Dark and Broken

"I love you."
"From the bottom of your cold, dead heart?"
"From the bottom of my dark and broken soul."

Raven knows its hard being the outsider. She knows its a pain to fit in. But so does Luke. If they can thaw their dead frozen hearts, maybe, just maybe they can escape their painful pasts.


1. Royal nightmare

"And now Queen Raven Belladonna Semira Laufeia Ernestine Deyanira Eris Kali Aeron Chandra Neoma Enya Mackenzie Lehava Maia Serilda Athanasia Nighshade of the house of Shattered Souls."

The blood had dripped from the crown of thorns on top of her head onto her nose. A forked tounge like a snakes flickered out and lapped it up. The orb in her left had was carved into a sphere that had wicked spikes of volcanic tone coming out the top, opals and moonstnes lying snug in among the spikes. The scepter was basically obsidian carved into a cross between a staff and lighting. The spikes that came out of the orb at the top where made with bloodstone and ruby. It glittered wickedly in the weak, uneven moonlight. The throne was carved from bloodstone and glowed with a manical red light. The whole throne was covered in pictures ,made from obsidian, moonstone and opal, of normal and demonic creatures alike being tortured. And above them all a man and a woman with fangs like daggers and tounges like snakes stood on a pile of bones and rotting corpses. The girl in the throne was eight, at most but she did not show it.

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