Bad Blood [Jayy Von Monroe FanFic]


1. The Contest.

You're laying in your bed, it's almost 3 am. You just logged out from Tumblr, stalking your biggest celebrity crush ever. Jayy Von Monroe. Vocalist for Blood On The Dance Floor. You know he's a homosexual, but you don't even give two shits about that. He says he turn bisexual when he's drunk, and that's enough for you. He was your everything, his and Dahvie's music has saved you from cutting and suicidial thoughts several times now, and you can't thank them enough through social medias. Your biggest wish is to see them live, on a stage, right in front you. Once you were really close winning a VIP pass via Dahvie's Instagram to the Bad Blood Tour. The tour isn't over yet, and they're coming to your city in 2 months, so you still have a chance. There was a contest yesterday at Tumblr, about winning some VIP tickets and the girl giving them for free, lives in your city. Maybe you should join? Hmm. You think about it for a while. It's friday night, so you can still join if you want to. You scratch your left arm. You open your Mac again and desides to join the contest. She will announce who made it into the contest later the same day. About 2 pm you think. You close your Mac and throw yourself back to bed. You fall a sleep shortly after. This night you had dream. You dreamt that you were at the Bad Blood concert with VIP pass and tickets, so you would meet Dahvie and Jayy after when the concert were done. You were at the front row, and you touched Jayy's hand. He reached out for you. You grabbed his hand and holded it aslong as you could, but then he let go. You wouldn't be a jerk, and just keep on holding his hand tight so he couldn't move, you just let him go as well. He winked to you and the blush broke out all over your face. You smiled awkwardly, and starred at him the whole night. You filmed as well. After the concert, you went into a little room where there were a litlle "tent" with a litlle table. Dahvie and Jayy was there. You stood in a long queue. It was almost ridicoules, it took almost half an hour to get to be the number 3 first. You texted your friend, Smilla while you waited for your turn. When it was your turn, Dahvie started talking to you, bu you couldn't get your eyes off Jayy. "Hey love, what's your name?" He said smiling. You quickly looked at Dahvie and said: "I-I'm N/A, nice to meet you!" He smiled and signed your cd you brought with you. Jayy smiled to you and winked again, you blushed again as well. This dream was beginning to get really intense after the meeting. Because after the meeting Jayy took your arm and walked behind a building. He started kissing you, touching you and taking his own and your clothes off. The rest is about guessing what happened. The next day you woke up at 10:24 am. You went downstairs and got some breakfast. After the breakfast the clock was 12:14 am because you sat with your Mac while you were eating, then it takes forever. Tumblr is so addicting. You check in your closet to see if there's something to wear. No, let's just keep the pyjamas mode today. You look at yourself in the mirror. What if you won the VIP tickets? Would Jayy even like your appearance? You rubbed your face. Maybe, if you won the tickets you should wear makeup that night. Then Jayy would lay his eyes on you, because you're pretty good at makeup, since you experiments with it often. While you waited for the contest, you sat on Tumblr of course. Looking at Blood On The Dance Floor pictures. Pictures with fans thinking: 'This could be me soon.' You got excited and started to shake but you calmed yourself down with that maybe you don't win the VIP tickets. Maybe you dont even get to join the contest at all. You sigh and look through your newsfeed. The clock is finally 2 o' clock, and you hurry into her blog at her Tumblr hoping the list will already be there. It isn't. You already started to feel dissapointed, but it was only because you really care about this. You wait a few minutes, the post still isn't there. You wait a little more, like 10 minutes, and there it is. You look through all of the people who has joined as well. You can't see your name anywhere. You start tearing up. But your name is there. RIGHT THERE! You are the last one on the list! You are extremely happy and start jumping around your room while you listen to Ima Mosnter. You actually have a REAL chance now.
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