Short life of Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee's life, and point of view of being a vampire. It used to be peaceful for her, but once she's made a wrong move on Jacob, a war occurs between Bella herself, the voltouri and the werewolf clan.
-sorry for any spelling mistakes xD-


1. Hunting

"Great Job Nessy!" Jacob called from a distance, admiring my hunting skills.  I smiled faintly at him, releasing my firm grip of the deer's lifeless body that had been sprawled across the ground awkwardly. I pulled myself up from the ground, rubbing the bits of grass and dirt of my burgundy, thick warm coat that had been scattered around in odd places.  I walked over towards him, feeling my cold-heart heat up with strange emotions. Jacob top was off, probably just to flash his perfectly tanned body and six pack at me. His irresistible lips parted and grinned wildly at me. 

       "Please, I'm not six anymore," I remarked, folding my arms like a five year old. He was a head foot taller than me, but even when he was still towering over me, I still felt small. Jacob wore his navy green cut-off baggy shorts again, and he was wearing his beaten-up trainers. 

      "And, I'm in charge, Bella left me in charge, remember. Her and Edward is going to do their own hunting with the rest of the Cullen clan,"  Jacob stated, lifting his head high, he opened his arms wide for a hug, and I buried myself in his iron chest, and his muscly arms wrapped around my waist, drawing me closer to him. I felt suddenly guilty for some reason, falling for my mother's best friend, who happens to be part of the enemy clan. 

     "Y'know, if Bella catches you getting down on it, she'll kick you to the curve again, whilst pulling your ear," Emmett's voice shouted teasingly from behind Jacob, he trailed of with a small chuckle. I backed up suddenly away from Jacob, realizing my face was flushed red. According to Edward, my dad, he imprinted on me in order to keep my mother, Bella alive. In away, I feel like mine and Jacob's bond was unbreakable. 

   "You make everything awkward between me and him," I mumbled, glaring at Uncle Emmett, who was grinning like a monkey. I ducked my head awkwardly as he went to ruffle my brown curly hair, and stood by Jacob. 

   "Speaking of Bella, where are they?" Jacob asked with a hint of curiosity in his tone, crossing his tensed muscly arms uncomfortably. I didn't say anything in the conversation as much when Emmett Joined in, perhaps Edward had been reading my thoughts. Maybe I got a little paranoid of the fact Bella and Edward had been in the exact same forest, but in different areas. Even when Jacob compliments me, I always catch Edward glaring at him like he was an enemy.  Emmett narrowed his dark golden brown eyes at Jacob awkwardly. "Still hunting, although Alice, Jasper and Rosalie went back to the safe house," He answered, sounding like a know it all. I sighed awkwardly, trying to include myself in the conversation. I barely speak to Emmett, but I feel like he's trying to speak to me. I blank him out most of the time like Edward, as well as Jacob tells me to. 

     "And you, Renesmee, you should get back to the safe house too, Alice told me to come here to escort you back," Emmett shot me the finger as he informed me. He was my escort now. 

My dad is always insisting for me to have escorts around the place, he thinks that something will go bad. As if I wasn't meant to be born in the first place, and some one had been out to get me. I frowned at Emmett, who let out a loud chuckle. A good one at that too. I turned around to face Jacob, who was looking completely lost. He seemed disappointing too, as if this day hasn't gone as planned. We were only a few millimeters apart, and I caught Emmett raising his eyebrows at Jacob. 

    "I'll catch you later, okay?" Jacob smiled faintly at me, pretending that there was nothing going on between me and him. My dark brown eyes flickered with excitement and adventure, and I gazed up at him wondrously. I nodded awkwardly, trying not to make so much tension between us. 

   "Sure," I replied instantly, and I turned towards Emmett, still frowning at him in disbelief. I then started walking slowly, but Emmett waited until he thought I was out of the hearing rage. 

     "...You seriously need to stop liking her... I can see that you do..." Emmett acknowledged Jacob, sighing slightly. Jacob didn't say anything for a minute. 

    "...It's not like nothings going to happen, I wont let it..." Jacob replied to him bitterly. My heart sank, as if I had been shot dead in the head. Then Emmett accelerated towards me in a flash, making sure I wasn't going to make an escape plan. 

    "So, how does it feel like having a forbidden love that was made illegal by your dad?" He joked, forming a wicked grin. I groaned frustratingly, and chuckled along with him, patting him on the shoulder.

    "Me and him? No way," I replied anxiously, feeling the heat consume my body, keeping an eye on the forest ahead of me. I flinched every time I stepped on a thin twig, making it snap into two pieces. It was hard to see the greenery underneath the golden crispy autumn leaves. I spotted My dad's old open-windowed glass house as I made a small turning. I smirked at Emmett, showing off, I lunged towards the house in a matter of seconds. 


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