justin my best friend

what happens when tana and justin get to live their lives as singers. will their football and cheer be ruined? and does justin see tana as more than a friend? is nash gonna stay with tana?


2. my house

We all got into our cars and drove to my house. Yes I said my house because my grandparents bought me a house the day I turned 18. It’s actually a pretty big house. Two stories high, 5 bedrooms (most of them game rooms and guest rooms), a big living room, a big kitchen, a garage, 3 bathrooms, and a attic.

When we got there everyone wanted to take a shower from sweating while working for the scouts. I only have 3 showers. “ok Justin your in the shower in the main hallway, Kris your in the shower in my room, and Noah your in the upstairs hallway bathroom. Then we will take turns from there.” I demanded. They all looked at me nodded and the ones taking their showers now went there own ways. About 2 hours later everyone was done taking showers and we started playing video games in the game room. Kris and me played my old wii™ bowling game. Every one else watched and took turns against the winner. We played games until nine at night and then everyone thought it was stupid to watch movies first so we decided to play truth or dare. We all sat in a circle in my living room. Of coarse we had to move furniture so we could all fit. I got my truth or dare cards out and set them in the middle. I sat in the middle of my best friend (Justin) and my boyfriend (Kris) so I could talk to them while playing. Maria started off the game by bravely choosing a card first. “It says...” she turned the card around then continued,” truth… are you a virgin?” she sat there silent for a while as if we all already didn’t know that everyone in the group was not a virgin. We all started laughing hysterically and we all shook our heads no and she agreed then put the card in the done pile. So we were going counter clockwise and Justin was next. We all had already chosen and done all the dares then… it got to my turn for the second time. “Dare,” I slowly flipped the card around with a smile on my face then read the card,” go into 7 minutes of heaven with the person on your left in a closet while the rest of the group continues playing….no rules.” I turned to my left and Justin was to my left. I was not going to do that I know him way to well. I started to put the card back to pick out another one but Morgan and James stopped me “no no no you cant put it back you have to do the dare.” Kris jumped up and yelled “ umm no she is not.” Maria got up and nodded. “Come on they are best friends it’s not like they are gonna do anything. They know each other way to well come on you have to trust them.” Morgan said. Morgan is my second best friend. Kris and Maria both agreed that it would be alright plus it’s just a dare. Morgan pushed us both in the closet.

They closed the door behind us and locked it from the outside. I listened to everyone get back to the game. I checked out the closet door just incase. They were all playing the game like we were never there. It was dark in the closet. Justin and I just stood there talking about how much fun today was then I heard an iphone alarm go off I had been seven minutes already? Wow. Kris and Maria came back to check on us. We were still sitting down where they had us when they put us in here. When we stepped out Kris kissed me and said he always trusted his girlfriend and his best friend.

After about another hour of playing truth or dare we were all tired from earlier with the scouts. So, instead of watching the movie we all went to bed. Kris and I slept in the same bed always when I had these sleepovers. I changed into my p.j.s, brushed my teeth and hopped in the bed with Kris. “I chose a movie.” He said as I got under the covers. I scooted towards him and he held my hand then he pressed play on the movie. We were watching Halloween resurrection.  At every little part that could make you jump I jumped I have seen that old movie I don’t know how many times, I love horror flicks, but it still made me jump. Every time I jumped Kris would scoot closer to me. About half way into the movie my bedroom door opened and creaked. It opened up about halfway. “What was that all about?” I asked Kris hoping he would have seen something.  He shrugged his shoulders and we got back to the movie. Just as Michael Myers stabbed one of the main people something reached out and grabbed my foot. I jumped and screamed loud. Justin stood up and started laughing his butt off. “Justin Drew Bieber if I were you I would start running.” Justin stood there trying to hold back laughing. “s….s….sorry-“ he started laughing then again tried to stop. Kris sat up next to me and warned Justin “I would run.” Justin got up and ran. I ran after him all through the house all of us including me laughing our butts off. We reached to the kitchen and we were like siking each other out around the island.

Now he was running after me so I ran all the way to the living room and he picked me up bride style and through me on the coach. He got on top of me and started tickling me. I started to laugh so hard. It reminded me of one day after our home game that we all went out to the field and played footballers against cheerleaders. Kris came running from my room upstairs. We got up and walked over to him. “Hey anyone want ice cream?” I asked. Kris stopped me from going into the kitchen and asked “what about the others?” me and Justin both looked at him like he should know the answer then I finally spoke “come on you know these guys, they fall asleep the moment they hit the bed then don’t wake up unless their alarms wake them.” He looked at me in like a ‘Oh yea.’ Kind of face then he put his arm around my shoulders and we walked to the kitchen. I got out a three tubs of strawberry Ben and Jerry’s and three spoons then handed it out. We all sat at the island stools and ate. Justin on my right and Kris on my left. We all ate talking about all the drama that had happened senior year. The room got silent…but only for a couple of seconds. I grabbed a spoon of ice cream and flung it at Justin’s face without him knowing. He slowly put down his spoon and wiped off his face. He smiled grabbed his spoon then scooped a huge scoop of ice cream. He pulled the back of my shirt and put the spoon down my shirt then ran back to his seat. The ice cream slowed down my back. I froze. Shivering I took what was left in my tub and put it down Justin’s pajama pants. He froze just as I did. Before I could turn around Kris was putting his spoon of ice cream in my face and it got me on the mouth. He leaned over and said “let me clean that up for you.” And he kissed me.

“Alright I am going to take a shower you guys are more than welcome to take one as well.” I told them as I started walking up the stairs to my room. I heard Justin run for the upstairs hallway bathroom. He rushed right by me. I kept walking upstairs. The next thing I know I jumped. Kris had poked me on my sides and I am very ticklish. I turned around and asked, “what do you think your doing? You know you can’t be in the same room as me when I am taking a shower.” He smiled and told me that that was when I was staying with my mom.  I shrugged my shoulders and I grabbed his hand and drug him upstairs. I closed the room door and locked it so we wont have another barge in. “so does this mean I am taking a shower with you?” Kris said with a huge smile on his face in hope I shook my head no. “come on please? Come on I’ve already seen you naked and we already…. You know... Touchy touchy.” I had to admit that was true. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to my bathroom (it’s a master bath). “Sweet!” he said and we got undressed. We got into the shower. After we got out I started to dry off when Kris whispered “just dry off don’t put clothes on.”  I was honestly wondering why “why?” I wondered. “ He told me that I should trust him so I just dried off. After I dried off he turned me around and kissed me. It turned into a make-out session. Then we found our way to the bed. I was now lying on the bed with him on top of me pinned down making out and then that turned into well…you know.

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