Started With A Letter (A 5 Seconds Of Summer Fan Fiction)

Becca Payne, also known as Bex, is a 17 year old Welsh 5SOS fan. Ever since 2011 when she first heard of them from YouTube, she has been more than obsessed with them... They are her life, and have saved her loads of time from doing things she may have regretted. Now starting collage in Australia, a place she knows hardly anything about apart from the fact that her favourite band are from there, she finds it tough juggling her music course in collage and her new job, a personal assistant for a band. What she doesn't know is, this all started with a letter she wrote to her idols, asking for them to visit her. Now working for her 2 crushes, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, she has to fight to hide her feelings like a professional, while secretly, the group of 4 are trying to get closer to her.


5. The Night I lost My Parents

~ Flashback DREAM ~


"Mom? Dad?" I shouted from my room. I heard something smash from downstairs and I knew something was wrong. I crept to my mum and dad's room and saw that it was trashed. I instantly knew things were bad. I walked downstairs and peeked around the living room door to see my mum and dad tied up in the middle of the living room. I looked around to see if anyone was around as a tear left my eye and I ran to my parents. They had cuts and bruises and blood covering their faces. They both had duct tape covering their mouths so I couldn't understand or hear quite what they were trying to say to me.


"Shh! I'm gonna get you out of here." I whispered while trying to untie the nots to the ropes.


I was too preoccupied to pay attention to anything else going on around me. I was working on the ropes for a good 5 minutes before I got picked up from my place on the floor and a hand was clasped over my mouth to prevent me from screaming. Another 3 guys were with us along with the one holding me. All three holding guns too. I gulped as tears fell from my eyes like raindrops in a storm - they were falling hard and fast and I couldn't stop them no matter how hard I tried.


"We told you we would come for you and you didn't listen to our warning! Now its either you suffer, or your little girl here." The guy holding me threatened. One of the other men walked over to my father and ripped that tape off his mouth in a painful way. I winced when the sound ripped though out the quiet room I was currently in. The same guy done exactly the same with to my mum as he had done so to my father.


"Don't hurt our baby girl, please? Just leave her go! She hasn't done anything to you!" My father pleaded.


"You want us, not her. Please leave our daughter alone!" My mother added. I watched in horror as the men had a silent conversation like they were telepathically talking to one another. They all seemed to nod in agreement about something.


"Alright, we wont touch her. But she gets to watch us blow your brains out!" One guy tortured. I started shaking frantically in the guys arms desperate to get out of his grasp. My parents hung their heads, knowing they were defeated and nodded their heads in agreement slowly.


"Becca, we love you princess, don't forget that ever. We're sorry we've let you down. Do us proud baby girl." My father said as he started crying frantically, as the guy pulled the trigger ready to shoot.


"Please forgive us, Becca? We love you and we always have and always will." My mother said shaking, barley getting her words out in a straight sentence. The guy held the gun to my fathers head and pulled it back and released. The sound of the shot echoed through out the room as my fathers body hit the floor with a thud. I was still frantically shaking in the guys grip, hoping he would drop me. I started crying even more when my dad hit the floor. The other guy moved to my mum and pulled the trigger back and released, doing the same as he had done to my dad. Both of my parents bodies no on the floor as sirens echoed out in the quiet street. I was dropped to the floor unexpectedly as I saw a group of my neighbours gathered on the street outside. The men fled the room as I sat there on the floor, shaking and crying uncontrollably, unable to let what had just happened sink into my head.


~ End of dream ~


I was awoken my water being thrown over my head. I sat up coughing as my long hair dripped ice cold water down my back making me shiver as goose bumps arose all over my body. I blinked a few times getting  used to the light again as I saw four scared and petrified guys staring at me worriedly.


"Which one of you threw the water over me?!" I shouted. They all looked at Ashton who had a bucket in his hands at the side of my bed. I went to go and tackle him but Calum and Michael pulled me back. "Why would you do that, Ash? I'm freezing now." I said a little annoyed.


"You were screaming and crying... Telling people not to do something to your parents..." Luke said sitting next to me, taking his shirt off and pulling it over my soaking t-shirt. I bit my lip and pulled my knees to my chest, resting my head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me.


"Are you okay now?" Michael asked me rubbing my leg softly. I nodded my head although he could tell I was lying. Ashton grabbed my hands that were wrapped around my knees and dragged me up. He led me out of my room ad down to the huge kitchen. He sat me down on one side of the table as the others followed Ash and sat down on the other side.


"We need to know what that dream was about. Your living with us now so we need to know so we can help you." Ashton said sternly. I looked at each of them before sighing in defeat as I knew he was right. They do deserve to know.


Its time to face the music I guess.

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