Little Secrets

Kat and Brooke have had a pretty fucked up life. But these two girls stuck together through thick and thin, they are sisters after all. So when they meet the Magcon boys things turn upside down, Their past that they buried deep, deep down is dug up for the better and the worst. Join their adventure and laugh at their funny experiences, Cry at their sad low points and squeal at their awkward romantic situations.


1. Chapter 1

Brooklynn's POV

We got off the plane and sighed as we looked for our Uncle. I looked over at Kat and saw her on her phone, I looked around and spotted uncle Rick. "there he is,"I said and Kat looked up and spotted him, we walked over to him and he smiled at us.

"Hello girls, how was your flight?"Uncle Rick asked, I always liked Uncle Rick he was that cool uncle that everyone loved.

"It was okay,"Kat said and he smiled at us.

We got our bags and got into his car Kat siting in shotgun. I put my headphones on and Oh, Calamity by all time low came on and i started nodding my head to the beat of the song.

We finally got to the apartment and walked in.

"You guys remember the place from two years ago christmas right?"Uncle Rick said and we nodded. "Cool, Brooke your room is the last door on the right, Kat last door on the left,"He said and we nodded and headed off to our rooms and started unpacking, I managed to unpack everything in under an hour and a half and i walked into the living room and saw uncle Rick watching keeping up with the kardashians, i sat down next to him and laughed.

"Are you seriously watching keeping up with the kardashians?"I said.

"First of all this is very dramatic and second of all there's nothing else to watch on TV,"He said.

"Hey can we have pizza for dinner?"I asked.

" 'Course," he said and i smiled, soon Kat came out of her room and sat down.

"Pass the remote teen wolf is on in a minute,"She said and uncle Rick laughed and passed her the remote, he learned the hard way not to mess with Kat and Teen wolf. I got my phone out and went on tumblr reblogging a few things and hearing a few others.


-The Next Morning-

Katerina's POV

"I'll see you guys in a few." I smiled as I walked out of the apartment. I would always leave the house in the morning. I guess I just didn't like spending a lot of time alone in my room. I found my way to a random smoothie place before making my way to the beach. I got my phone out when i felt it vibrate in my pocket and saw a text from Brooke.

Hey Uncle Rick and I are going out to the mall, i wanted to go to barnes and nobles :P so if we're not home when you come back don't worry. ~Brooke 

okay i'm not sure when i'm coming back tho, went on a walk on the beech~Kat

once i pressed send i bumped into someone making my smoothie spill all over them.

"Oh my god, i'm so sorry,"I blush and bite my lip to hold back a laugh.

"Don't worry about it, i never liked this shirt anyway,"The guy said and i looked up at him and damn was he cute. He pulls his shirt off and my eyes trail along his abs.

"you like what you see?"He jokes

"pfft, you wish,"I said smiling and he laughs.

"you're funny, i'm really sorry about your smoothie, maybe i can get you a new one?"he said smiling at me and i blushed, i nodded my head smiling.

"maybe you could,"I said.

"well i know this really good place for smoothies just across the street, you up for it?"he asks.

"hmm a complete stranger that i spilled my drink on asking me to go out for smoothies, my mother would be disappointed,"I joked and he laughed.

"maybe you've heard of me, i'm Jack, Jack Gilinski."He said.

"oh you're in that group, magcon right?"I ask

"that's right,"

"well you wouldn't be a complete stranger that way,"I giggle "let's go."

We walk to the smoothie shop, once we walk in every girl stares at Jack, He drapes an arm around my shoulder walking to the counter causing me to blush and smile to myself.

"what type of smoothie would you like?"He asked.

"uh, a strawberry smoothie would be just fine,"I said and he ordered me one and ordered a banana smoothie for himself as well.

"so you never did tell me what you name was,"He said and i smile at him.

"katrina, but you can call me Kat,"

"well Kat, would you by any chance like to have lunch with me tomorrow?"He asked.

"are you asking me on a date?"

"depends, what's your answer?"

"my answer is yes,"

"well that answered your question,"He said smiling at me. I giggled and smled back.

"let's get back to the beach?"he asked and i agree. as we were walking down to the beach our hands brushed agains each other when he holds my hand, i smile down at my feet and intertwine our fingers. I look up at him and see him smiling down at our hands, we walked along the beach until sunset just talking.

"i had an amazing time hanging out with you Kat but I have to get going now,"He said.

"okay, i'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Of course, i'll text you later,"he said and i smiled up at him and kissed his cheek.

"bye,"I said biting my lip and i walk away.

I get back home and see Brooke reading a book in the living room while uncle Rick was on his laptop, Uncle Rick looks up first and smiles at him.

"someone must have had a good time at the beach,"he said at my smiling face. Brooke looked up at me and smiled brightly.

"Who's the guy?"she asked and i bit my lip.

"his name's Jack,"I said

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