rough and callused, but still kind and gentle on my soft skin.

*Meadow fades into a beautiful beach front*

I squeeze his hand tightly, and start to run into the water.

He watches me go with his arms folded over his chest, smiling his crooked smile he only gives for me.

I bend water at his ankles, pulling him into the water by his leg.

He stands and shakes his hair out, then tackles me into the water.

We wrestle for some time, and he kisses me.

*Beach slowly shifts into a huge field full of snow*

I see Gran Gran standing not too far from me, and I run to her, her arms stretching wide to hold me.

"Katara, there is something I must tell you. You have to listen closely and follow all of my instructions."

"Gran Gran?"

"Hush child. You must listen. There is a town in the woods not far from where you are camped. Find it and take your friends there. You must find the girl with fire red hair, and tell her your voice is like hers. Tell her you are the girl she has looked for. The one the woman in her dreams said would come. Tell her, Katara, that you need to be trained, and hurry."

I look at her as she fades slowly.

"Hurry. And train your beloved in the ways of healing. You have shared your ability with him. He is a new type of bender. Cherish him and teach him all you know."



I wake up in my bed. Suki is still fast asleep, but it isn't her I want to talk to.

I get up and exit the tent, steering myself towards Zuko's sleeping quarters.

I poke my head in and see him sitting up, already awake.

"Can we talk? It's kind of important."

A look of confusion passes over his face, and he nods.

He stands and follows me to the fire pit.

I sit and pat the floor right next to me. He sits two seats down, and I frown.

"Why did you sit down there?" I scoot over closer to him, and he gives me a funny look.

"Aren't you going to say yesterday was a mistake? Getting that close, I mean?"

I scoot back and give him a stupid glare, "Why would I think that? Wait, are you?" I can't help the hurt that seeps into my voice, and he is swift to answer.

"NO! Of course not. Why would I think that. I loved it." His eyes shoot open, and relief washes over me.

"Okay. Well...I had a dream about Gran Gran last night. She said I had to go find some red haired girl, and that I had to teach you to heal people. I think we should start your training first, and once I'm good with my blades and you're good at healing, we need to go find that village."

He gives me a calculating look, then nods.

"Do you think this was a type of premonition?"

I smile "Yes. I've had them before. It felt just the same."

"Then we better start training." He gives me my favorite crooked smile, and I reach up to touch his face.

"We should eat first."

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