Heart Theif

My names Zelia. Zelia Vanco. I'm seventeen years of age, well i'm more like stuck seventeen forever. I'm a vampire. I kill people then rip their hearts out, that's probably why they call me the Heart Theif. I even ripped my own heart out when i was human, so i'm praticaly walking on the earth with out a heart. I'll tell you what though, safes me a whole lot of pain. But there's one heart i cannot not seem to bring myself to rip out, but god do i want to.


1. Chapter 1

Broken promises lay at my feet, scattered across my bedroom floor. My silent sobs violently wrench at my chest. My eyes sting and my cheeks are raw from my fallen tears. In my hand I can feel the light beating of my heart. My blood runs down my hand in tiny rivers as I watch my heart continue to beat. I watch the scar across the red organ pump up and down. The scar is his name. Maybe now he will believe me. My lungs brush against each other like sand paper as my breath stops. My heart falls from my hand landing with a squishy thump as it bounces across my bedroom floor. I fall backwards onto my bed, the silk bloodied sheets sooths my aching body. I think for a moment about my family and friends. I hope this won’t affect them as much as I think. I pray that one day they will live on from me. My last thoughts linger to him. He was the one who broke me. I feel my body stiffen under my olive skin. I think of my last moments on this world. Everything was colourful but it was brighter when he was around. But then he left me in darkness. My world turned grey and dull. The bright colours left me the way he did. I think about all those times we laughed together. The buzzing touches his fingertips would leave across my skin. The kisses we had that would always make me thirsty for more. My eyes fluttered at the poisoned thoughts. My breath hitches. My lips part and I mumble his name. Then I stumble into darkness.


I thought I heard something in the mass of darkness. I passed the thought, thinking it must be my mind playing tricks on me until I felt my body jerk forward. I heard it more clearly now.

“Zelia!” a worried voice called out into the darkness.

Zelia….why was that so familiar? The voice called over and over again, each time leaving more puzzled by the minute. Something touched my hand-wait I could feel again? Yes, something was defiantly touching my hand, and in a tight grip with that.

My body rocked once, twice and a third time. Suddenly, light pooled through the darkness. I sat up straight, taking a breath so loud to my own ears it sounded like I had been stuck under water for a long time.

My chest rose and fell in quick motions. Shouldn’t I be dead? I’m pretty sure I ripped my own heart out, so why was I alive?

That word filled my ears again. “Zelia? Zelia, can you hear me?” a voice said beside me, it was so close that I pulled back in fright almost tumbling off the top of something. My fingertips touched the cool edge of metal as I tried to stop myself from falling. Before I could hit the ground something took a hold of my arm, pulling me to sit straight again.

“Zelia…” the voice now whispered to me. “What have you done?”

Then it hit me. My name is Zelia. Zelia Vanco. I’m a seventeen year old girl attending the proudest school in the country. Well I used to. But that was before I ripped my heart out. So why was I alive? Was this Heaven?

I looked up, my gaze falling upon a pair of dark green eyes. I studied the beautiful green eyes, clearly they belonged to a girl, and someone I knew too because the eyes were oddly familiar.

I tried to find my voice, but coming to no success. A loud bang interrupted my thoughts making me jump. The smell of metallic blood filled my nostrils with a mixture of disgust and pleasure.

“Here, you need to feed if you want to live,” the pair of eyes said to me. “Don’t worry Zel”-I recognised my nick name almost immediately, so I did know those eyes-“everything will get better,” they assured me. “But first, you need to feed.” They pulled me forward; the smell of blood became stronger. I looked down, below me was a body. I couldn’t tell the sex because it was bruised and battered up to the extent where no one will be able to find out the ID of the body. Even though it was a horrible sight I couldn’t help but linger towards it.

A sharp pain erupted in my gums suddenly. I pulled back in both surprise and pain. A cry left my lips, the only sound I could manage to produce. Hands fled towards my face, caressing my cheeks. “Hey, Zel, it’s alright this is normal. Just calm down….That’s it, that’s my girl,” the voice’s words soothed me in a way I could not describe. I could feel a wet substance under the hands, realising they were my tears. I hadn’t even known I was crying.

The hands left my face only to bring a part of the body to me instead. I watched as the blood trickled down the once pale skin, my stomach growled. “Come Zel, drink,” the voice said, bring the body closer to me so that my lips touched the smooth cold skin.

A sigh of contempt left my lips as I slowly opened my mouth, letting my eye teeth sink into the pale flesh. The taste and the feeling of the blood as it went down my throat was a sensation I cannot describe with words. I drank until I was contempt, which meant I had drained the body from whatever amount of blood they had left.

Everything became clearer after that. I could hear things ten times greater than any human along with smell. Everything became brighter, even the blonde mass of curls that sat in a bun atop of a girls head. I knew those curls, just like I knew those eyes.

I looked at the girl in front of me, her image greater now. I felt a smile crawl across my lips. It was my dear friend Katrina.

“Kat…” the word passed my lips like a contempt whisper. Katrina smiled from the use of her nick name I gave her.

“Rest Zel, you must be exhausted from your transition.”

“Wait!” I called, pushing her away with little more strength then intended. “Is it true?” I asked, becoming aware with my situation now.

“Is what true?” Katrina asked me, her eyes puzzled but her face calm.

“You fed me your blood before I died,” I thought out loud. “You knew I was going to do something stupid,” I admitted sadly.

Katrina sighed at me sadly. “Yes Zelia, it’s true,” she paused. The pause made me catch my breath as I waited. She finished her sentence slowly, as if I were a young child, “you’re a vampire now.”


So guys tell me what you thought of my first chapter. I'm still working on it, but some feed back would be nice :)

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