justin my best friend

what happens when tana and justin get to live their lives as singers. will their football and cheer be ruined? and does justin see tana as more than a friend? is nash gonna stay with tana?


5. ....

Me and Justin looked over at each other and answered back practically yelling “we are now the dynamic duo!” everyone was yelling like “yeah” and “woo”. We felt really special.  We set our things in the bedrooms. Kris came up behind me and kissed me on my cheek. Then he told me that we had practice later on tomorrow. I nodded and then we slowly headed down the stairs. We all were bored so we rented a movie off Netflix and played it in the movie room. The projection screen started and we all sat in the theater looking seats and watched Frozen by Disney and we watched the awesome romantic movie. Honestly it was the first Disney princess movie that was close to reality. I looked behind me about halfway through the movie and Justin and Maria were making out and so was the other couples. I turned around and put my shoulder on Kris and he lifted my head up and before I knew it Kris and me was too. Then when the movie ended we all took showers and went to bed.

The next morning that we all got up and was super excited for the day. We all got up and did our morning routines. Since we were going to practice I just left my hair straight and up in a pony tail and then put on the daytime natural makeup look. Then I put on a pair of white short shorts and a purple and gold Toronto high t-shirt. I was also wearing my purple vans with the laces tucked in, my purse, and my phone. Then I left for downstairs where everyone was already eating yogurt. I ran over to the fridge and grabbed a strawberry yogurt and a spoon. We all ate fast then rushed to our cars. I grabbed my car keys and Kris rode with me. I had already programmed my GPS for the stadium’s address and we were on our way. When we got there, 30 minutes later, the cheer coach and football coach was already there by the doors. They passed out our stadium ID’s and told us the rules and that they are happy to have us. Then we went inside the locker rooms. They had a locker room just for the cheerleaders it was awesome. We followed her into the locker room and sat down on the benches in there. “Alright now for locker numbers, uniforms and cheer captain.” The coach said and then she announced captain. It was me I was happy. Then she handed me the captains uniform and the regular uniform. The whole thing included:

Practice uniform Home and away uniforms Bows Pom poms shoes And the team bag

And anything else we needed. I put all of my stuff into the small duffle bag.then changed into the practice uniform and we ran out to the field. She showed us a routine and we practiced the same dance until about 4:30. Since we got done before the guys we went to the mall then met up with the guys later on at the mansion. We hung out and watched ESPN. Then I got a text that said ‘ we need you two down here at the studio now please.’ It was a group text from scooter to me and Justin. We stood up and told everyone we had to leave. All us cheerleaders were still wearing our practice uniforms. I went upstairs and changed into a blue blouse, white skinny jeans, a white scarf, black boots that reached halfway up my calfs, and I put my hair down. Then I ran back downstairs and me and Justin left.

“Thank you guys for coming.” Scooter said as he led us up the stairs then he told us that L.A. wants us to get our music out on the radio so we can get big fast. We agreed then he showed us a song and we liked it a lot. “Alright since you can rap, Tana, you will do the rap part by yourself. But the rest of the song you will do together.” Scooter said and then we stepped inside the booth. We grabbed the headphones and stepped in front of the microphone. We started singing and then it got to the rap part I was nervous but got through it. The song ended and we got out of the booth. Everyone in the room cheered. All our friends were there. It was awesome. “Alright what should we call it?” scooter asked and everyone said “beauty and a beat.” We liked it so we wrote it down. “This will be out in the next three days.” scooter said and then we all left. Kris and me hopped in my car since he car-pooled with Maria and now Justin rode with her. We sat in the seat for a minute and then Kris told me “im so proud of you.” He leaned in and kissed me. Then it turned to a make out then my phone went off. “I thought you said we were gonna meet us at the Italian restaurant.” Said Morgan on the phone. I looked outside my window and there was no one there but scooters car he was now getting ready to get into before he started walking toward us. I answered “yea sorry we will be there in a minute got caught up in traffic.” Then I hung up and I rolled down my window. “what are you still doing here?” scooter asked. We told him we had to talk for a minute. “well im on my way to all the radio stations in L.A. and I will be emailing it to everyone.” Scooter had replied. I smiled and told him we had to go. I rushed to the Italian restaurant and met up with ‘the group’ outside. When we all got inside we all sat down and ordered. “hey Kris you got a little lip gloss under your lip.” James said. Maria looked up and said “so traffic huh?” I blushed and nodded. They brought us our dinner and then we ate then left. The next morning, we woke up and did our usual routines then headed down to the stadium. “Their first game is Sunday and we are hoping that things will go good. So our routine has to be perfect so captain you know your girls so your up.” Coach said I was so excited. I stood out there and leaded them then I went out and practiced with them. As I flew in the air about to do my back flip I heard my phone go off. I finished the routine and then we took a break. I ran over and looked at the missed call. It was from scooter. I called him back out of breath. “hey…you called?” I asked. He replied quickly “yea can you and Justin come record the rest of your album? And do a photo shoot?” he asked I told him as soon as we get out of practice.

We all got out of practice at about the same time today. I didn’t even feel like changing so I ran over to the guys locker room and waited for him outside. As soon as he stepped out I yelled “come on lets go!” and we ran all the way to my car and we were on our way the studio. We got there in under 5 minutes. “why are you still In your cheer outfit? Never mind just get in here.” He said all happy. He had told us the day we met him that he would be more of our best friend.  We stepped into the studio and headed up to the booth. “alright this album is going to be called believe.” We started singing the lyrics as written. Then when it go to about seven p.m. scooter said we did good and he wanted us to go to a photo shoot. we went to the shoot and headed straight to wardrobe. The lady told me to wear the pink scarf, white long sleeve shirt, pink skinny-jeans, brown boots that went just past my ankles then she curled my hair. After we got my hair done she did sort of a daytime fun make up and then she leaded me out the door. I quickly grabbed my phone out of my pocket as it went off in my pocket as it went off and it was a message from Kris. He was asking where we were. I texted him back saying we were at the photo shoot. then the photographer said it was time to start. I shoved my phone in my pocket and then did all the poses with Justin he had asked for us to do(we even had to do one where we acted like I was taking selfies). Then we left. We were told to keep the outfits. We got into my car and drove to the mall. After that we  all went home.

The rest of the week went by fast and we were now at Sunday. I woke up and did my normal game day routine and went out to the living room to meet up with everyone. Me and Kris carpooled, Logan and Devin carpooled, and Justin and Maria carpooled. We all headed down to the stadium where the entire parking lot had no room. Good thing we have a player parking spot. We drove over there. We ran to our locker rooms. All of us cheerleaders changed into the home uniform. i was nervous. There was no time for that since the next thing I knew it was 3 minutes before the game started and we had to go meet the guys out by the tunnel. We all ran out there and hung out with the guys until we heard “lets welcome out the first ever NFL team straight out of high school……the L.A. raiders!!!” we all jumped and cheered. There was a lot of people here it was sold out. We got to our area and waited for the announcers to announce the other team (the Miami dolphins). Once they did the game started.

At halftime they just played the radio and the score was 22-0. We were winning. After the huddle we just sat and listened to the music for a while then on the radio I heard a familiar voice. Actually two familiar voices. I sat there and listened. Then I realized it was our song. I flipped out. Justin was flipping out as well. Everyone was congratulating us and when the song ended the radio said “and that was a brand new song by a brand new duo. Their called the dynamic duo and you can buy their album next month on the third. Their names are Tanahala Hughes or just Tana for short. She is with her best friend Justin Bieber. You know these two are good we should play this a lot.” Then they were calling for the team to get back on the field. That was the coolest thing ever. I was so pumped I thought it was time to show off our new routine.

After the game the score was 40-6 us. We all got out of the game after the fans left. We all were now heading to McDonalds. We all got out and ordered then headed for two tables. We sat down and ate. We were already changed so we didn’t get a sports discount. They had music going quietly.  Then they played our song …AGAIN!!!! I was so happy. Me and Justin got up and started to sing. Everyone at McDonalds were clapping and cheering and taking pictures. We kept on eating then we left.

The next morning, I woke up and Kris wasn’t in bed. I figured he would be already downstairs. So I did my normal routine. I curled my hair and put my daytime makeup on, white long-sleeve shirt, purple scarf, tights, white heels, and purple handbag. I grabbed my phone and since we didn’t have practice I just left my cheer bag. I ran downstairs but no one was there except Justin. I had asked him where everyone was. He said they were sleeping in. I smiled and sat next to him on the couch. I honestly don’t know why because we had to be at the studio in half an hour. He was watching the news. They were talking about us. 

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