justin my best friend

what happens when tana and justin get to live their lives as singers. will their football and cheer be ruined? and does justin see tana as more than a friend? is nash gonna stay with tana?



The next morning I woke up to my phone going off. I reached over for it. I looked at it and it said 100 missed calls from an unknown number. I sat up. I couldn’t think of who it could have been. I took a shower, and did my daily routine. “Woohoo!!!!!” I heard Kris yell from downstairs. I quickly ran downstairs. “Babe calm down,” I was almost laughing but I pulled myself together to continue, “what…happened?” he put down his phone and pulled out two plates. He was cooking bacon. “I…I…they said they are changing the NFL rules. They are going to recruit graduated high school students. I…I made it. Tana we are moving to Los Angeles. THE RAIDERS DRAFTED ME!” he yelled the last part. I ran over to him to congratulate him. I hugged him. “Oh and your phone was going off a lot this morning. I didn’t want to answer it.” He put bacon on the two plates and handed me one as he told me. I grabbed the very few pieces of bacon on my plate and started eating. I finished fast and put my plate away. “I guess I could call them back.” I said to Kris as I also told him we were going to the mall now. We walked out the door and to my bug. We drove all the way to the mall. “Hey im going into the shoe store if you don’t want to be in there just go to like aeropostle.” I told him as I walked into the shoe department. I pulled out my phone and called the number as I was looking at some sandals. “Hello?” I asked as the person picked up. “Yes miss Hughes. Thank you for finally answering.” I asked why she was calling. She said she was the cheer head of the NFL. Right then I knew to listen. I wasn’t planning to go to the NFL I was planning for college. “we would like to tell you that we seen the recording of the Stratford high cheerleaders, and we think we need your guy’s talent in the NFL. The L.A. Raiders want the whole squad on their cheer squad. You wont have to worry about college they changed the rules for you as well as the football players.” I flipped out in the middle of the store. I told her I accept the job and that the whole squad would. Then I hung up. I was so happy that I bought myself the sandals and a pair of converse. I walked out of the store and and Kris was waiting for me with a bag from aeropostle. “GUESS WHAT!!!!” I yelled not giving him time to ask, “THEY CHANGED THE RULES FOR THE CHEER SQUAD!!!!! WE ARE NOW WITH THE RAIDERS.” He about jumped up with me. He jumped up and kissed me. Then he grabbed his bag and we walked to wet seal. I bought a pair of tight jeans, a cute gray blouse, and a silver scarf. I walked out of the store waiting for Kris to get out of the store. He came out and handed me the bag. “Thank you.” I thanked as I looked at a bag with perfume and another pair of jeans. He leaned in and kissed me. We kissed again, then short make-out. “Uh yea the mall is crowded.” I said as I was pulling away.

We later on that day left the mall and we went to go pick up Justin at his house. “So what’s the plan?” he asked as he jumped in the car. I told him we were going to go out to eat and back to the mall then to my house to throw a party. I told him about the news and he said that he got that call earlier that morning. “Omg I can’t wait. Also look at how many phone calls they sent me.” I said scrolling fast through the missed calls. He seemed shocked. We started to head to the mall again. I love the mall. “Three please.” Kris said as he bought us movie tickets from the mall movie theater. We are going to see Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters. The lady handed us the tickets and we went into the theater with our candy and popcorn. About halfway through the movie my phone started vibrating. I took it out of my purse and it wasn’t a call it was youtube notifications. I started to go through them. They were comments on my video I posted of Justin. Most of the comments said things like ‘wow someone should sign this kid’ or ‘OMG more…more I love him and his voice.’ Others said they want my number or his number and they were, what their profiles SAID, major producers. So I posted my number and went back to watching the movie. I got a call about towards the end of the movie but I denied it. It was a unknown number. The movie ended and me, Kris, and Justin all went back to my house and started to set up for a major party.

“BADING” my phone was going off with text messages the whole time we were setting up. It was from some guy named Scott or as he said he would loved for us to call him Scooter Braun. I haven’t ever heard of him. He said he was a producer and he wanted to sign Justin. I didn’t believe him so I ignored him afterwards. “so who all is coming?” Justin asked. I told him “the entire senior class and some of the juniors.” He liked that idea. We got done and people started to show up. Just about everyone we invited showed up. Which is usual for my parties. That night we all partied hard. About midnight I was walking around the party and I found a whole bunch of people making out everywhere and I was one of them. Kris and I. at about one in the morning everyone was asleep, tired, or gone. The d.j. Finally went home around this time.

“Morning everyone.” Justin said as he walked into my room the next morning. I looked over to my side and Kris was awake and on a phone. It was my phone. “Babe what are you doing?” I asked. He told me he was trying to get this scooter guy off my back. I took my phone from him and told him thank you. We got out of bed and did our morning routines. I today am wearing a pink-laced top and the pair of white jeans Kris got me. Also the sandals I bought and a purse. I curled my hair today. My phone started to go off from scooter it read “fine you don’t believe me I am in Toronto today  (you and Justin) come meet me at Rockies. On the corner of maple road.” I put my phone back in my pocket and went downstairs where everyone was. The house was still clean (we don’t make a mess). They were downstairs watching ridiculousness. “Hey babe uh me and Justin are going to Rockies. To meet with this scooter guy. Ok?” I asked Kris. He nodded and said that he was going with us to make sure no one gets hurt. I grabbed my car keys and we all headed to Rockies. We walked into the café and this tall man stood up and waved for us to go towards him. He was wearing a LA Raiders t-shirt and blue jeans. I looked at Justin shrugged my shoulders and we all walked to him. He told us to please sit down. We all got into the booth facing him. “now I would like to sign both of you.” He started off with that. Wow this guy is eager for money. “now here is my listens for management.” He plopped it down on the table and I looked at it. We now knew he was no joke. We went over the details. He wants us when we go to L.A. to meet him at island def jams. I didn’t understand why he wants to sign me but he said I got a lot potential and a amazing voice as well as Justin he wants us to be a duo called the dynamic duo. I thought that would be a great name. so we all went home and got to packing for L.A since we all had to move because of football and cheer anyways we would all just buy out a planes tickets. We leave in the morning.

The next morning we all met up at the airport (by we all I mean the whole “group”). “OMG you guys are so gonna be famous. Wait your still gonna be on the team right?” Morgan had asked me and Justin. We nodded. “flight 182 boarding now!” the lady on the intercom had announced we grabbed our stuff and boarded the plane. Since we bought the plane out we were all talking and having fun as we had our two hour flight. “excuse me no PDA in the plane please.” The flight attendant had asked me and Kris to stop making out. We did and then she had said it was only because we were landing. We all got off the plane and ran through the whole lobby. People were moving out of our way because I mean we are a group of cheerleaders and football players like honestly what would you do? We got outside and waited for the bus that had said downtown on it. We boarded the bus and tried to find the mansion that the lady from NFL had told us she bought for all of us to stay in. we got off the bus and asked for directions. We were told that it was across the town In Calabasas. We got on a bus and asked if he could take us there since we were the only ones on the bus.

We arrived at the HUGE mansion and knocked on the door. “Where have you all been I have been waiting all day for you guys.” Said a tall blonde woman in a business suit and heels. She must be the lady from NFL. I told her we were late as we walked in and she showed us our rooms. “Well im Clarees and these are your rooms.” I noticed she had said that there are enough rooms for a city of people in Toronto. I laughed at that and told her me and Kris would be staying in the same room. She smiled then left. After we were done packing I told Kris that Justin and I are going to meet with scooter. The lady said that she had found out what cars we owned and bought us the identical ones. I went out to the garage with Justin and we went off to the studio.  It took me a while to find the studio but we found it and scooter was waiting for us in the lobby. “hey the meeting is upstairs. With LA Reid.” Scooter said and motioned for me and Justin to follow him. We went up to the 15th level and walked into a big boarding room. There was a tall black man standing there and he was greeting us with a handshake. “I am glad to meet you.” He looked at me and Justin. “alright I only got a couple minutes.” Scooter told us to sing the song we sang together at the club (he said he seen a video of it we didn’t post) and then do an individual song for each one of us. We did as he said and LA Reid didn’t say anything at first and then “LOVED IT YOUR IN!!!!!! JUST SIGN HERE!!!!!!!” he jumped up and yelled. I smiled and Justin and me ran over to sign. After we signed scooter signed and Justin and me were jumping for joy.

“Thank you.” Justin and I said at the same time to L.A. and then we left for the lobby with scooter. “Thank you so much scooter I am so looking forward to working with you.” We told scooter but he said thanks to us now he has something to look forward to. We smiled then scooter took us to lunch at this amazing Korean restaurant. After lunch he handed us each 300 dollars each just for getting signed with L.A. Reid. We left and got into my car (not with scooter) and we headed toward the grove mall. We went to a couple different stores and bought clothes. Then we left back for the mansion.  When we got there everyone was rushing up to us. “did you make the deal?” everyone practically asked at the same time. 

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