justin my best friend

what happens when tana and justin get to live their lives as singers. will their football and cheer be ruined? and does justin see tana as more than a friend? is nash gonna stay with tana?


7. ........

We got up and did our songs. I looked down and seen Nash and Selena dancing to all of them. about halfway into the concet was intermission time. We had to put on a intermission skit. So me and Justin decided to let Nash choose some of his vines and him, me, Justin, and Selena would act them out. “alright now welcome out to the stage my girlfriend, Selena Gomez.” Justin said and Selena walked up on stage. We had to act like it was the real deal. Then I announced “alright Vine superstar A.K.A. my boyfriend A.K.A Nash Grier.” And he walked out on stage. So we decided to do one where me and Selena would act like we were talking on the phone. While Justin and Nash would be wearing purple wigs. Here is how it will pretty much go: me-“yea Selena?” Selena- “yea girl?” me- “alright so my neighbor came over and asked for sugar yesterday.” Selena- “oh naw uh” me- yea that cotton headed ninimuggin came up to me asking me for sugar and ever since she be LURKIN’!” and when I say lurkin’  Justin will be by Selena poking his head out. Nash will be by me doing the same. That’s pretty much it and then they walk off stage and me and Justin continue. “alright that was good time to go home.” Scooter said.

Nash wanted to drive back and I understood that but it didn’t seem like we were going the right way. “um where are we going?” I asked he told me to wait and see. Ten minutes later we pulled up to a movie theater. We got out and he held the door open for me. “two tickets for the English version of meet the millers please.” He asked the ticket lady. She handed us two tickets. “omg I have been wanting to see this ever since the first day I saw the commercials. I love comedy’s” I told him. He then told me so did he and we are the perfect couple. We walked over to consetion.  We bought a large popcorn and a large coke to split. We then headed to the correct theater. We sat down and the movie started. About halfway through the movie we were both laughing so hard. When the movie ended we both got up, threw our trash away and headed back for the car. We were walking slowly back talking about our favorite parts. A lot of our favorites were the same. Before I knew it he tried messing with my hand like he was getting ready to hold it. He finally got the courage to and we scooted closer. We got to the car then went to the Hotel. We could not stop talking about the movie.

When we got back to the hotel room all of my stuff was already down in the room. They must have moved it for me. I both plopped down on his bed and we sat there watching wild n’ out on MTV. Before the third episode was over we were holding hands again and he turned off the TV. He then grabbed out his phone and said we were gonna take pictures. I then grabbed my phone as well. We snapped a whole punch of pictures. I posted all the ones I took on my facebook and instagram fan pages. And so did he. We both changed our profile pictures to the same cute picture of us sitting together holding hands scooted super close, my head was resting on his shoulder. Then we went to sleep.

I woke up at about 8 am the next morning and got all of my stuff done quietly. I was wearing a pair of blue skinny jeans,vans,a pink top with a purple scard and curled my hair. I had the regular makeup on. I quickly grabbed Nash’s phone and put it in my pocket then I let scooter and Justin in. scooter picked up Nash and put him over his shoulder still asleep in his jamies. Then we went downstairs to the outdoor pool where it was warm out and put him on a raft and pushed him to the middle of the pool. I then grabbed Nash’s phone out and told the other guys to leave. I went to Vine and hit record. “HEY NASH HUNNY GET UP!” I yelled and Nash flew off the raft into the water waking him up instantly. Nash was was now soaked and laughing. “good one.” He said as he pulled out of the water onto the concrete. He then started chasing me and I stopped the recording as I ran back up to the room. I shimmied myself under the bed and posted the video saying ‘Hacked by your girl’ and then I saw Nash still dripping wet go into the bathroom to take a shower. I got back up on the bed and put the phone back on the nightstand. He came out in a blue bini cap, black shirt, black northface hoodie, and a pair of jeans with his vans on. This is Nash à.

I smiled at him and all he did was say “come give me a hug im actually really proud of you.” I walked over to him and gave him a hug. He then grabbed his phone that was going off and looked through the comments. “how did you get me there anyway?” he asked and I told him I had help.  He smiled and told me we should get going I agreed.

Justin and I rehearsed all week. It was now the day of the big show. I was nervous. We were already down at the stadium. I was now in wardrobe. I was supposed to wear a purple dress. It was strapless and heartshaped on the top. Then the rest flared out to the bottom. The top had rhinstones all over. I had to wear 4 inch heels and my makeup was done to match the outfit. They also curled my hair. It felt so weird not doing it myself. The show had started and I was so nervous there was a lot of people out there but we got through our songs. Intemission came and we all did our skit. At the end of the skit everyone was cheering “KISS! KISS! KISS!” over and over. Justin and Selena kissed actually made out. Then the crowd cheered. Then they realized me and Nash hadent Kissed then they cheered again. “KISS!”  I was nervous I didn’t want to go to fast with Nash he was sweet. I think I already love him. No I know I do. The next thing I know I was turned around and Kissed. Then that turned into a short make-out. Then it was time to get the show going. Before Nash and Selena walked off stage Nash whispered to me “I love you babe.” I told him I loved him too. Then they ran off. We finished the show and I ran offstage.” Nice job Tana.” Justin told me and I told him the same we hugged then Nash and Selena showed up and Nash hugged me and told me he meant what he said I told him I did as well. Then he told me great job. He then grabbed my hand and we all walked to the meet and greet area. There was a whole bunch of people lined up. We then all lined up by the wallpaper and we took pictured with the fans. Halfway through it was just me and Justin taking pictures now. We got to the last person and then went back to wardrobe to change back. They told us we could keep the outfits.  So I just wore the outfit out. Me and Nash started to walk out to the car. He stopped me about halfway through the parking lot. He turned me around and put his arms on my waist pulling me really close. He looked down at me and said “Since it is your first show I am going to take you out to dinner. Whats your favorite food?” I looked up at him and didn’t stutter “spaghetti so anything Italian.” He said that was his favorite too and we ran to the car. We drove to a near by Italian restaurant. We sat down and ordered. We had to order by pointing on the menu. We both had coke and he wanted to share a big plate of spaghetti. He scooted his chair close to mine and picked up his fork as they brought in the food. Then we started eating. We then finished our food. Then we went back to the hotel. Scooter was waiting for us in his room(he text me). We got out of the car and Nash grabbed my hand and he pulled me to the elevator. “ I love you.” He said. I blushed and then the door opened. We knocked on the door. Selena and Justin were already there. Scooter told us to sit in a chair. “tonight was perfect.” Scooter started, “tomorrow we will fly to argentina. So tonight pack your things and be down in the lobby at 9am.  Oh and are you going to be joining us on tour Nash?” Nash nodded his head and tried holding my hand. Scooter smiled and said we were dismissed.

Me and Nash headed to our room. We then got to packing except our morning stuff which we will pack when we leave

The next morning we woke up and got ready. Then we left out to the lobby. We then headed to the airport where we boarded our plane, we all got into a long conversation about stories of when we were little. Justin and I told about how we were like in school. Then Justin and Nash hung out in the back room. Me and Selena stayed where we were. She was asking me about justin. I told her all about him. “wow, you know a lot about him.” I nodded my head my head making my curls bounce. I told her “ he is my best friend since the day we were born.” She smiled then told me “well now I am your other best friend. We are going shopping as soon as we get there. Just me and you at the mall. We are gonna be matching.” I smiled and we just talked and talked until we landed which was about two pm.  The car drove us to the hotel. We pulled up and selena shouted “THAT’S THE HOTEL I FILMED MONTE CARLO IN!!!!!!” I smirked a little bit (because that was my exact thoughts. I love that movie.) we all stepped out and there was a bellhop who had taken all of our stuff to the three suits. Selena told nash and justin to put our stuff where they needed to go and that we will be back later on that day. We walked outside and called a taxi to come get us. yes there were thousands of fans outside. The taxi managed past them and we quikley climbed in. we asked to be taken to the mall. We had to use google translate. We got to the mall fast and we bought a blue blouse, a white poofy scarf, white jeans, and brown boots that almost went up to our knees. We payed for our stuff and then walked over to a hair salon. We both had almost the same length of hair. I had about an inch on selena. We decided to just get my hair trimmed. She asked me if one of us should die our hair. I looked at her with concern “lets not get too crazy.” I had blondish brown hair. I guess you could say dirty blonde. Selena had brunette hair. She laughed and nodded. We walked out. We realized it was now 4 p.m. and decided to go to the small coffe shop in the food court. We again had to use google translate. I ordered a ceaser salad and a diet coke. Selena had the same. We ate quickly trying to get home before 5 pm. we called the taxi and they said the taxi wont be here for another hour. So much for getting home before 5. We sat by the fountain and talked. “OMG IS THAT….ARE YOU….SELENA GOMEZ AND TANA HUGHES?!” we nodded and the next thing we knew I was being slapped. The 14 year old spoke good English. “Look I am here with my church group. I need to get back before I get into trouble before we even make it back to the U.S.  I just wanted to do that because..you stole nash from me. BITCH!!!!” she yelled as she ran off. I guess that explains why she speaks good English. Selena put her hand on my back and said that she had many of those experiences and I have to get used to it.

The taxi finally came and we climbed into the taxi. We drove back. We grabbed our bag of clothes then ran up to my suit. Selena walked in with me. Justin and nash were recording what looked like a vine or a youtube video. Justin put down the camera and him and Nash ran up to us. they helped us with our bags and we all sat down. We told them about what had happened at the mall. He instantly got on vine and started a recording. I did the first thing that came to mind when he put the camera on me. I said “yeah… this chick was visiting from the u.s. and she slapped me because I am dating you.” And before the six second video ended nash pulled the phone to face him and sighed “disappointment.” Then the video ended. Not long after that did he have several thousands of comments on it. Most of them said that they are happy we are together and that they think I am perfect for him. But the one we payed attention to was the one that said and I quote (me and Nash were reading them aloud so Justin and Selena could hear) “I only did it Nash because you belong with me. She is sweet but has no right to be with you.” This chicks name was Zoey. Then before I could even tell Nash that it didn’t bother me, he went to this girls profile and D.M. her saying “thanks that was sweet but you’re a bitch.” I smiled and kissed Nash on the cheek. We all then sat back and watched ridiculousness until it was dark. Then next morning we all woke up and did our normal routines. I wore the outfit me and selena just bought to match, curled my hair, but held off on the make-up. Selena told me to come up as soon as I was ready for that. I ran up to her room and she did our makeup about the same. We walked out of the ginormous bathroom and justin and Nash were hanging out.

“scooter gave me the address we are all piling up into a taxi.” Justin said as we all practically ran downstairs. Nash had my hand the whole time.

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