Short life of Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee's life, and point of view of being a vampire. It used to be peaceful for her, but once she's made a wrong move on Jacob, a war occurs between Bella herself, the voltouri and the werewolf clan.
-sorry for any spelling mistakes xD-


3. Bitter sweet revenge- Edwards pov

I know we're not meant to cross the werewolves territory, but this was urgent. Jacob Black has no idea of what caused this situation, and the volturi wouldn't be pleased with him either.

Vampires and werewolves are like cat and mice.

They aren't supposed to get along.

My wife, Bella, and Jacob was just an exception because she wasn't a vampire when she found out about all of us. There'll be a war if anything happens between that dog, and my daughter.  Jacob was dressed neatly, to my surprise he wasn't shirtless today.  He wore a black long-sleeved jumper, suitable for this unfortunate weather, and black trousers. That's funny, because Jacob Black, was wearing everything black. I hopped over some knocked over logs, and found myself in the Black tribe. I don't see how Paul was allowed to be in our territory, but maybe just this once, they'll let this one slide because it was urgent. In an instant second, Jacob looked up in alarm, holding a piece of scrunched up paper in his hand. 

'Those bloodsuckers aren't going to stop until we surrender,' 

I heard his thoughts echo continuously. Ignoring his insult, I didn't bother to say anything until he showed me the paper. I could tell it was important. The weather had been raining non-stop, the clouds were grey and murky, it was almost suited for this tragic day. 

       "Who said?" Jacob asked, sounding nervous. He looked tense, and his facial expression was stern and angry. But that didn't bother me. His lips curled uncomfortably, and his eyes were blinking away the rain that had been dropping down on him. 

      "Emmett," I replied instantly, sighing. Jacob scoffed, trailing off with a wicked grin. I looked down towards the muddy ground. The rain had been forming mucky puddles. I almost felt sorry for the tribe, due to how unhygienic this barn looked. 

     "Nothing is going on, before you start. I may like your daughter, but I'm not stupid," He spat, sounding disgusted at the thought. My eyelids closed tightly, for some reason a sudden rush of agonizing pain jolted right through me, making me groan in defeat and collapse on the ground. 

     "What the hell?" Jacob exclaimed, glancing up in shock horror. The pain, was like an electric shock running rapidly in my body system. I looked up awkwardly in Jacob's direction. 


    "That, wolf boy, should've been aimed at you." She pointed out, exchanging a quick glance at me. I pulled myself upwards uncomfortably, and groaned in the process. I rubbed off a patch of dirt on my back pocket, and stood by Jacob. 

    "I don't think there is anything going on between him and Renesmee," I started, trying to save Jacob. Tanya looked down up at me in surprise. 

    "Maybe Jacob's telling the truth, I can read his thoughts after all. If we attack the volturi, we'll loose. Maybe we could just do the same plan-"

     "Are you stupid?" Tanya interrupted, pulling a grimaced facial expression at the thought. I glanced up, frowning at her. Sadly, yes. I was.  "There's no way, in the slightest that the volturi would let us off easily this time," 

Jacob's facial expression was completely stunned and confused, his eyebrows were raised. And without hesitation, he walked up to Tanya intimidatingly. "We're wolves, we killed Victoria, don't forget, and Lurant. And that was to save Bella, don't underestimate us," He growled at her, with his brown eyes shooting her a glance. I exchanged an alarming glance at her. Tanya quickly gripped tightly on Jacob's shoulder, and he screamed in agonizing pain, collapsing on the ground. Then the whole werewolf tribe, came out, forming a V-shape structure. 

    "The hell do you want bloodsuckers?" Sam demanded for an answer. Jacob's scrunched up letter fell light a feather to the ground, and I picked it up hesitantly.

This letter is addressed to Jacob Black, for having an encounter with a half vampire. 

Renesmee Cullen.

This is not only a crucial offence towards the Volturi, but it is illegal for a vampire and a werewolf to have a relationship. It has been forbidden for over a few centuries. I hear by declare Jacob Black to be pinned up on a spiked cross, and to be burned in public in Romania. And as for the Cullen clan to be wiped and demolished immediately. Jacob Black, you've mocked the vampire nation by pulling out a very strong weakness towards Renesmee Cullen.


-Member of the Volturi 

I glanced up towards the werewolf clan, they all had daunting glares. I swallowed slowly, helping up Jacob awkwardly.

   "We're all in danger," I started, shouting it clearly so that everyone could here. Their faces looked up in horror. I found myself shaking uncomfortably. The werewolves stink like hell. I don't know how Renesmee can manage to hug Jacob without gagging. "The Voturi are going to wipe all of ourselves, including Jacob if we don't act soon,"  I projected my voice out loud and clear as I started pacing back and forth, almost like a teacher walking wondrously around the class room whilst teaching. No one said anything, everyone just exchanged glances awkwardly until Jacob spoke. 

    "They think there's a love connection between myself, and Nessy,"  Jacob explained, shaking nervously. Sam's face turned from stern and calm, to disgusted and frustrated.  His muscles tensed up along with his jaw. And I was the one who was completely calm about it. 

    "Jacob, you've got to be bloody kidding me?" Sam started, lifting his hands up in frustration. "i told you to stay away from the freaks," 

    "If you think we're freaks, you should take a look at yourself sometime because I honestly, don't see no difference from a werewolf and a vampire," Tanya stated, walking towards Sam face to face. She was right. We argue like cat and mouse, but the tale says that werewolves, and vampires simply don't mix. Sam's jaw was tense tightly in defeat, he didn't know what he had to say to that. 

Son... of a... hell why am I being defeated? I'm never defeated in an argument with a girl.

I couldn't help but smile faintly at his thought, it shows that he's truly weak inside. Sam walked over to me and Jacob, and Jacob wasn't paying much attention to their squabbling. 

    "Is this true? You're not making it up?" Sam hissed at Jacob, who backed up slightly. 

I noticed Jacob gulping slowly, he clenched his fists- resisting to fight, and let out a small nod. Sam shook his head at him, like a father being disappointed. He crossed his arms, tensing his muscles, but it looked like he wasn't meant too. 

    "Fine, we'll help," Sam sighed. The rest of the pack exchanged worrisome glances. "Just as long as there is no bloodshed." 

I knew this war wouldn't end so peacefully as expected. The Volturi won't stop until they get what they want. I've worked there for a very short period of time, believe me. I should know. 

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