justin my best friend

what happens when tana and justin get to live their lives as singers. will their football and cheer be ruined? and does justin see tana as more than a friend? is nash gonna stay with tana?


3. start of a new life

“Good morning sleepy heads.” Said someone knocking on the door. I stood up unlocked the door then ran back to bed with the covers over me. Morgan walked in Justin following her. “We were all going to breakfast and was wondering if…” she started to say smiled and said “well looks like Kris got lucky last night.” I smiled at her then gave her a “hahaha very funny and yes we will come too. ”She smiled then they left the room closing the door behind them. I turned over and shook Kris to wake him up. He sat up. “Good morning.” I said to him as he slowly sat up. He smiled and told me to hand him his clothes. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed his and my clothes. We changed fast then we brushed our teeth.

That day all ‘the group’ did was hang out at Justin’s house. It became dark and Kris had to go home because his mom called saying she wasn’t feeling good. The rest of the group wanted to go home too. So it was just me and Justin at Justin’s house. We played video games for a while but then got bored. “Hey want to go to the club down the street?” he asked. I asked him if they would even let us in because we are 18. I have not been to that club before but as long as you wear the wristbands that say you can’t drink because you are 18 the other clubs give you your good. “They will they are just like club Toronto. They give you a wristband when you show them your I.D.” he answered I told him lets go and he drove down to the club. When we got there a whole bunch of people were there. We had to be waiting in line for about an hour. In that midst of the hour I called Kris and he was going to be sneaking out to meet us later on. We got to the door and a big man in all black gave us some wristbands that read:

                        Not eligible to drink 18.

We walked in and they were playing call me maybe. Both Justin and me walked in there and danced like crazy. “Alright guys its karaoke time. Any volunteers?” said the d.j. Standing on the stage. Justin picked me up and ran to the front of the stage. “We would like to.” I kept shaking my head no. Justin and me haven’t done karaoke since we were eight in my mom’s house. We were just kids. I can’t sing and as far as I know he can’t sing either.  Before I knew it he set me down on stage and he grabbed two microphones. He handed me one. I leaned over to whisper in his ear “I can’t sing.”  He looked at me and told me I could trust him. He walked over to the D.J and requested a song then ran back. Soon the music had started. It was Chris browns ‘with you’. I loved this song, the words showed up on Justin’s side of the screen and he started to sing. I stood there frozen listening to him. He was really good. I never thought he could sing he has never sung around any of us. Then lyrics appeared on my screen and I sat there and sang. Really nervous. I sounded terrible in my mind. The song ended soon enough and I ran off stage with Justin. Every one was clapping and cheering, obviously not for me.

“Justin… since when are you into singing?” he looked at me for a second then answered, “I guess I was too embarrassed to talk about it.” I told him not to be and he is really good then. “Well your not the only one surprised. When have you sung?”  I looked at him and told him I haven’t. I am not good at all. “I am terrible.” He shook his head then almost yelled “TERRIBLE? No you are one of the best singers I have ever heard.” Before I could answer my phone was going off. It was a text from Kris asking where we were. I texted him back. “Encore! Encore!” the crowd shouted. “Go Justin. I want to hear you sing.” I told him. I was now fascinated with my best friend. I never knew he had this talent. “I’m not going out there unless you’re with me because I want to hear you sing as well.” He told me. We ended up coming up with the conclusion that I would wait here for Kris while he sings ‘cry me a river’. He was an amazing singer. After Kris found me I grabbed my phone and started recording him. I wasn’t the only one with my phone out. Almost everyone in the crowd had their phone out. Justin got off stage and the crowd was going crazy.

“Now you.” Justin demanded. I shook my head no. Before I could think Kris and Justin both picked me up and put me on the stage. I stood up and the crowd started cheering. I was really nervous. I told the D.J. to play p!nk’s song ‘sober’ and I started to sing. When I was done everyone was cheering. I ran off the stage as quickly as I could. When I got off the stage Kris gave me a kiss and told me I was wonderful when I know I did terrible. They stopped the karaoke then started playing more songs. We stood there and danced until it closed. I decided Kris should just stay the night with me. On the car ride home I posted the video of Justin on YouTube. The caption was: “check out my best friend Justin Bieber. Didn’t know he could sing this good.” 

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