Short life of Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee's life, and point of view of being a vampire. It used to be peaceful for her, but once she's made a wrong move on Jacob, a war occurs between Bella herself, the voltouri and the werewolf clan.
-sorry for any spelling mistakes xD-


4. Designed to kill [Jane's P.O.V]

    The way I feel about killing is passionate. It's like I'm designed for it. I don't show emotion. I never have. I never will. We're all emotionless because of our pasts and gifted powers. Not only that, we're emotionless because if we feel something warm, it's quite excruciating. I don't care for anything but I care to survive. Being able to live forever has it's consequences. We sit in our wooden, arch like thrones all day; watching Aro snap off peoples heads every hour or so for such a pathetic and useless crime. There's no music to keep me entertained. Nothing in the room either. Besides five or six thrones for the volturi members, dark red lit candles hanging all over the place (not much use for them there, it's still quite dark.), and a cold hard, grey cobblestone ground. I must admit I do find killing people quite sickening; after living for three thousand years, you'd feel quite spiritless. Nether the less, we accuse vampires for something they didn't do for enjoyment. 

        "Jane," Aro called me sourly. His hands were cupped into a frightened vampire, new born. I could tell from his bright red eyes, pale white skin like freshly fallen snow. Blemish free. Deep cherry red lips. His hair was a golden honey shade, and it was curly. He was wearing a colorless cloak, and his hands were tied together in the type of rope that gives you rope-burns. I snapped my gaze towards Aro and got up out of my seat nervously. I knew what he was going to do. 

       "Please, use your gift on this man." He insisted, faking a kind tone to his voice, his accent was  Russian, dark and creepy. I could tell he was frustrated, from the way his eyes moved and how his jaw was tense afterwards. My gift is painful. It sends off agonizing ringing waves into your ears, deafening you, and I could effect  the laws of physics and gravity. Aro could sense whether someone was lying, and he could see their pasts. Aro's grin was wicked and barbaric. His hands were clasped together in excitement. I faked a faint smile at him, and focused dauntingly at the victim. It's quite easy for me to kill. All I have to do is let my powers consume my mind, and just let the powers do their work. I'm not sure how I can do it. But I do feel this weird energy vibration vibe when I set my mind to it. I grinned at the fact I could do this. Because i felt like I was a dictator, powerful. It was quite enjoyable where you got to see the weak beg for their lives at your knees. It was almost like you're in control. I didn't like the thought at first when I moved in with the Volturi clan, but you get used to it. After strangling and deafening him to death, Aro effortlessly snapped his neck off like it was a porcelain china doll's head. No blood at all. His lifeless body collapsed like a flightless feather on the ground. At first, you jump a little bit, but after several times of seeing this happen, you manage to control it. I noticed his head was decaying quickly and it was fading into a grey, murky dull color. The room was filled with uncomfortable silence. I shifted a little, thinking of a topic that didn't include the word "death", or "kill" in it. My eyes flickered over to the running Heidi. Her quick footsteps echoed continuously whenever her black high-heel boots tapped on the ground. She wasn't carrying anything tasty for us. By tasty I mean human bodies. She has the power to attract people with her charms, vampire or human, which is mostly why she's responsible for the hunting. She can get them without fighting. 

        "Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black, are feeling no emotion your highness," She informed, bowing down to Aro. Aro didn't buy it. His expression twisted into something cold and evil. He jolted upright out of his seat, clenching his fists tightly. He was trying to suppress his anger. His lips were pursed. 

        "What do you mean, no emotion?" Aro asked bitterly with his teeth gritted together. Heidi gulped slowly and jerked backwards nervously. 

         "They... they both claim they don't have strong emotions for each other." She explained, laughing hesitantly. I saw Aro's eyes flicker with disappointment but I could tell he was trying to come up with conclusions and theories to demolish the Cullen clan.  There was always one admirable thing about Aro. He never gave up on what he wanted. Suddenly, Aro formed a wide smirk around his face, and turned to face Heidi again. 

         "They have strong chemistry between them, find away for Renesmee to fall for some other vampire. This will be a long lasting rule that vampires and werewolves cannot be in physical and emotional relationships." 

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