Little Secrets

Kat and Brooke have had a pretty fucked up life. But these two girls stuck together through thick and thin, they are sisters after all. So when they meet the Magcon boys things turn upside down, Their past that they buried deep, deep down is dug up for the better and the worst. Join their adventure and laugh at their funny experiences, Cry at their sad low points and squeal at their awkward romantic situations.


2. Chapter 2

Brooke's POV

I groaned lying down on Kat's bed. "But Kat I don't want to meet Jack's friends," I groaned again.

"Oh shut up. Maybe you'll find your  one true love,"She joked and i sent her daggers.

"Yeah sure!"I replied sarcastically. "Why am I going anyway?"I ask.

"C'mon please, it'll be awkward if i go alone. And besides you need to make sure i don't fuck anyone while we're there."She said and i rolled my eyes.

"I thought you 'loved' Jack,"I said.

"Liked. i said i liked. We've only been on two dates. And i'm not even sure if he told anyone i'm his girlfriend. And he'd leave me as soon as he found out about my past,"She said.

"Mhmm," i mumbled.

"Hun i've only met him once and i can tell he's a love sick puppy,"I said and she blushed.

"Shut up and C'mon!"She said dragging me out of the apartment and to the car.

"But i don't want to go!"I said

"Shut up."She said pushing me into the car and she drove off to his apartment.

"I still don't see why you need me there,"I said and she just gave me a look that said shut-up-you're-coming-anyway.

After many fights she manages to drag me up to his apartment, she knocked on the door and i started cursing at her under my breath.

"you fucking owe me one for this,"I said.

"oh, shut up brooke!"Kat said just as the door opened.

"oh look it's lover boy,"I say when i see jack and then i turn to Kat and mouth 'can i go now'.

She gave me a fake bitchy smile and mouthed no. "socialize! be a human being!"She said dragging me in.

"No i don't want to be a fucking human, let me be my unicorn self,"I said and she rolled her eyes at me before smiling at Jack.

"Hey,"She said to him and I grumbled and went and sat down on one of the couches.

"Hey,"Someone said and i look up and see a really cute guy smiling at me.

"Hi…"I said awkwardly, I saw him look over at Kat and Jack.

"so that's Jack's girlfriend. you were dragged here, weren't you?"he asks.

"you got that right,"I mumble and he chuckled.

"how about we get out of here?"He asks.

"hmm, I can stay here and be bored out of my mind for the rest of the night, or i can get the fuck out of here with some stranger,"I said and sighed,"Fine let's go." He chuckled and stood up holding his hand out for me. I ignore his hand and get up heading to the door with him following me. We walked out of the building and i turned to him "What now?"I ask him.

"do you feel like eating?"He asked and i shrugged.

"eh, fine."I said.

"Does ice cream sound good to you?"He asked.

"when does ice cream ever sound bad?"I said to him and he smiled at me.

"Alright then come on,"he said and we started walking.

"so what's your name?"I ask realizing i didn't know his name.

"Cameron, Cameron Dallas,"He said and i nodded.

"sounds familiar but doesn't ring any bell,"I said.

"yeah, Jack and I and some other guys are on vine,"He said.

"I have no idea what vine is but okay,"i said and he chuckled and smiled at me.

"It's nice talking to someone who doesn't know you in that way. What's your name?"

"ahh, here's the thing i'm not going to tell you my name and maybe at the end of the night i'll tell you,"I said and he smiled at me.

"Alright then."He said and we finally got to the ice cream place.

I look at all the flavours when my yes land on the one i was looking for. "I'll have the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream,"I said to the guy behind the counter.

"And i'll have the cookies 'n Cream,"Cameron said, I started smiling brightly like a two year old on christmas morning when i get my ice cream.

"Excuse me, can i get a cherry on top?"I say to the guy behind the counter and Cameron drapes an arm around my shoulder and the guy looked away to get the cherry. I raise an eyebrow at him.

"he was checking you out in a stalkerish way,"He whispered in my ear and i laugh shaking my head. The guy gives me my cherry and i thank him and i digger into my pocket for some cash. As i was looking for my money Cameron pays for both our ice cream and we walk out

"you know i could've paid for myself,"I said.

"I know, i just didn't want you to,"He shrugged smiling at me slightly. I roll my eyes at him.

"So Dallas, tell me about yourself,"I said.

"what do you want to know?"he asked looking at me and i shrug.

"Anything,"I said.

"well i make vines with some other guys. I'm a weirdo. And i guess other then a few thing, i have a semi-normal life."he said.

"semi-normal?"I ask and he chuckles.

"it's a long strong."He said and i shrugged.

"so tell me about yourself,"he said

"there's not much to tell,"I replied.

"now that's a lie,"He said

"how so?"

"everyone has something about their past, good or bad,"

"yeah but not everybody has something to share,"i said,"there's some stuff that are just better left buried deep down."

"you don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to,"He said and i smiled at him slightly and then everything went quiet.

"I'm adopted,"I said after a few minutes looking at him.

"Oh,"he replied looking up at me.

"don't worry, it's not like i mind,"I said.

"Why's that?"HE asks as we sit down on a park bench.

"I never new my parents, so it's not like i lost anything,"I said and he nods his head and taking a spoonful of ice cream and gets a bit on the side of his lip. I look at him and laugh.

"What?" He asks. I laugh and move closer to him, i rub my thumb over the side of his lip getting the ice cream off. 

"you got a little bit of ice cream there,"I said and I looked up and saw he was already staring at me with a smile playing at his lips. I break the long eye contact and look away licking my ice-cream. well fuck, what was that i thought.

"we should probably get back,"He said and i nod.

"yeah lets go,"I said and we walked back to the apartment our hands brushing against each others every now and then. We get back to the apartment and he asks,

"now can i know your name?"with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

"not just yet,"I smirked and he pouted. "don't be a baby Dallas or i might not tell you," i said and he sighed, I laugh just as the door opens, Kat pops her head from behind Jack's back and glares at me mouthing ' i'm going to kill you'. I smile at her and we walk in.

"Oh look at the time!We should go."She said and started dragging me away.

"Aye, Dallas,"I called out.

He turned around to me "yeah?"He calls out.

"Brooklynn,"I said smirking, turning around and walking away with Kat.

Katerina's POV

"I can't believe you left me!"I said once we went home.

"oh, come on Kat,"Brooke said rolling her eyes.

"so, cameron huh?"I said smirking at her.

"What?"She asked.

"You like Cameron,"I said.

"I don't like him,"She said walking into her room, me following her.

"You so do,"I said.

"I don't, i'm not looking for a relationship anyway,"she said.

"mhmm sure,"I said.

"shut up,"She said going into her closet 

"You like him, stop lying to yourself Brooke,"I said walking out of her room and into mine. As soon as I turned around, she hit me with a pillow. I flipped her off before walking into my room. I slipped on my PINK Varsity Crewneck shirt and slipped into the bed. Right before I drifted off to sleep, my phone dinged. I sighed and grabbed it off of the nightstand. My eyes scanned the text from Jack and I smiled, getting out of bed. I walked into the living room slowly, making sure the Uncle Rick wasn't in there. I saw him passed out on the couch and smiled, covering him up with a blanket. I walked over to the front door and opened it slowly. I pulled Jack in and lead him into my bedroom. As soon as my bedroom door was shut, Jack pulled me into him and kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer if it was even possible.

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