Over Again...- with Harry Styles- One Direction

She fell for Harry Styles the most charming guy, She fell head over heals, she trusted him but all herself in that relationship but he just played her, like she was a game and left her like she was done for but when he saw her so broken he realized that he loved her...
Is it too late? Will she ever forgive him? Can he win her back? Win her trust make her believe that he loves her and that he can't live without her?
And this time can he make it last forever?


1. Prologue

I trusted you!! She yelled at him

I'm so-

Don't say your sorry when everything is over

Listen to me-

Harry i loved you and you just took advantage of that

But Love-

Don't call me love when you don't love me


I told you everything Harry all my secrets, my-my past, i never told anyone else

Just listen to me for once

I trusted you Harry more than anyone, more than life....


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