Started With A Letter (A 5 Seconds Of Summer Fan Fiction)

Becca Payne, also known as Bex, is a 17 year old Welsh 5SOS fan. Ever since 2011 when she first heard of them from YouTube, she has been more than obsessed with them... They are her life, and have saved her loads of time from doing things she may have regretted. Now starting collage in Australia, a place she knows hardly anything about apart from the fact that her favourite band are from there, she finds it tough juggling her music course in collage and her new job, a personal assistant for a band. What she doesn't know is, this all started with a letter she wrote to her idols, asking for them to visit her. Now working for her 2 crushes, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, she has to fight to hide her feelings like a professional, while secretly, the group of 4 are trying to get closer to her.


3. Goodbye Wales, Hello Australia.

"Becca, here's your plane ticket, passport and your bag. Now, do you have everything?" My mom asked. I gave her a "are you seriously asking me that?" look. She gave me a sad smile and nodded in understanding.


"Passengers for flight 5479 to board at gate A to Sydney, Australia." The lady announced over the speakers. Butterflies started to form in my stomach and I instantly felt like being sick on the spot. Me, my dad and my mom made our way over to the gate and I just broke down into tears. I watched as a group of 5 guys walked passed, watching me sobbing my heart out while saying goodbye to my parents. The four younger boys stopped to check me out before the slightly older fifth member pushed them along. I pulled away from my parent grasps around me and said goodbye for the millionth time and entered the gate, waving goodbye to the two of them. I walked down some steps to have noticed I had caught up to the same guys from before. I walked past them ignoring their stares and gazes that were burning holes through my back.


"You remind me of Michael Clifford y'know?" One of the guys shouted before I heard an 'ouch!' escape his lips. Inside I was melting at his words. I remind him of Michael Clifford! I can't believe it... Michael is like my celebrity crush! I adore him! And now for the first time ever, someone says I remind him of Mikey! I calmed myself down again, and stopped walking. When I turned around, the tanned guy was rubbing his right arm where he had a slightly red mark forming on his upper arm. They were all wearing skinny jeans, black daps with casual tops on too. But with baseball hats and sun glasses on too which was weird.


"Oh yeah? How do I remind you of Michael?" I asked.


"One, your wearing skinny jeans like him. Two, your wearing daps like him. Three, your wearing a checked shirt with ripped sleeves like him and four, your wearing a plain top underneath-" He said.


"Just like him. I get it. But it's not a bad thing is it?" I questioned as the others laughed a little at my sass.


"No. Its not a bad thing. Just saying." The same guy said with a friendly smile. I returned the smile and continued walking. As I boarded the plane, I handed my ticket in and found my seat in the first class section but found there would only be six of us. Next thing I knew, the same 5 guys from a few minutes ago entered first class. When they saw me, they all seemed to smirk. I rolled my eyes at them playfully. I sat down and they sat down behind me as I said goodbye to Wales, and hello to Australia.



Hey guys!

So this is my first attempt of a fan fiction that isn't based on One Direction. I know, I can't believe it either!

So I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.


So first I wanna clear up Becca's name. Yes it is 'Payne' as in Liam Payne but the secret about that is going to be cleared up in the last few chapters of this book or the sequel if you guys like it that much (which I hope you will).

Secondly, comment what you think or I'm not going to update. Comments give me influence on the book and if people comment what they like about it, it influences me more to write for you guys.

Thirdly #NOHATE!


Please like this book and spread the word about it so it becomes more popular please?


So, Likes + comments + popularity = more updates for you guys. Fair? I think so!


Oh, and don't forget to fan me if you want :)


Love you darlings xx


~ Rhiannon xx

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