justin my best friend

what happens when tana and justin get to live their lives as singers. will their football and cheer be ruined? and does justin see tana as more than a friend? is nash gonna stay with tana?


1. last day of school

Tana’s P.O.V.


“EHH EH EH EH EH!” my alarm on my brand new iphone went off. It’s six in the morning on Friday. I quickly reached over and clicked dismiss on my phone. I sat up on my bed, then walked tiredly up to my closet and grabbed out a pair of dark colored skinny jeans, a white tank top, a purple plain blouse, and purple converse. I ran over to my sock drawer and grabbed a pair of white socks.  I walked (more awake then I was earlier, but still sleepy) to my bathroom and took a shower. I finished my daily routine, which included: brushing my teeth, doing my make-up, curling my hair, then getting dressed.

I ran up to the side of my bed grabbed my phone and my Nike purple backpack; the one with the 4 strings and it tightens. I ran downstairs, grabbed my keys, then ran out to my light purple volts wagon bug and drove to school. My house is only like a couple miles down the road so I got to school at about 7:10 – 7:15. I got out at my parking spot and walked up to the front doors but before I could open the door to go in my best friend opened the door from the inside and said, “Where do you think your going?” I smiled and said “inside.” I tried to move around him but he kept blocking me “that’s what you think.” I looked at him and told him “Justin drew Bieber if you do not move you will not like my way of getting inside that school.” He looked at me for a moment in question. I smiled and nodded. He quickly moved his arm from the doorway and let me in. we walked to our breakfast table that the “group” sits at. We were known as the popular group. We get a long with a lot of people and we are all really nice. So we are like the stereotype populars without the meanness. The whole group was they’re waiting for us. I imagined they seen me pull up and told Justin to do what he did.

“Hey girly!” said Tammy as I sat down next to her. She is a good friend but not my best friend my best friend is Justin and has been Justin since I was real little. Most of the people in our group we have grown up with. “Hey.” I answered loudly and then sat down.  Not very many people were at school yet so no one really looked at me. More and more people came in and we carried on a conversation about the things we were gonna do over the summer. The school year was over after today so we planned for a lot. Starting with a sleep over at my house. The bell rang at eight and we all walked to our lockers. All of our lockers were all together. “Hey has anyone seen Kris?” I asked everyone. “I don’t think he is coming today you know it’s the last day not many people show up especially seniors like us.” Said Maria. I nodded and grabbed my books Kris is my boyfriend he has been with me for three long years. I’m happy we have been together for that long.

I walked to my first period class, which was geography, and all we were doing in there was listening to music on our phones.  I mean it’s the last day of our senior year; neither the teachers nor the students want to do anything. About 10 minutes into the class Kris walked in the door with a late pass. “Thought you were trying to start the summer early Mr. Gonner.” Said coach Berrett .I hate that coach. I looked up flashed coach Berrett a dirty look then looked at Kris when he pulled his desk right next to mine. “Hey I have been looking for you all morning. We all have.” I told him with a smile on my face. He looked at me then showed me the pass. “My alarm went off late.” I smiled and went back to listening to my music. I was listening to a Eminem album I just downloaded on my iTunes.  Kris took one of the ear buds out of my ear and started listening too.  We started to text our friends until class was over. We stopped the music and went to our next class the next class I had was not with Kris but with Justin, Jolie, and Savannah. It was calculus.  Again we were doing nothing. I sat there and talked to the group about things we are going to do at the sleepover. We were gonna watch scary movies (because Maria loves it when she gets scared and Justin, her boyfriend, holds her.), then play games, then set up pranks on the neighbors, then whatever we decide afterwards.

After the bell rang the seniors where aloud to go home because it was a half day. Since Kris, Justin, Daniel, Marcus, and Noah all had their football scouts coming to see them for college, the scouts also brought the cheer scouts who wanted to see us cheerleaders as well. The good thing is all of those boys I listed and all the cheerleaders were all in our group. I ran to the locker room and changed with the rest of the cheerleaders. We all came running out cheering for the football players like we would in a game. The cheer scouts were sitting there watching us and we did all the cheers we know. They recorded us and they also were recording the guys. We all finished at about 11 and they told us they would give us each a call. We didn’t feel like changing so we watched the guys. They finished at exactly 11:30. We waited for the guys to change back into their clothes.  Kris came running up and put his arm around me. I turned to him put my arm around him and looked to him as he talked to Justin about the scouts and who looked like what football player. He looked over at me (we are about the same height) “what’s the plan for tonight babe?” he asked. I looked at him and said “sleepover at my house.” He smiled at that idea. Us girls went to the locker room to grab our backpacks and our clothes. The school let us keep our cheer and football uniforms.


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