justin my best friend

what happens when tana and justin get to live their lives as singers. will their football and cheer be ruined? and does justin see tana as more than a friend? is nash gonna stay with tana?


6. .....

They were talking about me and how I was with Kris and Justin and how he grew up. I wondered why they didn’t talk about Maria. I turned to Justin “why haven’t they said anything about Maria?” he responded with “we broke up yesterday. I slept in the room I was originally assigned to. But don’t worry im not upset with her we are still friends.” I smiled and then thought, if everyone was asleep still then were is Kris? I asked Justin that question. He said maybe he left early. “Crap! I left my wallet in her room. Ill is right back.” He ran upstairs. I kept watching the news. “DUDE WHAT THE FUCK?” I heard those words come from upstairs. They sounded like Justin. I thought maybe Maria wont let him in the room. I ran up the stairs to her room. The door was open and I walked in. I wish I hadn’t though. Kris was naked in bed with a naked Maria. The blanket covered them but I knew they were naked because when Kris sat up he was shirtless. When Maria sat up she had to keep the blanket over her chest. I ran out of the room crying. I ran all the way to the living room. Kris and I have been together since the 5th grade. I pulled me knees to my chest and buried my head. I seen Justin run down stairs and jumped halfway off the stairs. He ran to me and wrapped his arms around me. He told me that he will deal with Kris and that I shouldn’t worry because Kris was a jerk.

I wiped away my tears and fixed my makeup. I walked back up to her room but the door was locked. I was going to knock but I heard “now that she knows I guess there is no reason to hide it.” And then a few kissy noises. Then moans. They were at it again. I walked down the stairs to Justin and then we went to work in silence. “I didn’t hear yelling. What happened?” he asked. I told him what happened then he told me not to cry about it. He was the best friend ever. We got to the studio and scooter was there with Selena Gomez. I almost flipped out but couldn’t. She met us and said she wanted to be friends with us. We obviously said of coarse and she took us to the mall. Scooter said it was a meet new people work day.  Everytime selena tried to talk to me I stayed silent and nodded. “Is she alright?” asked selena to Justin. “No she has a lot going on she found out that…well you’re her new friend maybe it would be good if yall went to the shoe store and talked it over.” So Selena grabbed my hand and we walked into the shoe store. She sat me down on the chairs. She told me to tell her what happened and I told her. The next thing I knew I was crying on her shoulder. She told me to think of her as my best friend.  I smiled and got up. She told me “there are plenty of guys out there. If you want we will go ‘guy shopping’ and then head to the movies. I nodded and smiled then we left for the fountain with no sight of Justin. There was this really cute guy that seen me and Selena then came up to me and asked for my number. I asked him to the movies and he said it would be fun. Selena told me to text Justin and tell him to meet us in the movie theater. “What about your guy scout?” I asked as the guy I was with held my hand. “He is going to meet with me there.” She replied. We walked to the mall theater and Justin was there.

“So where is your guy?” I asked and she didn’t answer. We walked towards Justin. We all swapped numbers. “Hey Justin I was wondering want to be my boyfriend?” then he nodded and held her hand. We all went to the counter and bought tickets to see Frozen. Not ten minutes into the movie Justin and Selena were making out next to me. Then the guy I was with (his name is jack) turned to me and leaned in. the next thing I knew we were making out too. When the movie was over we found a way to pull away from each other. Selena and Justin were still. I tapped on Justin’s shoulder and told them it was time to leave. They smiled and we all just drove back to our mansion. Except Jack he had to leave. When we got home we all walked in and everyone was freaking out at the sight of Selena. Then they calmed down. Her and me went up to my room and talked lives while doing nails, getting on facebook, and twitter. I changed my relationship status to single and she changed hers to in a relationship. Then Kris ran in the room saying,  “I love you. It was a one time thing.” I stopped him and said “really one time is that why I got a text from Morgan saying and I quote ‘I guess now it the right time to tell you that they have been doing it since the 10th grade’ and I went up there to talk to you and you guys went at it again.” He just kept begging me to take him back. I told him that we would stay friends and he left. Selena had told him to get lost like 50 times during all that. She gave me a high five and we continued.

We walked downstairs and we through kind of a mini party with just us, music and our demo cd. Then we all just fell asleep.

It was now August 3rd and we all had to go to practice and Selena came with us. She watched. We then headed to the studio and jumped right to the fact that a lot of people bought out an entire store full of our CD’s and we sold over 94 million copies just from midnight to now. The number just kept increasing. We were all jumping around with joy including Selena. “Release party is tonight and we are going to have to start planning a world tour.” I was so happy but then he said we would have to quit with the football and cheer. I told him it was a done deal and so did Justin. Then we called the coaches. They told us we would have to move out.  Scooter said he would send movers out and Selena said we could stay with her. So by the time we were done here we could just go right over to Selena’ and everything would be there.

“Today just hang around the studio ‘till the party” scooter said. So we did as told. “Have you heard from jack?” Selena asked. I shook my head no and she commented with a quick “jerk!” then I asked why she hasn’t been going to work. She said her manager gave her a year off started in July. I nodded. Justin just sat there on his phone texting and getting on facebook. At about 8 p.m. every celebrity you can think of came (we had the party in the party room).  We had a lot of fun. The night took forever but I was glad. But the last hour of the party I was making out with Louis from one direction. Then Selena guided us to her house. She gave me a a big room with a bathroom. Justin would be staying in her room.

The next morning I got out of bed and did my regular routine. Today I straightened my hair with a purple sundress and flip-flops. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. I Justin and Selena went to the mall this morning (I got the text) it was our day off.  I sat on the couch and got on my phone. I went through my facebook. I had over three million friend requests. I decided it was time to make the ‘official’ dynamic duo and change Justin’s real facebook names and mine. I made the page and called the facebook verying line and let them know that it was really us. They checked it and I changed my facebook name to ‘smiley Davis’ and Justin’s to ‘Henry Davis’ and unaccepted all the requests. I could only change Justin’s because I mean we are best friend’s I know his login. Then I just went through my texts 50 were from Kris. The others were from everyone else. They were mostly saying ‘hey want to hang out today?’ and the ones from Kris were saying ‘hey please take me back’ or ‘okay so whats up FRIEND?’ I laughed at them then deleted them. I told the others I would meet them at their mansion. When I got there everyone was gone except Morgan Logan, Hunter, Mattie and Maria. I walked in and they said it was a girls night out. They wanted to go ice-skating. I agreed and we all drove in mine and Hunter’s car. When we got their we tried to pay but they said that since I am now a big star I don’t have to pay because just being at their ice rink was a payment enough. He asked our shoe sizes and she handed us the skates. We then walked back in. “hey remember when we used to do our cheers while skating?” asked Morgan we nodded in agreement and all went out on the rink after we put our shoes on. I took Morgan by the shoulder and told her “please don’t try to do a standing back flip on the ice.” We both giggled and she said it sounded like a plan. I went out there and called the cheer. “Purple and gold!” well here is how the cheer goes it was from our high school:

“Hey wildcats! Lets hear it! Purple and gold!” and you repeat like five times then we are done. Then we just skated to the songs that came on the radio laughing and having fun. We stayed late and then I went back home. Justin and Selena were home sitting on the couch watching the titanic. I went to the fridge and got a coke and reached in the cabinet for some Doritos then walked over to the recliner.  As I opened my coke they asked me were I was all day. I told them the ice rink. Then I sat there and watched the movie with them. When the movie was done I ran up to my room and took a shower. Then I went to bed watching the hangover. Honestly it felt weird without Kris being there. I got over it fast and fell asleep.

“Morning.” Selena said as I came downstairs. I was wearing a new black ‘Beatles’ shirt, white skinny jeans, and black boots; I also just straightened my hair. “Morning.” I said back and Justin came up behind me screaming “LETS GO CHIKA’S!!!” I smiled and ran down the stairs. I got to the kitchen counter were Selena made us all breakfast bowls. We all ate fast and Justin got a call from scooter. He put it on speaker. “Hey scooter.” I said and then he started. “Both of you, and if Selena wants to come as well she can, pack your things into 6 suitcases each. Then meet me down at the studio. Your tour has been approved but we need to start leaving today. Sorry it’s so sudden but hurry.” Then he hung up. We all ran to our rooms. I did as told. I managed to pack everything I owned that wasn’t furniture into six bags. I started putting my things into my car and Justin did the same. So did Selena.

We locked the house up and we were on our way to the studio. We all kind of piled up in my car. We got there fast even with the traffic. Scooter met with us in the parking lot and helped us pile everything into his truck. We then headed up to LAX and we boarded a private jet. It was so cool. We took off. “Hey were are we going anyways?” I asked scooter just turned and handed me his phone. The text to him said ‘world tour approved! The people loved them. First stop South America, San Jose, Chile. Next week.” I smiled and said “Chile. That’s awesome!” I said then I went to playing flappy flight on my iphone. I checked facebook as well. Also text a few people. It took a long time to get there. We ate on the plane and slept as well. The plane started landing and scooter woke us all up. “alright when we get off the plane there will be a car waiting right outside and I will pack your things in there you guys just sit in the car. We ran out to the car and scooter started to load everything. Then we were off to the hotel. Scooter had told us we were not the only celebrities staying at the hotel. So there would be a lot of fans there. So we are going through the back. Then we grabbed all our stuff when we arrived at a big hotel. We took our stuff and walked in through the back. Scooter checked in then we headed up to the fifth floor. Justin and Selena shared a room. I had my own room and scooter had his own room. It was only two in the afternoon here in Chile. I didn’t want to stay in a cooped up hotel room. So I knocked on the couples door and asked them to the beach. They wanted to go so we changed into our bathing suits. I had a purple bikini with matching flip flips and shades. I grabbed my purse and texted scooter telling him where we were gonna be. the hotel owner stopped us before we could get out of the door. “all celebrities need bodyguards.” He spoke very well English. I went volunteered to go back up and get scooter. I ran to scooter’s room and knocked on the door I told him that he needed to come with us. he quickly changed and we headed to the elevator. I pressed the down button and we stopped on the third floor. The doors opened and a really HOT guy came in and he had his bathing suit on as well. I was so hoping he was coming to the beach. “Glad you could come to the beach with us Nash.” Scooter said. This must be the other celebrity he was talking about. Come to find out he did look a lot like this Nash guy I follow on vine. He is hilarious. Practically an internet superstar. Then scooter introduced us. “Nash this is Tanahala Hughes,tana for short, and Tana this is Nash Grier. He is a internet celebrity. I asked him to join us.” then the elevator doors opened and we all walked out. He was the guy I follow on vine. We met up with Justin and Selena in the lobby and went out the back door. We all piled up in the car. Nash sat up front.

I got out my phone and texted Selena ‘hey I think I have a giant crush on this guy’ and she messaged back that I should talk to him. I did as said. I put my phone away and stopped slouching. “so Nash I follow you on vine. Ur really funny.” I told him he looked at me through the rear view mirror and responded with “thanks and I bought your guy’s album its really good.” He said back. We got to the beach fast and we all got out at a busy part of the beach hoping to blend in. we all walked to the beach. Found a good spot to put a blanket down,then we ran to the water. I was swimming and splashing everybody we had a huge splash fight with all of us. all of a sudden I was pulled under the water.  I quickly went up to find out who it was. But everyone was trying to hide their smiles. So I splashed them all at once and tried to swim away. The next thing I knew I was being thrown in the air by Nash and Justin. I landed on the water and I swam back. Then after about an hour in the water we all decided to dry off and tan on the beach. Nash and Justin laid on one blanket and me and Selena on the other. Scooter stayed in the water. Me and Selena just kept talking about random things. I told her about how I like Nash and she talked about Justin. She said I should try for Nash. I smiled and told her I would think about it. Then she said she was going to talk to Nash for me. She asked Justin to move over by me and they switched spots. I sat up and turned to Justin. As he was sitting down “alright here’s the deal Nash thinks he is in love with you.” I felt butterflies in my stomache and smiled then he continued,” Nash wants to talk to you in the car. Ill tell scooter to let Nash drive and you can sit in the passenger seat. So yall can talk.” Then he left back and we all started to pack up. We all got into the car and Nash drove. We all sat in silence and when we got back to the hotel we got into the elevator. Nash leaned over and whispered “come with me.” Then we ended up at his floor. Nash pulled me by my hand into his hotel room. Then told me to go ahead and sit down. Then he ran from the door and jumped on the bed. He was funny. He looked me right in the eyes and asked “Tana will you go out with me? Will you be my girlfriend?” I nodded and told him of caurse. He like made a little yes noise and put in the notebook. We then layed down on his bed and cuddled. He was so sweet. I noticed he wasn’t trying to go too fast. I liked that. We ended up falling asleep. We didn’t wake up until I got a call from scooter which was the next morning at 9 a.m. I jumped up. I told Nash I had to be at rehearsals in an hour. He told me to just go ahead and use his shower. He told me he would also get Selena to bring me down some clothes makeup and whatever else I needed. He was so adorable. I went to his shower and when I got out everything was waiting for me on the counter. Selena had picked out purple short shorts, a white tank top and tennis shoes. I just through my hair up into a pony tail today and put on a cute makeup look. I then got on facebook and updated my relationship status. When I stepped out of the bathroom Nash was waiting for me in a blue button up shirt that matched his eyes, kaki shorts that went to his knees and blue Jordans on. “I asked scooter and he said it would be fine if you wanted to stay in my room now. I noded and smiled “so are you coming on tour with me?” I asked. He looked at me and got real close. He put his arms around my side and said “of caurse babe all im doing is traveling for the fun of it anyways.” I smiled then we ran out of the room. “oh and we are taking my car. He grabbed his keys and smiled “it’s a rental.” I laughed and we ran out to his car. I told him the address scooter texted me and we were on our way. I turned the radio to the only English channel and the song a thousand miles and Nash quickly handed me his phone. “go to vine and hit record at the chorus. U see my vids u know what im doing.” I smiled and I did. I had the phone almost hanging out the window and it got to the chorus. We were shaking our heads to the “du du du du du du du” parts and then turning to the camera and mouthing the words to the song. Then it stopped. We were laughing and then he told me to post exactly what he was saying “alright post, hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend from the dynamic duo then put your user name then say buy their album and tour tickets.” I smiled and hit post. I then put my number in his phone and put his number in mine. “So you gonna help me with my vines now too?” I asked him jokingly. He nodded and smiled as well. All of a sudden in the middle of the highway his phone started going off. “babe can you check that for me?” I nodded and picked up his phone. It was the vine we just posted. It already has over a hundred thousand likes and the comments included thing like she is so lucky to have you. Also things like they already bought my album and pre ordered tickets and stuff like that. Some even said that I was pretty.

I told him just that and we arrived at the stadium the concert would be held at. And it was HUGE! We stepped out of the car and we got our passes from the gaurds. “there you are. By the way seen the vine yall are so cute.” Selena said Justin following behind her. They were holding hands. “alright we already have the stage set up, so we are gonna go over song and dance today.” Scooter told us motioning for me and Justin to get up on the stage. He told us we would do the songs in order from the album just for this one concert then we would mix it up. 

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