Started With A Letter (A 5 Seconds Of Summer Fan Fiction)

Becca Payne, also known as Bex, is a 17 year old Welsh 5SOS fan. Ever since 2011 when she first heard of them from YouTube, she has been more than obsessed with them... They are her life, and have saved her loads of time from doing things she may have regretted. Now starting collage in Australia, a place she knows hardly anything about apart from the fact that her favourite band are from there, she finds it tough juggling her music course in collage and her new job, a personal assistant for a band. What she doesn't know is, this all started with a letter she wrote to her idols, asking for them to visit her. Now working for her 2 crushes, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, she has to fight to hide her feelings like a professional, while secretly, the group of 4 are trying to get closer to her.


2. Becca Payne

Hey! I'm Becca Payne, or Bex as my friends and family call me. I'm 17, Welsh and a massive fan of 5 Seconds Of Summer. I have both my ears pierced twice (both on the bottom lobe) as well as my belly button pierced too. I have 1 brother although I have never met him as he was adopted before I was born and I've never had contact with him. I live with my mom and dad. I'm currently in college on a music course too.

But get this... Only 4 weeks ago, I wrote to 5SOS begging them to come to Wales on tour if they come back to the UK, and they got back to me. Well, their manager did. I was so psyched! But a day or two later, I had another letter. Asking me to come to Australia to be a personal assistant for a band. I have no clue who this band is as the person who wrote the letter said I would find out as soon as I'm out there. And as a bonus if I do go, I get to go to the best music college in Sydney free of charge. Even though I'm a girly-girl, I'm always open to dares... But I think this is one challenge that is going to be a tad bit too big, even for me.

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