Short life of Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee's life, and point of view of being a vampire. It used to be peaceful for her, but once she's made a wrong move on Jacob, a war occurs between Bella herself, the voltouri and the werewolf clan.
-sorry for any spelling mistakes xD-


2. "It's about time you need to hear about this,"

I walked up the steps to the house awkwardly, trying to keep my eyes of Emmett, who was probably raising his eyebrows at me in confusion. Alice swooped down, and landed on a tall, long thick branch with Jasper holding her waist securely. Her doll face looked sorrow, and full of doubt. Jasper looked like he was in pain, as if something bad had happened. I stared at them, with my eyebrows narrowed, and my arms dangling down loosely down my sides. Emmett was stood towering behind me. 

        "It's about time we have a talk," Jasper managed to choke out of him, ruffling his honey blonde curly hair suspiciously. I gulped slowly, shaking. Emmett placed his muscular, strong hand on my back, and led me into Edward's old house like an escort. The house had been very open, because they felt like it was the only place where they didn't have to hide themselves. My mother and father were sat on the piano stool, and Edward was just finishing off her lullaby to her. Carlisle and Renee walked in to the living room, holding each others hand, almost as if they were confronting each other. Edward twirled around to face me, but he was still sat on the piano stool. Bella didn't stay sat down, she got up awkwardly, placing her hand on Edward's shoulder, looking expressionless. Paul was sat in his wheelchair, with his typical cow-boy Indian because he was a chief of Jacob's tribe. 

        "Should  I break the news to her, or should you?" Paul murmured down into his chest, but his eyes were gazed up at Carlisle, who's cherry red lips parted in defeat. Carlisle looked up at Edward, hoping he would tell me instead of himself. Edward looked expressionless, almost like a stone statue. 

      "No, Carlisle, I think you should, you have a better understanding after all," Edward replied, with his voice so low that it was almost like he was trying to whisper. His brown eyes flickered in disbelief, and he tilted his head down as if he was trying to apologize. His jaw was clenched, his reddish-brown hair was slightly longer. But he was wearing his black, buttoned up t-shirt and black jeans.

       "You can't... hang around with Jacob Black anymore," Carlisle answered, trying to keep his eyes on me. But I could see that he was trying to look at Paul. I gulped slowly, blinking in horror. I looked at everyone around the room, they didn't seem like they were enjoying this. 

      "Why?" I choked, sounding completely defeated. Instead of my squabbling, I waited patiently for someone to answer. 

     "Safety precautions," Bella started, folding her arms uncomfortably. "We'll all be in danger, I know he's your best friend-"

      "More then best friend," Emmett teased, ruining our secrets. I flushed, feeling heat consume me again. Edward glowered towards Emmett, who immediately closed his mouth awkwardly. Bella looked up at me, astonished. 

      "What's he talking about, Renesmee?" She questioned, almost sounding like a frightened police officer. I glanced down towards the ground, and in an instant second Rosalie came in from an open window, and she walked slowly towards Emmett. 

     "Nothing's going on between us," I lied, muttering it underneath my breath, feeling more heat consume me. Emmett chuckled, making Bella snap her alarming gaze at him. 

     "Only that Jacob has a massive crush on your imprinted daughter," He teased, trailing of with a smirk. I clutched tightly on the corner of the black surface of the kitchen counter, and squinted as I snapped the corner of with no effort what so ever. Edward's face twisted into something cold, and his facial expression was daunting. Renee glanced up at me in surprise, on the other hand, Carlisle's lips were pursed together awkwardly. I scanned around the room, seeing everyone's uneasy and strange facial expressions fixed upon me as if I made a huge mistake in a talent show. The only facial expression who had calm and peaceful written on their face was Jasper. 

      "Emmett!" I hissed at him, awkwardly throwing a chunk of the corner of the kitchen counter at him poorly and missed. Bella's eyes were suddenly black and full of hatred. 

      "Is this what you have been doing ever since I left you alone with Jacob... while I go out hunting?" She asked, with full of disbelief and with a hint on disgust in her tone. She crossed her arms impatiently, and she narrowed her thin dark brown eyebrows at me. I gulped slowly, for the first time in my life, I felt as if everyone was turning against me. 

All because of Emmett. 

      "No!" I started, yelling at her. Edward went to wrap his muscular arms around Bella's waist from behind, whilst the rest of the vampire cavern, looked astonished. Not that I cared. "I am not sneaking behind your back and... oh my god, having sex with him!" I breathed, sounding disgusted at my own tone of voice. I didn't think, not once at all, I would have to say that dreaded word in front of my parents, at all. 

      "Oh god!" Alice shrieked, with her eyes wide in shock, dropping her glass of deep, dark red blood on the ground. Jasper sped over to her, awkwardly putting his arm around her shoulders, trying to comfort her whilst everyone else was having a mental break down. 

     "What do you see, Alice?" Jasper asked, without blinking. Alice's eyes grew wide, full of shock. Rosalie didn't say anything in the conversation because she felt as if it wasn't her problem or anything this time. Alice blinked back suddenly, and then started gasping in a fast pace. 

      "The volturi... they're coming again... they're talking about demolishing our cavern... and burning Jacob on a cross with spikes..." Alice replied, nervously. She sounded shaken, but she was mostly looking at me when she had been explaining it. Bella closed her eyes tight shut, flashing her smokey black eye shadow at me. 

      "We need to talk, with Jacob, now." Edward growled, staring at me. 

      "We need two of you to spend a... holiday, away from Forks," He tried explaining, but that only made things more worse for Bella to handle. Bella released herself from Edward, and wrapped her arms around her chest uncomfortably. 

      "No," Bella started, shaking her head slowly in disbelief. "We need people patrolling those two," 

I gulped slowly, and glanced over towards Alice and Jasper, who's facial expressions chirped up in surprise a little bit. 

    "We'll take the first few shifts, Edward, gather the allies again, I don't know what's going to happen, but it won't end pretty," Alice stated, before Bella or Edward could start explaining the plan A. Carlisle raised his hand to a halt, making everyone look at him.

   "We need Jacob, don't forget. Bella, why won't you get him?" He suggested, pointing out the obvious. Bella looked at him with a startled expression on her face. She shook her head awkwardly, and glanced over towards Edward. 

     "Fine, I'll do it," Edward mumbled, it was almost like he read her mind. Strictly speaking, Edward could read everyone else's mind in this room, apart from hers.  The conversation with the group of vampires had been overwhelming, and I didn't know what to think of this. 

Hell, I didn't even know what was so bad about me hanging around with Jacob. If Emmett kept his mouth shut, none of this would have ever happened. 

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